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10 reasons why your job is keeping you poor by Kodoninja 4 years ago | Money |  (#money)
000 10 reasons why your job is keeping you poor
Your good at your job.

Being good at your job can be a devastating thing. Why? Because it keeps you there. It keeps you blind to your dreams; blind to your goals and your passions. You ever try to bring up your goals and ambitions to your higher-ups? Right. They get extremely evasive they're quick to change the subject.

They want you stupid to the outside world where all your dreams can happen and enslaved to your job. If you are good at your job. You’ll get a raise, a promotion, maybe even some useless company mech; food, employee of the month, etc. You get comfortable, you get dumb month after month as you consistently make higher-ups more money. Before you know it your manager at McDonald's thinking you made it in life. HAHAHA dumbass!

You are expendable

Everyone believes there special? Everyone believes there unique in some fashion. Well... you are. You are unique and special, filled with magnificent dreams. Unfortunately, your job sees you as a tool, a tool they can use, discard, and replace if needed. There are over 7 billion people on this earth. If your job doesn't even require a degree to get in the door and you think your special to your job. Get real. Even if your job is of the elite. Requiring real-world experience, non useless degrees, and extreme training and talent. Just know threes always someone better and more qualified.

A year later your financial situation hasn’t changed

This can go many ways. You’ve been there for a while with the same amount of assets and money to your name from when you started. Your literately standing in one place in life. Even worse you get a promotion or raise; your making more money and you still broke. Still with the same things to your name.

They gave you a raise

Cool, you make a bit more money now. And I can bet you if you made double that you'll still be broke. Don’t let a raise convince you to stay there. You'll end up miserable complaining a few months down the line that you need a higher income. That you can’t pay your bills etc. What's even worse you'll be like the few working 6 figure jobs and can't afford to pay their bills. MORONS Way more on this and financial literacy later.

You've been working there for years

This is a no brainier you've been there for years. Why? Why on earth are you there for years? Is it a lack of education? Fear of failure. Are you working hard thinking you’ll move up at your job? Whatever it may be, if its not you putting money away for investments, paying for a better education your wasting your life. If you're still at your first job and your 25, or older. Run for the hills! Before you know you’ll be in your 30’s 40’s still there, stick in a relationship with someone you work with. Billions of people out there and you pick someone you see in a bubble. The world is vastly filled with money-making avenues left and right. Millionaires are made every day. But here you are loving your job...

You believe your job cares about you

This is a fun one. The short answer is they do. Yeah! Believe it or not, some jobs love their employees. And they’ll do everything to keep you stupid and happy. Perks benefits 401(k) you name it. Where a great place for you to forget your dreams in life and come make money for our benefit. We’ll give you useless RESTRICTED stock options. Where we tell you when to buy or sell its common stock you don’t know the difference. You see stock and you think yeah!!! I'll stay the year it takes to get the stock then stay even longer to figure out that I'm never going to be in the ballpark of a millionaire.

They tell you what to do, boss you around treat you like your scum on earth. Or best yet treat you nice and treat you like a human. Whatever the case its years of perfected conditioning designed to get you to work harder better, and more efficiently.

And honestly, some places treat you like dirt, they don't care if you stay or leave, there's tons more where you came from and your no different than any other person that applied. Please believe anyone can be trained to do the task that you are doing. Regardless of your good at it or not.

They reward you

Your job sells clothes maybe they'll give you a shirt, if its direct sales you most likely get discounts, almost on any job they have some kind of common perk they give to every person that works there. It’s all designed to keep you happy, keep you there, working very hard, stupid and enslaved to that job. So don’t get caught up, be aware and have an exit planning

They walk all over you and your still there

This is a serious one. Your job or career treats you like absolute shit! They give demands, point, yell, sometimes even scream at you. So why on earth are you still there? You don't have to put up with that believe there are better options out there for you.

You have single itus

Don’t kill yourself over a job. Seriously, it’s just a job. You hear every so often of someone who has lost there job and suddenly there life is over. They either take it themselves or let it destroy their life. And shamefully you hear of those who have lost their home, their car, wife, you name it just over their job or career. Why is that exactly? Well, its because we let it happen. We let this a situation that should have been planned in accordance destroy ourselves. But first, let’s address this.

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs and career outlets out their more and more added every year. Why is it so difficult for most to comprehend this. A person loses a job there suddenly throwing tantrums, appealing, arguing, etc. Why stress out? Why create such a scene when you can just simply say “It’s been a pleasure” and leave with the greatest attitude and smile of your life. Hell! You should be jumping for joy. This is your opportunity to level up with a better career. You know there is always another job around the corner. After all, you have the experience.

But what kills you, is that you never planned for the worst-case scenario. You let this shit destroy you. News-Flash! Just as there are hundreds of thousands of jobs out there, just remember there are billions of people hungry for a job. Never forget that. Jobs are the greatest bachelors they always have options, stacks of resumes on their desk, hundreds of applicants a month. You can be replaced at any moment's time, and HR couldn’t care less about you.

But since you planed your like Deuces! You’ve already moved on because your smart, you knew this will happen someday. You kept your skills sharpened, always improving. Sought for higher educations, YouTube, certifications, free courses, etc. You’ve been investing. You have a bit of a cushion for emergencies. You have other income streams so you're not relying on that cushion. You've been working on your own business. There are many things you kept in your arsenal. And you're not living beyond your means. You’ve been saving $2 for every $3 made spending only $1. Your expenses are not 90% - 120% of your check or salary. You're in a great position.

The moment you’ve left your already applying for other jobs. You kept it moving.

Your given false hope

Jobs can string you along, I think we’ve all been there in some shape or form. They may not say it directly but they give you the impression of lateral moves. They may mention higher positions and nod you of next in line. So your dumb enough to keep kissing ass, and doing whatever it takes to go above and beyond. Don't let months pass you by hoping for a promotion. Some of you are so special that you’d keep working hard (for years) with no raise, no promotion, just praise. Why? Why waste your life still being in the same spot you were when you started.


Time is special work on yourself. Improve your education, save, invest, own… Start making those money moves while your employer makes money off of you. Have a vision. Start planning the steps to get you out of that place. I get it you have bills, student loans, etc. But all those are excuses you throw in your mind to convince yourself why a job is a good place to work. Put aside some money start looking into avenues you can put your money in to start making money. There’s so much out there everything from selling t-shirts to drop shipping

If your struggling in at a starter job, no stress I was there as well. Plan save! Save! Save! I’d start making more money first. Get a trade or certification that can help you make more. If your into computer science or liked to learn. Narrow it down pick an avenue watch youtube videos, tutorials. Start creating your portfolio to make some apps, make websites, challenge yourself. Employers love this. Peruse a degree, do a few FREE courses, and boot camps. Also, look into trading, investing, dropshipping, etc. the world is your oyster.

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Make sure your girl has her own money by kodoninja 4 years ago | Money |  (#money #girls #dating #goals)
000 Make sure your girl has her own money

I'm going to sum this up into 5 reasons why should always with no exception; date a broke b!^$h. Your trigger warning has been set. This will offend everyone I’m sorry.

1. They’re depended

They love what you can do for them. Everyone has encountered someone in life who isn’t being the best they can be. They tend to be that leech stuck to you. You’ll have to set them on fire to get rid of them. They look to you for anything serious in life, and you’ll notice a look of fear when you hit a bumpy road.

2. They lack true drive and motivations

If someone that close isn’t taking the steps they need to reach their goal. They become that person listed before. They're so dependent on you in life; that they’ll abandon any hope of returning to there own goals. The true drive comes from a person's self-love and respect. A strong woman would have their own goals. There own morals of spending there own money and motivating there own dreams of financial freedom.

wouldn’t it be poetic if you had a girl right by your side who not only motivates you to grow? But they can take your advice and words as fuel to do just as well in life as you. You both can plot and scheme together of becoming ultra-successful. This isn’t that you both are in business together. This can be beneficial and dangerous at the same time; more on that later. But I’m talking about, you have your own business she’s not apart of. And she has her own business that you are not apart of. You both can have a nonargumentative conversation on MONEY, stocks you’ve purchased, investments, bonds, dividends… Planning out how you can both expand and conquer new territories.

Ditch that girl if she isn’t what I just mentioned. If shes plotting her success has it all planned out. And shes acting on it then id probably keep around a bit more to see if she pulls through. Just make sure she doesn't turn out to be #5 on the list; If she does, deuces. No drive and motivations will rub off on you and she’ll drag you by your balls down to her level. Then leave when you're at her level. You can’t slingshot from each other if she isn’t out there financial grinding like you are.

