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Success with the Right Woman

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Posted: 3 years ago
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If you’re a guy on the road to success, then this is for you. Do not pursue the average woman! Instead, go for the women aiming to be someone. Aspiring in advanced careers like engineers, doctors, nurses, developers, artists, scientists, etc. Or even the few working towards being business owners, YouTubers, writers, directors, and so forth.

There are over 3.905 Billion women on the planet. Of that 3.9 Billion, there are very few that are worth your time and energy. There are some women out there that’ll respect your dreams and ambitions no matter how crazy and out of reach they are. They’ll stand by you, be obsessed with you. Becoming your greatest fan, helping and supporting you while having ambitions of their own. That you in return will help and support them. 

The game of Life

Let’s say we're in a game of life. As we are now, We don’t need to be chasing women. Right now me and “you” are on Level 3. This game has a max level of 10. At level 7 and higher, you have the best quality and the most attractive women available. Whatever you're into, slim, thick, fit, curvy, long hair. And not just physically attractive, but all-around quality. Feminite, educated, intelligent, successful, obsessed with you, loyal, polite, submissive, respectful, conservative, wealthy, motivated, and so on.

Let us remember we are only at level 3. Just a few steps above level 1. In level 1 we were stuck in a blue pill society, a never-ending rat race. Work, sleep, eat, family, bar & clubs on the weekends, bills, bad debt. One giant hamster wheel with a hundred-dollar bill hanging from a hook on a fishing line. The majority from level 1 want success, quality women/men, and wealth. But never take the actions to achieve this, or ever learn how.

It is rare to come across a quality woman on the same page as you, especially in America. They are mostly all on level 1 and will never go beyond it. Persons in survival/manipulation mode. Just trying to get by. A BS job with little pay, government handouts. Or maybe a higher-paying job, just enough to keep you happy and blind enough to lose track of your dreams. They are willing to use anything and anyone to “get ahead” in life. Whether it’s lying, stealing, cheating, manipulating, or even over-sexualizing themselves. They are lost, confused, desperate, angry, and spiteful. 

In our level (3) we’ve escaped the mindset trap of the blue pill society. We know the grass is greener on the other side. Thus we spend endless hours on end working towards the goals that will lead us to success. Nothing makes us happier than working towards these goals. Our hard work can be seen on search engines, .com’s, social media, and business registry look-ups. We’ve planted our investment seeds and are starting to see the fruits of our labor.

If you’re gonna chase women. At least chase the ones that are like you. The level 3’s or at least the level 2’s. Level 2's include ones that will help you with your dreams and or ones with goals and dreams, unlike the majority. These girls can think for themselves, prioritizing their goals above all else. They have a plan and are willing to fail time and time again to reach their dreams. Their goals could be private or publicly seen achieving them like yourself. Additionally, they are the most attractive to you.

ConclusionRegardless of your level in the game of Life. Ask yourself, will this person be aligned with my morals and goals? And Will they be an asset to my ambitions? If the answer is yes, keep them close anyway you can. Include them in your ambitions, and help them with there's. Otherwise, keep moving to avoid all obstacles that will slow you down.
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