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My guide to become a Billionaire Pt.1

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Posted: 4 years ago
| Money

There are over 18.6M Millionaires in the USA; making up 40% of the worlds population. There are roughly 2,208 Billionaires in the world with 558-658 in the USA. So is it plausible to become a millionaire are even a billionaire? I say yes and no. For the majority of people obviously hell no. You're more likely to win the lottery or be struck by lightning than becoming apart of the <1%. But despite the odds, thousands become millionaires every day. And a new billionaire is spawned every few days. So then my question for you is why not? Why doubt me or even yourself.

I have to mention I don’t care about money contrary to belief. I’m a pretty simple and minimal person. I don’t have much and don’t want much. Not a big car guy, I’m not showy, and I tend to look as simple as possible. My life revolves around 3 main addictions Coding, Investing, and working out. Thus my first 2 addictions are what the focus is on. Investing has become an addiction for me. I’m at a point where I invest 90%+ of any money I receive. More on this later.

Alright so without diving too deep let's look at how a person creates their billions. Below I have listed “all” the ways someone can invest to become a self-made Billionaire. I'll dive deeper into theses in another article. Notice there’s no mention of a job, no 9 to 5, no pyramid BS, or any 6 figure a year careers, etc. Although if you're investing the 6 figures you’ll get their odds are in your favor.


  1. Stock Market
    1. Stocks - Buying a share of that company’s earnings and assets.
    2. Bonds – Buying these allows the bond issuer to borrow your money and pay you back with interest.
    3. Mutual Funds – Glorified “expert” invest your money in stocks, bonds, or other assets.
    4. Hedge Funds – Similar to mutual funds but riskier in exchange fir extreme growth prospects.
    5. Robo-advisors – Software invests your money in stocks, bonds, or other assets.
    6. Index Funds - A type of mutual fund that passively tracks an index, rather than paying an “expert” to pick and choose investments.
    7. Exchange-traded funds – Trades like stocks; tracks and mirrors an index performance.
    8. Options - A contract to buy or sell a stock at a set price, by a set date.
  2. Real Estate - Buy Property, land, etc, to then rent out or resell.
    1. REIT’s: Real Estate Investment Trusts - Instead of buying your property you work with a company that earns profit from its real estate investments.
  3. Commercial
    1. Retail
    2. Office
    3. Industrial
    4. Multi-Family
    5. Residential
  4. Residential
    1. Single-Family Rental Property
    2. Section 8 Rentals
    3. Vacation Rentals
    4. Small Multi-Family
    5. Fix and Flip
  5. Land
    1. Commercial development
    2. Residential development
    3. Farming
    4. Mining
  6. Valuables - An investment if the intention is to resell them for a profit.
    1. Metals
    2. Art
    3. Collectables
    4. Etc.
  7. Commodities - Investing in some sort of resource that affects the economy.
    1. Oil
    2. Energy
    3. Technology
    4. Coffee
    5. Etc.
  8. Business - Putting money or time toward starting your own business.
    1. Service - Type firms offer professional skills, expertise, advice, and other similar products.
    2. Merchandising - Buys products at wholesale prices and sells the same at retail price.
    3. Manufacturing - Buys products intending to use them as materials in making a new product.
    4. Hybrid – A combination of the 3
    5. Personal Brand
    6. Earnings
    7. Royalties - Payment made to another that owns a particular asset (the licensor or franchisor), for the right to ongoing use of that asset.
  9. Ownership
    1. Sports team ownership
    2. Business ownership
    3. Venture Capital – Investing in a startup or small business, with the expectation that it will grow, and you'll get a return on that money.

If you were to name any self-made billionaire I guarantee that person will fit in 1 or more of the categories listed above. Let me know below if you come across any billionaire who doesn’t fit in any of the categories. Again I’ll explore these in more detail in the next article. At this point, you can see I at least have an idea of what I’m talking about. There’s, even more, to be listed if your aiming to become a millionaire. Some may say there are infinite ways to make money; I agree.

So here is what I’m currently investing in and how I aim to become apart of the <1%. Feel free to borrow some of my planning for your wants and needs. Here is my 3 part investment strategy.