3. They’re a Gold digger

Your girl has no money, a piece of shit car works at McDonald's, living paycheck to paycheck… The list goes on and on. These are sometimes the ones you see at the gym; you know the ones everyone sees at the gym. And the ones every guy around town knows. Wearing a piece of material showing off every detail they possibly can. Doing those workouts just to be seen, wearing makeup and revealing clothes just for the attention. Look deeper that’s a trap. They may have goals, they have their motivation. There dream of becoming an Instagram or makeup model. The same goals every girl these days have. Every post on social media is thirst traps. Meanwhile, they can barely afford rent, star employees at McDonald's. The only thing that's moving them forward is likes, your attention, and your money. They only work that hard on there body so they can pull the best they can get. Those are their true motivations.

It’s so obvious to stay away from the gold digger but yet it’s so hard. Even Kanye fell, but at least he got the prenup and she has her own money. In that case ahhhhh... go for it. But realistically these girls are dating everyone, they love to be seen, to party, trying out different pipes to see which fits the best. A pipe here a pipe there everywhere a pipe pipe. Hell, our media promotes and liberates the piping lifestyle, yolo. This is dangerous, get tested! They’re always on the market looking out for the pipe with the deepest pockets, swinging from one pipe to the next. At the wall and 30, she’s ready to settle down. Ok, let me stop. I'm right, sometimes a gold digger is f-ing Autobot in disguise. Making you believe she’s this hard-working virtuous woman who has her own goals and motivations.

Test her morals challenge her dreams and goals. Run some background checks. You know; the kind that only the neighborhood and her best friend would know. If 80% of her friends are guys and she's best pals with her exes. Ha! Say no more, deuces! Honestly be careful everyone is an Autobot and Decepticon. The best we can do these days is take a similar Kane approach. These are:

- She at least has her own money

- She’s 4.5 out of the 5 listed here

- She has her own goals and motivations

- She's killing it in life or intends to

- A prenup, hide your assets

- Never put your trust in anyone

- Do you (real) research, ask around

- Have an exit plan

- Pipe her well, hope for the best

- Always keep your dreams & goals #1

4. They’re resentful

You become their rival and enemy unknowingly. She’ll hide it so well. Smiling to your face edging you forward making you honestly believe she’s in it for your best interest. Nope, she’s waiting on the chance of it failing. So you can stay in the place she became so comfortable with. Your out here getting things accomplished meanwhile she's looking at her life, her friends, her car if she has one, her discounts at McDonald's, her boss and thinking. “Damn”. So she ain’t haven’t it with you. We either both gonna be broke, or both gonna be successful. Those are her only two options. And she ain’t getting successful on her own. Hint she’s #5 on the list. And she’s on to the next pipe after she has done draining and benefiting from yours. And if she has a nice car etc. with nothing adding up on how she got it. Well, she just got finish draining baller Dave, and every other guy she did maintenance on.

She fell flat on her dreams, she couldn’t follow through shit happened whatever it maybe it didn't happen. And for some reason, she gave up. Don’t waste your time trying to save an h-@. It takes an extremely strong person to rise above failure to be well in life. A person in that situation is just going to resent and drive a knife through your spine. The more success you achieve the more these spiteful emotions increase the deeper that knife goes. In some cases the girl will look at her life, see where she’s at; reflect and make the changes necessary to reach her goals. If that happens amazing. Just remember the majority of women today are brought up being taught that the man is a source of income. Look good, lie, manipulate to get the best-looking pipe after they’ve had the greatest run; Running the most successful pipe cleaning and maintenance business in the neighborhood. Child support, alimony, lawyer fees, etc its all designed for the women.

5. You are their chance for success

Alright, the moment we’ve been waiting for #5. Gentlemen, she is your chance for success. You are the one she's been waiting for more. A successful man she can use to propel herself into ultra-new heights and stardom. Maybe she has her goals, you know, look good find the best lighting, the best angles. Dropping serious cash on the best makeup, lip fillers, bags, shots, and touch-ups. And mastered the art of filters and photoshop. She's doing ok for herself. Tons of potential pipes on standby, she gets attention, likes, she has followers and a growing fan base. But you have a Hummer. You have a successful social media and a booming YouTube. Her prayers have been answered. Next thing she’s on your platforms, your showing her off not knowing what's going on. Hell, she even has you shouting out her channel, and social media if she has them.

If she doesn’t have social media she might want to get started. S-o she has something to fall back on, while she's looking for the next pipe. Or maybe she just likes being with you because of your success and she can be the #1 listed above. She may have a nice job and she also loves having a successful man who gives her what she wants if she wants it. Your her trophy man and her motivation to see what else is out there. She got a taste of premium piping and now she wants to open up a business for the more affluent; In an even better neighborhood. Because hell if she pulled you she can pull an even better one after your drained.


I know I know not all women are like this I get it. I'm only accounting for 99.999999...% of ladies out there. I’ve met women who are of that -1%. Hell, I know a few ladies near San Francisco and in the OC like this. And they're my type, ironically they’re the types that typically like me. These are the types I make time for. I f-ing love a woman who has her own money, her own brain, her own goals, her own car, her own place. I’m not talking about a supervisor or manager but actual success. Or they can even do that. Being a clerk, or assistant just not a McDonald's employee; running a few side businesses. They have their own plan and schemes for tackling the stock market and any other risky/bold endeavors. They love success and they love challenging, learning and improving themselves.

There a lady, I find sexy and attractive, very positive, helpful and tells it to me straight. Not easily distracted. Knows how to turn down all the rusty pipes and free services. Not a neighborhood celebrity and a known th-t in the clubs, at work and college. They're at the gym working on making themselves a 10 in their own way, but they rarely show it all off. There conservative in every way. They love entrepreneurship and live it themselves. My success challenges them, there’s challenges mine. They aim to do better and want me to be even better. Settling is not an option for both of us. She can buy anything she needs; if she wants or needs it. She doesn’t have to be rich but she needs to want to be there, aims and stops at nothing to get there (without me). A Millionaire mindset for sure.

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My guide to become a Billionaire Pt.1 by kodoninja 3 years ago | Money |  (#money #investing #business)
000 My guide to become a Billionaire Pt.1

There are over 18.6M Millionaires in the USA; making up 40% of the worlds population. There are roughly 2,208 Billionaires in the world with 558-658 in the USA. So is it plausible to become a millionaire are even a billionaire? I say yes and no. For the majority of people obviously hell no. You're more likely to win the lottery or be struck by lightning than becoming apart of the <1%. But despite the odds, thousands become millionaires every day. And a new billionaire is spawned every few days. So then my question for you is why not? Why doubt me or even yourself.

I have to mention I don’t care about money contrary to belief. I’m a pretty simple and minimal person. I don’t have much and don’t want much. Not a big car guy, I’m not showy, and I tend to look as simple as possible. My life revolves around 3 main addictions Coding, Investing, and working out. Thus my first 2 addictions are what the focus is on. Investing has become an addiction for me. I’m at a point where I invest 90%+ of any money I receive. More on this later.

Alright so without diving too deep let's look at how a person creates their billions. Below I have listed “all” the ways someone can invest to become a self-made Billionaire. I'll dive deeper into theses in another article. Notice there’s no mention of a job, no 9 to 5, no pyramid BS, or any 6 figure a year careers, etc. Although if you're investing the 6 figures you’ll get their odds are in your favor.


