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Leveraging your 9 to 5/ Reinvesting in your business

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Posted: 2 years ago
| finance

Leveraging your 9 to 5 

Whether you're a real estate agent, a barista at Starbucks, or an employee at the ice cream factory. You may consider leveraging your earned income. Living off the money earned from your job and the invested money made from it. Note! If you're the comfortable type who is happy with your job, getting paid regularly, with health, dental, and vision benefits. You may not want to entertain the thought of investing, trading, or starting a business. Nothing is wrong with this option, sometimes playing it safe may be the best option.

Furthermore, you may have a nice place, being paid just enough to afford rent/ mortgage, a few cars, and a few property upgrades. Life is good! It's safe, scripted, and comfortable. You don’t need to take a risk, everything just works, living out the same routine. You have hobbies but no purpose. Your goals are forgotten, your dreams are slipping by. And every day you become older with your life revolving around your job. However, my approach is one of leveraging my remaining earned income.

Method 1

When doing this it's important to outline your expenses perfectly. We need to understand where the money goes perfectly. For instance, let's say we take in $3,000 monthly after taxes. You have rent or mortgage do which is $1,050. That leads us to $1,950, if you have a car payment then let's subtract maybe $300 monthly. We have $1,650 maybe another $500 in bills, $1,150 is what we're left with. Let’s take out another $150 for food leaving $1,000.

This will look different for everyone maybe you're left with more maybe less. Nonetheless, let’s figure out what to do with the remaining $1,000. Whether you have Fidelity, eTrade, Chase, etc. I choose to do my direct finances in investment accounts. Any money I choose not to move is left in to gain interest and used to be held in bonds and reliable blue-chip stocks like Tesla. Over a thousand will be split and sent to various accounts like TD Ameritrade Webull and eTrade for swing trading. This process will be detailed in another article. But I usually prefer to swing trade in accounts under $25,000 and I have two accounts over $30k I use for day trading. 

Method 2

Extremely similar to method 1. The main difference is to have a base of at least $3,000 in your spending and bill account at all times. When trading makes sure to take profits from your trading accounts to refill your spending and bill account. So you’ll always have money for bills and expenses. The caveat to this is that your account needs to be large and stable to make enough profits to refill that account. Any leftover profits can be used at your discretion. For me. I use it for reinvesting and growing my trading accounts larger. The larger the accounts, theoretically more money can be made. More money means larger trades and higher yields.

It takes practice to perfect trading. Take it slow research swing trading to grow your accounts large enough to day trade. When things are well you can average anywhere from an extra $100 to $5,000+ a month. Take it slow. Grow it little by little until you feel comfortable to withdraw from them. It’s easier for this to happen in larger accounts. In the beginning, continue to divide portions from the remaining expenses in your earned income. Grow these accounts large enough to make a decent profit after each trade.

Reinvesting in your business 

Since I’m able to live on my (leveraged) job income, every penny of business income gets to be reinvested. In the beginning, I used portions of the leveraged profits to start and fund my business after it stabilized. I live by keeping my business money and earned income separate. I’ve never used money made from businesses for myself. Not even living expenses. Thus I don’t have any immediate intentions of giving up my day job. While others are favoring their jobs, moving up the ladder. I use a job as a tool so that I may grow in business, and live worry-free. I’m at a job for a check, not make friends or fit in.

I won’t go into much detail on the business, but I’ll briefly explain the process. There’s an online sales, reselling, and drop shipping bushiness existing with their domains including various consumer-to-consumer platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy… When the product is sold I can buy more products at larger bulks, larger crates, and more frequently.

My goal is to match the demand with more surplus and offer more variety through the various stores. Revenue will rapidly increase at a multiplied rate since I can reinvest 100% of its income. I soon plan to buy a warehouse to house even larger quantities, and order by the truckloads. I’ll hire more help when rapidly expanding to help the demand, marketing and shipping speeds, etc. I'll still be at my day job long after so I may continue to follow my 100% reinvestment plan.

I’ll quit my job at some point but it’s in no nearby plan at the moment. However, I will leave the more physically laboring job I care very little for. For a more related one such as all-in on YouTube, freelance, and even personal training. All of which will cover my living just as well.


Live your life however you see fit, where all different with varying goals in life. Some people choose to live safely in their view of the “American Dream”. Others choose to maximize the full benefits of capitalism, living life more as a producer rather than the consuming masses. Earned income is good when society is functioning properly ie pre “2008 crash” and post COVID-19. Being safe and dependent relying on your employer may not be for the smarter risk-taking man. Leverage your money, create a business or just have a little more set aside for however you see fit. Safe hasn't been safe since the 60’s wake up, learn to make your income.

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