  1. Stock market
    1. Stocks
    2. Bonds
    3. Robo-advisors
    4. Index funds
    5. ETF’s
    6. Options
    1. Commodities
      1. Oil
      2. Energy
      3. Technology
  2. Real estate
    1. REIT’s
    2. Commercial
    3. Residential
    4. Land
  3. Business ventures (hybrid)
    1. Business
      1. Aviyon
      2. Sales
    2. Merchandising
      1. Clothing
      2. Vending
      3. Hedge fund
      4. Property Management
    3. Personal brand
      1. Kodoninja
      2. Royalties

These are my investments which I intend to detail thoroughly in multiple parts. To pick back up on my addictions I invest and code a lot. I have very little in cash because it is automatically invested moments after I receive money. It has become a sport for me researching and investing large sums of money into the market. 90% invested 5% saved then 5% for any bills, food, and essentials. Since I live so far below my means I can get away with investing so much. Several thousand is invested each month and I live off of pennies. You can even say I barely get by.

The bulk of my investments are spread out though Stocks, Bonds, ETF’s, and index funds. From different brokers and banks, I keep three main accounts one for a Robo-advisor one based on my research and one for trading. There are also miscellaneous accounts for Roth IRA’s Etc. And I never keep a savings account I consider them useless for me; including CDs. I use checking accounts, bills, and essentials. Some people may swear by a savings account. But a 0.01 to 3% interest is nonsense to me compared to the amount received from dividends, investing, and active trading.

The returns are always reinvested back into the market, real estate, or other business ventures. I can go deeper into the stock market in other parts maybe even a series. For real estate, I haven’t yet gotten too deep. However, I will be starting a property management company, etc. this year. This has just been mainly REIT’s and soon rental property investing. Given all this, the main goal is to take S-Corporations public. That’s right I intend to go public very soon but not too soon. I’m also intending to sell smaller companies and software owned by the company I’m taking public for several million. As well as selling other projects I’m working on. And receiving royalties on everything sold.

The first company I intend to IPO is called Aviyon. Check it out in detail at https://www.aviyon.net/ this has been quite the endeavor for several years and is shaping up to be quite the juggernaut. I pay myself $1 a year and will continue to do so to ensure its success and my net worth. You're probably thinking how on earth can he possibly become wealthy making $1 a year. It’s simply the amount I could be paying myself is reinvested into the company. I maintain 100% ownership, 100% rights of everything. It is the value of the tens of millions of shares that I own that matters. Through various stock splits and the addition of millions of shares pumped back into the market that creates true wealth.

The millions of shares I own now will increase in value. (example) Eventually, I’ll have over 100,000,000 shares valued way over $10 a share. The more that’s in the company portfolio the more it will increase the company’s stock value and earnings. Each quarter we plan to release new software, apps, or updates creating a better experience. New methods to bring in more money is constantly generated. The companies portfolio will consist of social networks, online stores, apps, software, etc. Constantly building and reinforcing its portfolio. This is a high-profit little debt strategy that works. Each entity is self-managed. The users create the content all Aviyon does is maintain and build the software better. I was able to create so much on my own with little to no capital. Hence my first addiction; coding. I love to code and create software, doesn't cost me a dime and the turnaround is monumental.

The company has a small team and hedges on remote contractors and freelancers which reduces the cost substantially. 95% of the work is created in-house among a few and the rest is outsourced. Regardless this is how I intend to be apart of <1%. By sheer hard work and perseverance. I’ve spent years studying, investing, and creating mountains of code and software. This company, as well as my ownership of many others, will get me where I want to be. My value will be determined by my net worth. And my portfolio and catalog are looking quite monetary. The investments, the business, and real estate will propel me to insane heights.

Keep an eye out for the other parts as I dive deeper into detail on how I’m going to do it with businesses. I believe you can as well; it takes time, it takes years, sleepless nights, and sacrifices are made every day to edge the dream closer. No BS was mentioned no pyramids no get rich quick schemes. Just a plethora of planning and risk-taking. Check out https://www.aviyon.net/ and research the business. Take a look at my other articles. Become motivated to learn how you can have your financial freedom.

For most what I listed above has somewhat gone over your head. Your immediately doubting me, the methods, and hoping to GOD I fail. Don’t take my word for it research several billionaires, their habits, read books, my references, etc. You're more than likely unhappy living paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet. Hanging on to your job by a thread; that is if you haven’t lost it already do to COVID-19. Most of us reading have never had a whiff of any amount near the ballpark of a hundred thousand. That’s okay, don’t let hard time, statistics, and someone else's opinion discourage you. Let this article motivate you to research down the rabbit hole of the infinite possibilities of becoming financially free.

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