  1. Stock Market
    1. Stocks - Buying a share of that company’s earnings and assets.
    2. Bonds – Buying these allows the bond issuer to borrow your money and pay you back with interest.
    3. Mutual Funds – Glorified “expert” invest your money in stocks, bonds, or other assets.
    4. Hedge Funds – Similar to mutual funds but riskier in exchange fir extreme growth prospects.
    5. Robo-advisors – Software invests your money in stocks, bonds, or other assets.
    6. Index Funds - A type of mutual fund that passively tracks an index, rather than paying an “expert” to pick and choose investments.
    7. Exchange-traded funds – Trades like stocks; tracks and mirrors an index performance.
    8. Options - A contract to buy or sell a stock at a set price, by a set date.
  2. Real Estate - Buy Property, land, etc, to then rent out or resell.
    1. REIT’s: Real Estate Investment Trusts - Instead of buying your property you work with a company that earns profit from its real estate investments.
  3. Commercial
    1. Retail
    2. Office
    3. Industrial
    4. Multi-Family
    5. Residential
  4. Residential
    1. Single-Family Rental Property
    2. Section 8 Rentals
    3. Vacation Rentals
    4. Small Multi-Family
    5. Fix and Flip
  5. Land
    1. Commercial development
    2. Residential development
    3. Farming
    4. Mining
  6. Valuables - An investment if the intention is to resell them for a profit.
    1. Metals
    2. Art
    3. Collectables
    4. Etc.
  7. Commodities - Investing in some sort of resource that affects the economy.
    1. Oil
    2. Energy
    3. Technology
    4. Coffee
    5. Etc.
  8. Business - Putting money or time toward starting your own business.
    1. Service - Type firms offer professional skills, expertise, advice, and other similar products.
    2. Merchandising - Buys products at wholesale prices and sells the same at retail price.
    3. Manufacturing - Buys products intending to use them as materials in making a new product.
    4. Hybrid – A combination of the 3
    5. Personal Brand
    6. Earnings
    7. Royalties - Payment made to another that owns a particular asset (the licensor or franchisor), for the right to ongoing use of that asset.
  9. Ownership
    1. Sports team ownership
    2. Business ownership
    3. Venture Capital – Investing in a startup or small business, with the expectation that it will grow, and you'll get a return on that money.

If you were to name any self-made billionaire I guarantee that person will fit in 1 or more of the categories listed above. Let me know below if you come across any billionaire who doesn’t fit in any of the categories. Again I’ll explore these in more detail in the next article. At this point, you can see I at least have an idea of what I’m talking about. There’s, even more, to be listed if your aiming to become a millionaire. Some may say there are infinite ways to make money; I agree.

So here is what I’m currently investing in and how I aim to become apart of the <1%. Feel free to borrow some of my planning for your wants and needs. Here is my 3 part investment strategy.

  1. Stock market
    1. Stocks
    2. Bonds
    3. Robo-advisors
    4. Index funds
    5. ETF’s
    6. Options
    1. Commodities
      1. Oil
      2. Energy
      3. Technology
  2. Real estate
    1. REIT’s
    2. Commercial
    3. Residential
    4. Land
  3. Business ventures (hybrid)
    1. Business
      1. Aviyon
      2. Sales
    2. Merchandising
      1. Clothing
      2. Vending
      3. Hedge fund
      4. Property Management
    3. Personal brand
      1. Kodoninja
      2. Royalties

These are my investments which I intend to detail thoroughly in multiple parts. To pick back up on my addictions I invest and code a lot. I have very little in cash because it is automatically invested moments after I receive money. It has become a sport for me researching and investing large sums of money into the market. 90% invested 5% saved then 5% for any bills, food, and essentials. Since I live so far below my means I can get away with investing so much. Several thousand is invested each month and I live off of pennies. You can even say I barely get by.

The bulk of my investments are spread out though Stocks, Bonds, ETF’s, and index funds. From different brokers and banks, I keep three main accounts one for a Robo-advisor one based on my research and one for trading. There are also miscellaneous accounts for Roth IRA’s Etc. And I never keep a savings account I consider them useless for me; including CDs. I use checking accounts, bills, and essentials. Some people may swear by a savings account. But a 0.01 to 3% interest is nonsense to me compared to the amount received from dividends, investing, and active trading.

The returns are always reinvested back into the market, real estate, or other business ventures. I can go deeper into the stock market in other parts maybe even a series. For real estate, I haven’t yet gotten too deep. However, I will be starting a property management company, etc. this year. This has just been mainly REIT’s and soon rental property investing. Given all this, the main goal is to take S-Corporations public. That’s right I intend to go public very soon but not too soon. I’m also intending to sell smaller companies and software owned by the company I’m taking public for several million. As well as selling other projects I’m working on. And receiving royalties on everything sold.

The first company I intend to IPO is called Aviyon. Check it out in detail at this has been quite the endeavor for several years and is shaping up to be quite the juggernaut. I pay myself $1 a year and will continue to do so to ensure its success and my net worth. You're probably thinking how on earth can he possibly become wealthy making $1 a year. It’s simply the amount I could be paying myself is reinvested into the company. I maintain 100% ownership, 100% rights of everything. It is the value of the tens of millions of shares that I own that matters. Through various stock splits and the addition of millions of shares pumped back into the market that creates true wealth.

The millions of shares I own now will increase in value. (example) Eventually, I’ll have over 100,000,000 shares valued way over $10 a share. The more that’s in the company portfolio the more it will increase the company’s stock value and earnings. Each quarter we plan to release new software, apps, or updates creating a better experience. New methods to bring in more money is constantly generated. The companies portfolio will consist of social networks, online stores, apps, software, etc. Constantly building and reinforcing its portfolio. This is a high-profit little debt strategy that works. Each entity is self-managed. The users create the content all Aviyon does is maintain and build the software better. I was able to create so much on my own with little to no capital. Hence my first addiction; coding. I love to code and create software, doesn't cost me a dime and the turnaround is monumental.

The company has a small team and hedges on remote contractors and freelancers which reduces the cost substantially. 95% of the work is created in-house among a few and the rest is outsourced. Regardless this is how I intend to be apart of <1%. By sheer hard work and perseverance. I’ve spent years studying, investing, and creating mountains of code and software. This company, as well as my ownership of many others, will get me where I want to be. My value will be determined by my net worth. And my portfolio and catalog are looking quite monetary. The investments, the business, and real estate will propel me to insane heights.

Keep an eye out for the other parts as I dive deeper into detail on how I’m going to do it with businesses. I believe you can as well; it takes time, it takes years, sleepless nights, and sacrifices are made every day to edge the dream closer. No BS was mentioned no pyramids no get rich quick schemes. Just a plethora of planning and risk-taking. Check out and research the business. Take a look at my other articles. Become motivated to learn how you can have your financial freedom.

For most what I listed above has somewhat gone over your head. Your immediately doubting me, the methods, and hoping to GOD I fail. Don’t take my word for it research several billionaires, their habits, read books, my references, etc. You're more than likely unhappy living paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet. Hanging on to your job by a thread; that is if you haven’t lost it already do to COVID-19. Most of us reading have never had a whiff of any amount near the ballpark of a hundred thousand. That’s okay, don’t let hard time, statistics, and someone else's opinion discourage you. Let this article motivate you to research down the rabbit hole of the infinite possibilities of becoming financially free.

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The secret to wealth & success is… by kodoninja 3 years ago | Money |  (#money #success)
000 The secret to wealth & success is…

If I asked you. Why aren’t you successful? What would you tell me? I assume you’d say something along the lines of:

  1. I don’t have the time.
  2. I’m way too busy.
  3. I’m afraid to fail.
  4. I don’t know where to start.
  5. I'm not that smart.
  6. I don’t have a degree.

I’m sure I’ll get a hell of a lot more radical responses if I asked you. Why aren’t you rich? Anywhere from Money is evil to The rich steals from the poor. Now, what if I told you the secret to success is all around you. You even have access to one of the mediums everywhere you go. Can you guess that medium? It’s your cell phone, tablet, computer, or just about anything you may have that has access to the internet.

To be honest there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be successful. The reason your not wealthy or succesfu1 may just be your problem. Information and knowledge have never been so wildly available and accessible. It's literally at your fingertips. If you need to know something you’d normally Google it right. Anything you need to know you just hop online and search for it. How to cook. How to change your tire. How to fix your car. So why is it so hard to Google how to make money etc?

Why is it so hard for someone to Google how to be rich or succesfu1? Maybe you have. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours perhaps years searching through YouTube. Searching on how to make money or be good at something. I have too. I’m on YouTube every day almost all-day researching every and anything on how to make myself better on what I do. And if you’ve been on YouTube enough it always gives you recommendations to similar videos to the ones you watch. If you're looking at money-making strategies you’ll get more of them. The thing is there’s more bullshit then there is good advice. I always solidify my advice from reputable resources and books.

Alright so if it’s so easy to find out how to make money; why isn’t everyone rich? Why isn’t every person living above poverty? So let’s see, there’s roughly 7.6% of the US population that’s Millionaires. 1,700 become apart of this 7.6% every single day. That’s a lot of people becoming rich every day. Would you say those Millionaires know the secret to success? Maybe. You might even say its luck or maybe they know someone or they may even have access to some secret information hidden a vault. Honestly, self-made Millionaires and Billionaires are just like us. Again the self-made 0 to <10% ones. Not the ones born into wealth through inheritance.

