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Three reasons to wear the same thing every day

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Posted: 3 years ago
| minimalism

I wear the same thing every day, and maybe you should too. The short answer as to why I do it; I stopped giving a fuck. So let’s break this down into three simple reasons.

1. Simplicity & Priority

I’m a simple person with simple taste. I don’t want to spend too much time on what I wear. So I keep it simple. I want to focus on important things in my life like this platform, planning, coding, writing scripts, YouTube, and so on. What I wear is not a priority. 

Ask yourself, how much time do I spend on clothes? It could be figuring out what to wear, what brand of clothing, where to buy them? What’s in style, the materials, the price, shoes, belts, bags, jewelry, and so on. If you're female then the complexities of wardrobe, time, money, and makeup multiplies. If your brand is appearance then the time spent on how you look is a lot more justified.

My brand and who I am are built on justified minimalism. Ironically I’m working on a clothing brand kodowear. Which will consist of a minimalist and fitness line, with the occasional sublimation designs for those who do like that particular style. When that’s complete I’ll be wearing my minimalist line. Which will be simple muted color shirts with timeless high quality, durable, comfortable materials. Pants will be sweat pants made with the same materials.

2. No friends

I got rid of every “friend” I have. Give or take a few that I decided to keep. Thus I don’t feel the need to impress anyone. I also don’t care to impress anyone. I’m not saying you should get rid of everyone as I did, but having fewer people to impress never hurts.

When I was younger I found myself owning a lot of clothes that weren’t me. It was the style of the “friends” not my own as I figured out later on in my life. When I was around certain people I saw myself gravitating to the styles around me and seen in the media. I dressed like my favorite artist and my closest friends at the time.

At some point in my life, I preferred being alone. In that time spent alone, I got to understand what I liked. I started to gravitate more towards simple plain clothing and shoes. Wearing these clothes I felt, focused, relaxed, comfortable, and stress-free. I moved away from name-brand overpriced clothes that I honestly could never find the perfect design or feel for. And gravitated towards cheap muted color shirts primarily gray. Black pants, brown belts, and black or khaki (tan) shoes. I can even see myself sticking to one simple color shirt and a pair of pants like Steve Jobs.

3. Stop giving a fuck

Why does it matter what people think of you? For the majority of people dressing to impress may be in their best interest. For instance, dressing for a job interview, a business meeting, maybe a date, etc. For me, I work for myself, so no need for dress attire. I prefer to date casually and those that just as simple and minimalist as I am,

People are going to judge you no matter what you wear. So I stop caring. People may think that I’m poor or cannot afford clothes. They may think that I’m homeless, a slob, or lazy. The list goes on and on. People judge you before they even speak to you. Decisions of who you are made before they even know anything about you. So fuck it.

I wear what I want where I want. Let them judge. I don’t feel the need to impress people I’ve never met, and didn’t know existed before meeting them. Very few will understand that I don’t need the opinion of others, luxury brands, and so on to goner the attention of people I don’t know. Very few will see that I’m a minimalist. Very few will understand that I prefer to throw my money in investments, needs, and business rather than cars, and clothes. 


Billionaires such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg don’t feel the need to impress, so why should you. Their accomplishments and net worth speak for themselves. Be yourself. Don’t know yourself, separate yourself from your “friends” and the media. You’ll see who you are, and what your wardrobe preferences are. I can’t tell you what to wear or why you shouldn’t dress for others. This is me and three reasons why I keep it simple.

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