You’d be surprised by the people who were born into this world so poor that their parents couldn’t even afford to buy food for them. Yet given the odds, they somehow work, study, plot, and plan there a way too extreme success. Granted there are those in other countries born into horrific conditions. It can be harder next to impossible to overcome those environments. However here in the US there really shouldn’t be an excuse as to why you broke and unsuccessful. If you're not in prison or have any physical, mental, or extreme limitation that may prevent you; there shouldn’t be an excuse.

Every single person on earth has access to the same 24 hours, air, and information you or I have. The same Google, the same internet, the same books, libraries, academies, etc. You might even argue, what about the people at ivy leagues, friends of the rich and so on. Well more times than most they started just like you or me. Being honest they worked hard to get to where they are. They utilized the resources all around them to get into better schools with a better quality of education. And yes there are those individuals more times than often that have access to better information, tools, and resources. However, there are those like myself that are born into absolute nothing. I learned to utilize information, books, libraries, the internet, and teachers to direct myself to where I wanted to be.

If you were born into an environment with a bad education system. What's stopping you from working hard getting better grades to get into better schools? Or simply move to a better environment. Why do we as individuals choose to stay cemented in the unlucky conditions we were born in? Why do we choose to be a statistic to be uneventful. It is your choice to be apart of the 92.4% looking for handout population. There are 116,867 libraries in the US and over 350.000 globally. There are over 312 Million people that use the internet. Only less than 10% of the US population that doesn’t use the internet. You have access to the internet; it’s just about anywhere in the US... Alright, so what was the point in me citing all those statistics? Why talk about the internet, libraries, success rates, and so on.

My point is a success is what you make it. If your unsuccessful, then you choose to be. If your successful well then you choose to be? If you can utilize libraries, books, the internet, and just about any other method or person to advance yourself in life. Then you have no choice but to be successful. You can either use the internet for useless bullshit or use it to become better. I’m not going to go into what you should be studying or researching there’s just too much. Nowadays there are infinite ways and possibilities to make wealth a possibility. It just takes a hell of a lot of reserves, sacrifice, perseverance, sleepless nights, hard work, and dedication.

But if your a fan of we focus mainly on trading, investing, coding, and anything in between to achieve financial freedom. If you love any of those things, check infrequently. We’ll get you to where you want and need to be. Don’t stop there don’t be like the majority of the population that ignores all the free knowledge and money-making possibilities all around them. If that isn’t your thing find your talents; use your skills and passion on what your good at, to make that into a career. Don’t cement yourself into conditions that will never make you happy and financially free. Aim to slowly trade in your 9-5 for something a little more welcoming to your talents.

The left-government, employers, and haters want you to be broke and miserable so you’ll always be dependent on them for survival. You keep the Government rich through higher taxes levied to the poor. You keep jobs-rich by working for them for pennies on the dollar; A fraction on the hundreds they make from you. As long as your willing to be a slave accepting whatever amount they give you just to stay above broke, they’ll continue to do so. You're paid just above minimum wage for a reason They need to make the most from you, while your still stupid and naive enough to believe that a job and the government determines your right to be financially happy. 

And if your making 6+ figures a year they know your semi stupid not realizing that there making a fortune. Sometimes Millions off of you paying you a fraction of that amount. Big tech companies are notorious for this. Making Millions a quarter while paying their coders a fraction of $80,000 - $150,000 of the Millions they pull in per individual. Hence why you can be paid so much and they fight so hard to keep you happy for you not to run away and start your own company. Hell, they may even trap and sue you if you up in seek dreams of your own.  If they pay you higher the taxes increase; learn how to escape taxes. Learn to be your boss, before you wake up one day age 40+ getting ready for work at your 9-5. You’ll be still complaining that you are not paid enough. When the answer was all around you and in the palm of your hands the entire time. Don’t go full-retard utilize the resources all around you to get your financial freedom.

Conclusion: The secret to wealth and success is anything that will help to provide you the information, tools, and resources necessary to move forward in life. Which can come in the form of books, information mined from individuals that have achieved great accomplishments and failures throughout their life? That’s it. It’ll take a hell of a lot of tenacity to plow through the bullshit, failure, disbelief, self-doubt, and fear. Let your dream edge you forward through any bullshit that’ll arise. Remember excuses and handouts keep you in the 92.4% of poor, uneventful individuals who will never amount to anything in life. Sacrifice, put off the instant gratification of new things to invest then reinvest your money. Live slightly below your means to ensure you have more to invest. Don’t be the person who looses there job for a few months and everything falls apart. (cough* COVID-19) 

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Cash poor to Multi-Millionaire playbook by kodoninja 3 years ago | Money |  (#money #goals #books)
000 Cash poor to Multi-Millionaire playbook

These are the rules that have gotten me to Millionaire status. Being wealthy is not all that it seems. Many people like myself prefer to appear poor. There are those that you pass by daily that are just like any other person. They wear average shirts, pants, shoes. They drive average to slightly upper-class vehicles. Yet financially they are in a position of extreme surplus.

There are many benefits to being cash poor. My rules below outline the ideals that I’ve developed over time that backup my philosophy.

1. Never see 90%+ of your money:

I never see most of my money, mainly because most of it is immediately invested. Money comes in money is pulled out and distributed to multiple trading and investment accounts. This is explained in detail in other articles. By doing this, not only is the majority of my money coming in gets invested. I’m left with little to no options to waste money on unnecessary things.

If I ever feel the need to buy something I want. My only decision is to use the money made from my investments. I do have a very small cushion of $4,000 (2 month’s expenses) left for emergencies. Any amount larger than that could be making considerable returns via dividends, …returns, day trading, etc. I extend this strategy to large purchases like business equipment or cars. Making decent monthly payments while the majority of the money is reinvested.

2. Convince yourself your poor:

I see something nice I want, maybe it’s a TV or even new computer gear. I can’t get it because I literally can’t afford it. Why because 90%+ of it is invested, 5% for bills, and expenses. I’m only left with less than 5% of my money. Which I ironically end up investing or leaving it in the checking account. As I result I’m left poor. The amount invested isn’t fixed it’s by percentage. No matter how much money comes in I’m always left poor.

3. Everything is planned in detail:

I plan out everything no matter how minor or big. As explained in another article. I’m rarely ever caught off guard. I make plans and adjust to every changing scenario. This is all aimed to accomplish the major goal whatever it may be. Planning out everything is the only way I can ever get anything done. It has helped with project releases, software development, business transactions, and acquisitions; and even this very article.

4. Become forever minimalist:

The hilarious thing is that I became a minimalist by accident. Since I’m left with so little, I became a minimalist by default. Throughout my life, most of my possessions have been removed from my life. Mostly by decisions of others and my own. As time progressed I saw what I truly needed in life what truly mattered. And I got rid of almost everything I owned except a few clothes and my laptop. I started from scratch rebuilding with 1 goal. My business. Almost everything I have now is as a result. I even live in my studio to ensure I’m always getting work done, and cutting cost.

5. Always acquire assets:

I’m not a materialistic person. The thing I desire in life is assets most of which aren’t tangible. When I got rid of everything all I had were assets. I only want something that makes me more money. My computers help me create projects one of which is the kodoninja platform. An asset that makes me money, And I’m consistently creating software and ideas to add to my business portfolios. 90% of the money that’s invested will be reinvested to acquire more and more assets. A never-ending chain of buying and reinvesting. The money made from my businesses is also reinvested back into the business as well as in the stock market. I ironically don’t care about money. My goal isn’t to get myself rich, it’s to get my assets richer. The assets I own... have, and make all the money.

6. Never trust anyone:

From my experience, if you ever want to be successful in life, you shouldn’t ever trust anyone. There are countless stories of people being screwed out of deals. Contracts are written with hidden agendas, individuals who scheme and plot to take for what isn’t there’s. Persons who will attempt to take ownership of you, your work, businesses, all of it. Persons with fake smiles, luring words, false promises, and corrupt motives. I can go on and on. People don’t like you they like what you can do for them, and what they can get from you. Some learn It the hard way as I almost did and some learn from others' mistakes.

It’s no secret about any of this, it echoes throughout history. I’m not saying do everything yourself, I’m saying don’t trust anyone. My advice is to do an ample amount of research before starting a business or project. Consult a lawyer, get as much information as you can. Make sure you do all your filling under your name. Make sure everything legally and copyright-related has just your name alone attached to it. That includes domain names, emails, and bank accounts. Any work you do prove it’s yours, in every way imaginable. Sign your rough drafts, sketches; document everything records yourself if you have to. Most importantly never sign anything. Be careful who you invite into your business, re-evaluate your “friends” and anyone looking to join. Equity and shares of your business are more valuable than anything. If you can try to maintain 100% of everything do so, and pay anyone cash who works with you.

7. Own your work, and your businesses:

In addition to number 6, maintain close to 100% of everything if you can. If it’s possible try to avoid funding and angel investors looking for equity of any kind in exchange for office space or cash. Some investors, like banks, may just want a piece of the pie when you sell or get acquired in exchange for their immediate cash. They may be a better option for you depending on what you want. I choose to fund my business myself to maintain 100% of it all. My business is lean, I and my assistant are the only employees and I look to independent contractors, and freelancers for work we need to get done. Profit margins stay high and I keep my equity. As it continues to grow investors look for me wanting to get into the business. As of now, it’s a private business, that owns other businesses; it scales moderately and doesn’t need any unnecessary funding.

The most important thing is no one owns me. I can make my own decisions without being handcuffed to be told what I can and can’t do or say. I can act swiftly on what needs to get done, no unnecessary employees chiming in to say anything just to keep their jobs. No yes men, no walking on eggshells, no dancing around others' emotions and insecurities just to make them feel good or hurt their feelings. There's no one throwing you under the bus to advance their careers. No unnecessary power play. All the endless bullshit you get from working for someone doesn’t exist when you own everything. I also opted out to a have board. No one can affect your employment or success when you own it all.

8. Have liabilities, just don’t own them:

Liabilities are anything that you own that isn’t making you money. That can be a car, most tech that you own, and the clothes you wear. As I got older I understood that persons with true wealth have many liabilities. Such as multiple cars and homes but don’t own any of them. Well, they do but not directly. Some do it through anonymity protection, some through trust, business ownership, and so on.

After I restarted my life from scratch, I realized most of the things I desired were all tech-based. I only used them solely for creating software, apps, etc. for my businesses. I researched a bit then I decided I should follow suit. Everything from cell phones, computers to servers is all under my company Aviyon. So even though I have and use all of these I don’t own them nor do I pay for them. As for my cars, I tend to create a holding and rental company to house them. When I’m not using them I can rent them out etc. So then my liabilities can become assets. My goal is to own absolutely nothing and have everything I need.

9. Get paid in equity, and royalties.

If you aiming to obtain true wealth you may want to look into getting paid in equity and collecting royalties on your work overtime. This is something that isn’t possible if you work at a job, however, you can accomplish this as an independent contractor. My approach is simple I look for starting and established companies that need work created. In exchange for my services I rarely accept cash, I Primarily accept common stock of that company. This way we both win, they can allocate the money elsewhere, and maintain 100% of their company. And I have stock of that company which may or may not be more profitable.

10. Let money work for you.

My thoughts on money should be apparent by now. Although I don’t like the money I like assets. Any money I do get gets reinvested and reinvested. Time is something no one can get back so working for it seems nonsensical. There’s only so much you can work and make at a job or career. Earned income is capped at a limit, and if you going to do it; have money working for you in the background. Dividends, earnings, ads, and just about anything that comes in without your direct involvement is your money working for you.

I use both earned income and passive income; and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Just about any money I get from earned income is invested in my passive income streams. This is to speed up the process with my dividend investments and trading addiction. Recently I’ve lost complete interest in going in to work, so remote positions will be my focus while I juggle my business and manage the invested money.


These are the 10 rules I lived by for years now; and will continue to do so from now on. I truly believe anyone can become financially free. For it is up to the individual if he or she wants to achieve true freedom and true success.

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Cash vs equity returns 101 by kodoninja 1 year ago | money |  (#money #cash #equity)
000 Cash vs equity returns 101

Heard the song Apeshit by The Carters? Well, there’s a  lyric that sticks out to me. It goes "Gimme my check, put some respek on my check Or pay me in equity (Pay me in equity) Watch me reverse out of debt (Skrrt)". A simple 3 part lyric that packs a punch. Ok. So, let us unpack this a bit. Pay me in cash with the amount I’m worth, or pay me in equity that’ll solve every finical implication I’ll ever have. The Equity is having shares in businesses with which she partly or fully owns, sponsors, ordeals. Similar to Sean Parker with Facebook, Curtis Jackson with Vitamin Water, or Jay-Z with Tidal. The list is endless. Nonetheless as opposed to being paid in cash Equity in the right deals can catapult you into ultra-rich status.

Let us look at Two forms of payment in the eyes of an engineer and developer.

  1. Cash
  2. Equity


Cash is cool it’s fun, and it is reliable and exact. This can be the result of payments made through royalties and can be exchanged for equity in various investments. However, there are so many drawbacks to cash ranging from inflation to taxes. Cash in my understanding is best suited to be working for you. I do not carry literal cash on hand and honestly, I haven't seen it in quite some time. Cash is held in mostly bonds, stock, c-corps, and a few tangible possessions. So when deals are made I try to get equity, even if the business doesn’t have a good track record. 

Cash in deals can be used to fund (flaunt) your lifestyle or be used for reinvestment into other streams of investment income. This form of payment may be more beneficial to you depending on your situation throughout life. If you are unsure of the business prospects you can liquidate your shares into much-needed cash. However, there are many horror stories of people like Ronald Wayne who co-founded Apple With Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He later sold his 10% stake in Apple back to them for $800. Today those shares would be worth over $200 billion

This logic can apply to almost everything. Would you rather go on a fancy overseas trip now or invest that money today. Would you rather liquidate your Tesla shares to buy a Tesla or ride the wave a bit longer? Or perhaps liquidate to reinvest in other companies. Persons have kicked themselves over and over again after realizing they missed out on so much money to indulge in materialism, impressing people who are here today and gone when the money goes.


Equtiy is getting paid in future earnings that your share holds over time. This is the ownership of a company that you the shareholder owns. Now, this can be Common stock, retained earnings, share premium, and the preferred stock. So you’ll be either getting dividends or capital gains in return

When things I create are sold it's done so under an LLC or c-corp name. Typically it's a set number in cash, an exchange in common stock. Or equity in shares of their business, with royalties collected over time. Occasionally a written agreement to get shares (common stock) when made available. These types of deals aren't that rare. Depending on who you are doing business with, this can be seen as a risk for both sides. Especially as a licensor obtaining shares in a company for your work or product. You need to make sure the shares you get will be worth the work you put in and will be worth anything over time. If you are anything like me you are not into materialism. You're getting equity to build your portfolio and legacy exponentially over time. Those shares are a representation of your net worth and valuable cash-producing assets.

For instance, doing business with a startup may pose a risk to you and your business because their valuation may not be established. Meaning a single share could be worth $1.00 or $100.00 over the next years and so on. It could be a crazy payout netting you thousands to millions in your portfolio or netting you nothing if their shares or worth nothing. On the Investee side, that product they exchanged $500k and 200k shares for may not be worth anything to the business like Myspace, Theranos, Friendster, Blogger, etc. turned out to be. 

Remember when George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company for 4 BILLION back on 10/30/2012? Right, We all do. I believe this is one of the greatest business deals of all time., I’ll explain. When George Lucas and Disney made the deal it was settled for what we believe to have been a 55/45 percent split of cash and equity.  Which is approximately $2.21 billion in cash and 37,076,679 shares of the Walt Disney Company. On 10/29/2012 (DIS) was trading at $51.24 a share. So his shares were worth 1,899,809,031.96.

Now here is why I love split sales whenever I sell my work. What makes that acquisition so genius for Mr. Lucas is that today (DIS) is worth $130.47 a share. Making that 45% stock acquisition worth 4,837,394,309.13. Insane. Disney only seems to be getting better and bigger so assuming he hasn’t touched his shares money from that single date on 10/30/2012 is steadily ballooning his portfolio. Additionally (DIS) pays dividends. And if you are a holder of 37Million shares you can expect to make 64 million a year. Nearly 450 million to date in dividends. Which all can be reinvested to buy even more (DIS) or any other stock he chooses. Again, Inane.



Collecting royalty paychecks for “life” every month, or quarter, for no additional work, may sound appealing However it may only be accessible to those who’ll put in the work to do so. For instance, if you are a musician, making music that’s enjoyed. You’ll most likely get the option to negotiate payment options. On the topic of music and royalties, this gets a bit complex for (artist) performers, songwriters, masters, producers, and so on. Thus I've linked a few good articles that’ll help you further understand.

However from the eyes of a developer if you are good at creating platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, or this very platform If sold you can negotiate royalties for its acquisition, or one flat crazy buyout in the tens of millions, or possibly Billions. Under my company Aviyon I am to create several platforms to be rented, sold, and acquired. You can solve problems for many people gaining popularity then eventually selling segments, promotion deals, etc while retaining 100% equity. Just like Ye (Kanye West) was able to do with YEEZY. Or perhaps sell your entire company, apps, websites, etc that you create. Or more significantly make split deals like George Lucas to be paid in equity as well.

The topic of equity and cash can be so vast but will never appeal to everyone, thus I’ve linked many articles that may help you make money from your talents. Whether it may be music or running YouTube channels.

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Building a 6 figure blog in 12 months vol. 1 by kodoninja 1 year ago | money |  (#blog #6figure #money)
000 Building a 6 figure blog in 12 months vol. 1

Let’s start off by saying: that this is not a 6 figure blog. I’ll follow up that response by saying: The kodoninja platform WILL become a 6 figure blog soon enough. I won't tell you how much this blog makes as of yet. However, I will tell you that this platform generates hundreds of reads and thousands of weekly page views. This is astonishing considering is still technically unreleased, unknown, and unfinished.

We’ll circle back to this later on... 

If you reading this, I'll assume you want to grow your blog to the $100,000+ earnings league. This could be 6 figures yearly or monthly. Considering this is not a 6 figure a month blog as of yet. Consider this as a blueprint that you and I will be taking to reach this goal. So let's set a few parameters and steps to reach our goal.

Duration: 1-3 years

Money: $0 to $1,000+

If you're asking yourself why is the duration set so long? It’s simple. $100k a month is quite the goal and realistically, this will take some time. So let’s start by first getting to 1k a month, next 5k a month, 10k a month, and so on. So let’s give it a month until we reach our first 1k a month.

It takes patience, tenacity, perseverance, and a relentless approach to accomplish this.

Step 1: Figure out what your blog will be about.

Ask yourself what will your blog be about? Please choose a topic that closely relates to your field of expertise. Kodoninja means Coding Ninja, & The Coding Ninja platform (is a bit confusing). The first part is Deciphering Emmanuel breaking apart aspects of myself. The coder, investor, trader, developer, engineer, designer, fighter, gym-nut, techy, minimalist, cheap, frugal & humble entrepreneur, dreamer, visionary, creator… The second part is creating those unlike myself. Helping people who are similar to supplement and better their livelihood. In addition to creating a community of like-minded individuals who share the same love as I do.

If that seems a bit much that’s a good thing. I thought it through. It took some time to develop the madness of this platform. However, if you just want your blog to be about dogs, cats, food, ponies, and butterflies that’s OK as well. For mine, I just have a bigger picture in mind. This all brings us to our next step.

Step 2: Find a niche for your targeted audience.

In most cases, a niche is the best option. If you are profound at bird watching or sex, stick to those topics and try not to steer away from that particular focus. For instance sex. I can’t name too many people who don’t enjoy it. It gains attention, it's taboo, it feels good, and always gets traffic. Sex in itself has smaller sub-topics. Pick one or keep it broad under the main topic and dedicate your craft to that topic.

Audience and readers like to connect with their authors so keep it on topic and relatable. Keep them engaged and in mind while relating to yourself in regards to what you're talking about. In addition, make sure the topic can be expansive enough to gain a large enough following to reach that 6k a month goal.

Step 3: Build and create the blog

So I get it not everyone is a developer. Most won’t take the time to design and build their blog platform from scratch. And that’s okay for there are plenty of options available to get your blog live. Before I tell you those let me tell you the benefits of creating something purely from scratch.

You can design exactly how it looks, and how it functions. Whether it's just a website with a mobile view or a web app, with an ios and android app. If sold obviously it’ll be worth quite a bit more if created by Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, or a blogger-type platform.

Nothing is wrong with going with a website builder, in fact, many pre-built websites generate that highly wanted 6-figure income as well. So you can either build it yourself or have someone design your website for you. Many prebuilds make it really easy offering many plugins to make your site as simple or complex as you want.

Step 4: Create content for the blog

Write, write, write… Post your work. If you aren’t a good writer it’s ok. I don’t believe I’m a good writer, however, I post anyway by design. I want to show over time how my writing has progressed. By writing through a word processor you can help eliminate most spelling and grammar errors. Some examples are Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and my personal favorite LibreOffice Writer. After the post is written pass it through a grammar program such as Grammarly to help iron out any further errors.

This process can be further screened by hiring a writer or proofreader to look over your work. However, writing it yourself gives it more of a personal touch. Time can play a big factor in this if you have a day job, kids, and family in such. So try to batch your articles as much as you can. Writing multiple posts at once and posting over a period of time is a game-changer. I myself come up with titles write them down and work on 3 at a time, when I get a chance.

Step 5: Promote the blog and content

Blogs can be promoted through social media, word of mouth, rumors, and such. A popular and easy method is social media. Accounts are free and if you decide to promote further it can be done at a fee through your social media platform. I myself just post on Facebook un-promoted. But I'll expand to Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram shortly.

Step 6: SEO Optimization

This is key users need to be able to find you in search engines. Having keywords in your <meta></meta> tags will help for instance mine looks a little like this:

<meta name=" keywords" content=" blog, Personal Development, software development, financial freedom, Success, money management, self-love, couching, courses, social media class, create full-stack, full-stack, software development, fitness, dieting, app building, social, connect, friends, anonymous, comment, share, self-love, Emmanuel Moore"/>

<meta name="description" content="The coding ninja platform is the ultimate Guide to Personal Development and financial freedom. Our growing community will help you learn and create new income streams through software development, Investing, day-trading, money management, etc. Our aim is to also get you physically fit, healthy, motivated, and confident to accomplish your daily life. So sit back learn, absorb, and put into practice everything you learning from our platform." />

What’s bolded is what the robots see to list you on their search engines. Also site structure proper <main></main>, <h2></h2> tags and so on, help google determine what your site is about. If it’s safe and if people are actually visiting them. Currently, this platform is spiking like no one else s business so I’m currently on the first page of search results.

SEO can get complex so feel free to research this further.

Step 7: Develop revenue streams

Revenue streams can almost be endless if you're creative. A few popular options are donations, pdf downloads, ebooks, page hits, ads, and so on. Having ads from Amazon and Google is a good sign and means your site may be raking in some serious cash. Advertisers want to see that people visit your platform and are very active in moving throughout your platform.

A popular option is to have a paid subscription something not too expensive but in the realm of affordability. Like $5 to $14 a month. I plan to offer a subscription on my platforms for $7.99 a month. This will give you exclusive access to all content across the kodoverse platforms. Including discounts at the merch store, book store, courses, and so on. As your know, the kodoverse is still in active development but essentially, it's several connected platforms. It includes a social network, this platform, a trading platform, a fitness platform, and an online academy riddled with tutorials and courses. It’ll be ever-expanding with various apps and such.

So again don’t worry. You don’t have to take it this far. But it helps the value of the platforms if I ever did decide to sell. Not only that it does give the readers and content creators options across the platforms. And justifies having a premium but not too expensive fee. Additionally, there will be a free option riddled with ads and overpriced content and material to get the user to subscribe. Both options will be a steal and it's a crazy payday no matter if the individual wants to go with a free or paid subscription.

For instance, if you too decide to offer this. Even if you just had 5,000 active paying users that are:

5,000 x $7.99 = $39,950

That’s $40k in monthly revenue. You are already 4/10 of your way to $100,000 a month. Just by offering a subscription alone. This doesn’t include the sales from your merch, courses, and so on. Imagine 12.52k users paying you $7.99 monthly:

12,520 x $7.99 = $100,034.8

Now you making 6 figures a month. When the kodoverse is halfway complete I plan to promote this with popular influencers paying them a set amount to promote this a few times a month on their Instagram, YouTube, and so on. If they have 1 million followers or subscribers. 1.252% of that is all I need to reach my goal. Crazy right 

1.252% * 1 million = 12,520

Feel free to steal my strategy I want copies of the kodoverse, I want us all to succeed.

Step 8: Minimize workloads

I touched a little on this in step 4. Batching is a great way to save time, even if your schedule is mostly free. An example of this is; on any given day write out 3-4 blog posts at a time in your preferred word editor. (I’m basing this on 1 post per week) Once written. Post on your given day for instance every Monday. By doing this you have freed up time that can be applied elsewhere like writing and creating paid downloadable content.

Hiring a part-time writer and proofreader may be beneficial to help you stay consistent. Your readers would like to see that this is an active site with fresh content and ideas posted constantly. A loyal fanbase is key. And there repeat viewership and active involvement will keep your website close to the top of search engine results.

Step 9: Platform automation

My trick to this is offering a signup portion to my page. It allows anyone to add to the platform which then creates automation. Now my readers don’t just have me to rely on for content, there will be a community of like-minded writers posting to this platform.

Also, hire an assistant if you can.

 Step 10: Prepare and plan for expansion

Some writers stop just at being a blog and that’s OK. You can add a mailing list for your subscribers to keep them engaged. Additionally more people than ever are using their phones to view content as opposed to websites. So having a good mobile presence is beneficial. You can go one step further and have an app presence on both ios and android. This can get a bit costly if you aren't a developer. So saving up your earnings can help afford you in getting an app presence.

The big thing now is YouTube. If you can, invest in a decent camera and a studio to help expand your presence. Start small if you have to, then reinvest in your equipment. My plan of action to this has been a bit slow as I’ll admit. However, this will happen in the coming month or so. I have a camera the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K pro, over 1k I rig equipment, a quality audio setup, and a few high-end water-cooled PC's for editing and such. The studio is being developed as we speak.

Figure out if you’d like to add a YouTube presence, set a budget, and go for it. Be sure to post on various social media as well. Implementing a podcast would be pretty common as it helps readers who may not be up to reading for various reasons. One thing I plan to add is an audio recording of my blog post. They can either read along, just read or just listen. It’ll give my readers options and a chance to hear my voice to get more comfortable with me


Now that you’ve read what I have to say, take some time to research various other blog posts on your own. Try typing in “6 figure blogs” in your favorite search engine. There are thousands of people making a living with similar strategies as you are me. If you are a fellow kodoninja this is another great income stream to help boost your portfolio.

This is somewhat a passive income stream, but depending on how you have it structured this can become completely passive. The more that is automated will help save time and energy. Offering you time and opportunity to create downloadable books at a cost. Exclusive content for paid subscribers. You may even decide to offer classes, quizzes, tutorials, and so on at a cost.

The possibilities are limitless. Feel free to message me and let me know your plan of action or if you need help in getting started. Let’s all succeed.

Now I've spoken so much already and there is so much I've yet to touch on so ill see you again in the coming values.

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The Zero Cash Lifestyle by kodoninja 11 months ago | Money |  (#money #investment #investing)
000 The Zero Cash Lifestyle

The Zero Cash Lifestyle. Is the art of having no money ‘available’ on hand. Does that sound weird? I bet it does, and if it does, I’ll enlighten you. Alright..., that wasn’t a typo! You read that correctly. This is the zero-cash lifestyle. So welcome for this is the current lifestyle of yours truly, “the coding ninja”. So let’s dive in.

Before we began

Throughout this post, I’ll be posting receipts to show you I do indeed live this insane lifestyle. This is not for everyone, and I don’t believe everyone should attempt this. Who should attempt this? This is for the risk taker. That person is crazy enough to risk it all, living on the edge every single day… Ok, so let’s be serious, anyone can be a part of this lifestyle. Once I break it all down, we’ll see it’s not all that crazy… Trying this requires the creation of multiple accounts to diversify your money within the same bank account or multiple bank accounts.

Currently, my everyday spending account sits at $2 with the investment bank Fidelity. That is always kept under 5K in total. If it goes over,... It is transferred to another Investment bank usually TD Ameritrade (Fidelity is used for everyday simple transactions/holding... If I require a little more cash, I just liquidate//a short wait time of 2 days so it works out) My spending account is linked to my everyday debit card. I try my best to keep this account less than $5 by design, As you’ll see in the image below. 

A common question you may ask is: If that account is sitting at less than $5. How can I buy lunch or anything else I may need for that day? And that is why you’ll always need to have your phone on you. When I need to make a purchase larger than $5. I log onto my banking app on my phone and transfer the amount that’s needed to that spending account. 

Additionally, I don’t carry cash, I avoid it like the plague. If for any reason I do need to make a withdrawal, it’s for that exact purpose and that exact amount. Any leftover cash I deposit or get rid of it. This is done by transferring the needed amount to the spending account and withdrawing at an ATM. The remaining amount if any gets re-deposited, or spent on things at the store I may need or want. Like food or household products soap, etc...

The Why

Zero cash is a bit misleading. Thus it’s a bit of a yes, you have no cash (broke). And yes you do have money (still broke). And no you're not broke. Confusing but did you catch it? Cash/Money. When I say cash I’m referring to cash on hand. Direct money you have access to for spending. These are the funds that have been liquidated or have yet to go liquid. For me, this is money I keep in another checking account used for spending. There’s also another checking account for bills. This account is also used for direct deposits. So let’s break down the three accounts you’ll ever use.

  1. Checking Account 1: For spending [Transfer Account]

  2. Checking Account 2: For Bills [Direct-Deposit Account]

  3. Checking Account 3: For Trading/Investing

I currently do have other accounts listed under this bank account with “Fidelity” never exceeding 5k (as stated above). And a business investing/broker adjacent to these accounts (separate login etc// just like with any other business account w/ any bank.. These accounts are locked (frozen) except for one w/ Fidelity). However, we’ll be focusing on the 3 personal accounts listed above. We touched on the account labeled ‘Checking Account 1’ in the earlier paragraphs. This is your spending money for everyday items. This account is typically kept at $5 or less.

Now onto your account labeled bills. This is the most important account you have. Your paychecks, from your career(s)/ job(s) royalties, or any forms of payment will all be deposited into this account. Your bills will be deducted, and or paid from this account. Or that exact amount is transferred to your spending account linked to your debit card so you may make that payment.

A recommended tip for security is that you should not have a debit card linked to this account for this will be a bulk account. Meaning a large sum of money can be found in this account via deposits from your sources of income until it is transferred to your third account for immediate investment. As another note, I have a second card linked to my 3rd account that usually has a zero balance or a few hundred until more money is liquidated. This is the bulk account that has the most but doesn’t. Mainly because it is all liquid.

A method of transport will look something like this:

  1. Money is deposited into your Bill account

  2. Bills are taken out from this account, or transferred to spend to make that transaction.

  3. 95% of the remaining money after bills is transferred from your bill account to your investing trading account (account 3)

  4. Money deposited into your trading/investing is immediately used to purchase stock, bonds, crypto, etc. 98% of the money in this account should be liquid.

  5. 5% of the remaining money is kept in your bill account until it’s needed for expenses

  6. Money is transferred to your spending account on a needed basis; from your bill account.

At this point, your bill account should be left with exactly what is needed to savvy your bills. Once your bills are extracted for that month or bi-weekly period. Follow the steps for the method of transport to invest the remaining money. Your spending account should be left with as close to $0 as possible. Keep this in mind before you transfer the remaining money from your bill account over to your investment account. Calculate what you’ll need for groceries, fast food, gas (transportation), amazon, etc. Once your money is invested ‘liquid’ you’ll have to wait a few days to liquidate money for what you’ll need or want to buy.

Rinse & Repeat (monthly or bi-weekly or weekly or possibly daily)

We all don’t make the same amount, nor do we have the same amount due in bills and expenses. Thus, this is where your custom calculation is created. Let me also state make sure you're making money. Now, what do I mean by this? After your bills & expenses are deducted this is the money left over... Now if this amount is hardly anything a few things need to change. You can either 

  1. Make more money

    1. Get a second full-time or part-time job

    2. Get a higher-paying job

    3. Pick up side gigs 

  2. Learn a skill or trade to net you additional income

      1. Software development

    1. App/Web development

    2. Freelance / Remote position

    3. Trade, Invest

    4. Start an online store (reselling, drop-shipping)

    5. Start doing YouTube, Twitch, etc.

  3. Eliminate expenses

  4. Find a cheaper place to live

      1. Get a roommate

    1. Move in with family

    2. Less to no fast food

    3. Cut back on subscriptions

    4. Stop spending or overspending

    5. … If it's something you can live without eliminating it.

For the deposit accounts, I recommend having investment banks such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, JP Morgan, E-Trade, Vanguard, and so on. These have been around for some time there reliable and trustworthy. I'll list links to my top five choices below.


Screenshot of Fidelity investment platform

TD Ameritrade

Screenshot of TD Ameritrade investment platform

Interactive Brokers

Screenshot of Interactive Brokers investment platform


Screenshot of E-Trade investment platform


Screenshot of Vamguard investment platform

To state again these are the only three accounts that matter in the zero cash lifestyle. Is that it? No. Now we know what to do with our cash from our deposits etc. Let’s take a deeper look at what happens to the money in your third account for trading and investing. 

If you remembered this is referred to as ‘Money’ Completely liquid money you will not have access to. These are your actual assets, all of your holdings. All of your money is being held in various investment banks and apps. If it can hold and multiply your money you keep it there. Think of liquid as your money is no longer in physical form. It's water, more water can be added and water can be taken away. You can start with a small glass and end up with a few gallons to an entire ocean full. Your money can be larger one day and less another day due to the ever-changing stock markets and your choice of investments.

Diversifying is key thus currently I have quite a few apps and platforms that I use in addition to the big 5 mentioned above. Now before we dive into what you may want to be investing in. Let’s take a look at a few other supporting platforms you may want to try


Account Minimum








TD Amararade
















Merrill Edge








Ally Invest




J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing 






$3 -$5


M1 Finance 







The list can go on and on but for the sake of sanity, we’ll stop there. If you’ve found more that’s great be sure to add them to the list. These online brokerage platforms and non-brick-and-mortar firms are great ways to multiply your money. Some offer Robo advisor services like SoFi and Wealthfront, Betterment, Acorns, Fidelity, E-Trade, and so on. Below you’ll find linked images to more options in detail.

Screenshot of moomoo investment platform

Screenshot of moomoo investment platform

Each one of these platforms is all different but offers essentially the same services. Research a bit on all of them. Try them out and see which ones work for you. I have so many of these accounts I’ve lost track. These are what I call supplemental accounts. So I try not to have more than a few hundred to several thousand on these platforms. Your opinion may differ I have friends who have over a hundred thousand on a Robinhood account. It’s all up to you.

My strategy is 3-5 bulk platforms, then have everything else supplemental. See what works for you. Trying several accounts may need the help of additional money so be sure to learn how to make more money. I’ll also note platforms like Acorns, and Worthy for example invest by rounding up to the nearest dollar. They take the rounded-up money and invest it for you.

Now that’s out of the way let’s do some investing in your trading/investing account(s). At this point, you should have a few hundred in this account to get started. If starting. Meaning your account sits below $25,000 you’ll be doing mostly swing trading and investing. To day-trade, this can only happen 3 times a day due to the PDT (pattern day trader rule). That is if you’re in the USA.

The rule of thumb is to implement some buy-and-hold strategies. Buy low exit high on cash and avoid margin if you can. To be safe I recommend buying blue chip stocks like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon in the beginning. These are extremely large companies that will always have a place in the markets. Meaning there’s so much volume, shares, float, and market capital that these stocks will almost always stay fluid and you’ll safely enter and exit trades, break-even is and profit greatly. A lot of these stocks are so large they hardly move so your money will likely remain the same while you collect dividends if that company offers them. 

When going into a trade I recommend that you pick one with a lot of volume and shares outstanding, (float). This ensures you can enter and exit trades freely. Pattern trading with the usage of candle stick charting is a great rule of thumb. They provide the most information to see when to enter trades based on various patterns, and signals that can be found on most broker platforms. These patterns can be found throughout the entire stock life span to help determine when you may profit on your return. And revisit previous patterns that may repeat based on past price actions. 

I am a swing trader who looks at charting as if I was day trading to get a proper grasp on the stock patterns and action. A good practice will be to try day trading to get acclimated to candle sticks (3 times daily: 1 entry, 1 exit, and 1 other entry) until your account reaches 25k as I did when the PDR applied. 

I’ll go into more detail in another article as all of these cannot be contained in this one article. Below I'll list a few of the many areas to invest and trade your money. You can research further and find more information on But for now, let’s take a look at one of these.

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • ETF’s 

  • Crypto 

  • NFT’s

  • Commodities 

  • Hedge Funds

Stocks - If you're a slightly impatient investor like me, stocks will be your best friend. A pro and a con to stock trading are that they move fast. One moment they're up, one moment they're down. For day trades, this is the greatest benefit of trading stocks. Going heavy on a trade of a few hundred to a few thousand shares on a stock trading at $13 or $5 on a .20 cent increase can net you a profit over a few hundred to a few thousand depending on how much you entered the trade with.

I’m a big proponent of swing trading going into trades and exiting a day to a few days later to profit. Again, depending on how much I entered the trade determines the amount of profit netted on that trade.

Example of a monthly swing trade from Moomoo

Let’s say we went into the trade with $2,000 worth of shares let’s see how much money we made from that single trade.

Screenshot of investments platform

Screenshot of investments platform

We entered the trade on: 3/14/2022 $34.879 (57 shares came out to $1,988.103)

We exited the trade on: 4/18/2022 $48.461 (57 shares came out to $2,762.277)

($2,762.277 - $1,988.103) = $774.147

With our $1,988.103 investment in Twitter stock trading at $34.9, we made $774.15, once we exited the trade at $48.5. This is an example but not something that’ll happen regularly. The stock increased by $13. It may not seem like much, but when you're going into a trade with a few thousand, it packs a punch. A jump like this is gold to any type of trader. If you’re lucky you may find trades that jump like this one within a day or two. Those are the trends I’m looking for. But making nearly $800 in a month on a single swing trade is pretty good. But not nearly as good as making that type of return a day on a single trade.

As you can see swing trading is very lucrative. However, to make this much notice quite a bit of money needs to be tied up to make some serious profit. $2K is a lot of money to be gambling with. The trade may not go the way you want, and you may be stuck in that trade for days to weeks, to just break even… In this example, this trade took over a month. If an emergency happens getting that money out may result in a loss of money. It’s very possible to make these types of gains in a day or week. It all depends on the price movement and volume propelling it. A .70 cent increase on a $5,000 investment on a penny stock trading at .20 cents can more than double your money.

I like the risk vs reward ratio. Swing trading for me has been extremely profitable and has helped to grow my money quite a bit. Since I’m living the zero cash lifestyle. This money doesn’t count. This goes for my everyday banking to my various investment accounts developed over the years. My rule of thumb is once the money is invested it cannot and shall not be liquidated. (except Fidelity) If I have $2 in my spending account and $80 in the billing account that’s what I have to my name as far as I see it. Thus, you’ll have no money until it’s liquidated and transferred for your availability. 


Your money can be compounded on interest, gaining quarterly/yearly dividends. Any investments can be sold for profit and reinvested for instance the $774.15 made from that monthly swing trade can be used to go into another well-researched trade. How you choose to do it and the amount is completely up to you. Regardless of the trade, you are building on that overall account value.

Compounded interest gets complex to click the image below to learn more about the link posting 

1 year compounded: $5,000 × (1 + (.02 / 1)1×1 = $5,010

<a href=””><img></a>

The difference in share price increased by 13.6 ($48.461 - $34.879 = $13.582)

Linked below in the example image is a pretty good stock trading calculator I’ve come to love. So far they seem pretty accurate. Thus this is my go-to website.

Screenshot of stock calculator


Regardless diversify your money as much as possible. Invest in a bit of everything, and keep throwing money into the market regardless of if we’re in a bull or bear market. Add to your investment portfolio(s) every other week or whenever you have available cash. I also get life happens; Investing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly may not be feasible for everyone.

Since you aren’t touching these accounts, there compounding, gaining interest, collecting dividends, and so on. Touching back on life, you may have emergencies that require the need for money. Since your two cash accounts have their purposes. They are always running on E. Thus, you’ll feel the urge to liquidate your assets. If it’s life-threatening, prohibits you from getting to work, health concern, family emergency, or anything extreme goes for it… Just try to rebuild those accounts when applicable. Building a rainy-day fund may also be beneficial however I have rainy investment accounts. I don’t believe in keeping large amounts in banks. For your losing money on inflation and missing out on crypto spikes, stock fluctuations, and higher yield return through various other methods available. Keeping your money liquid puts you in an otherwise gaining position.

We (you and I) keep our money invested because it is useless keeping money in ordinary bank accounts. Inflation and god-awful interest rates. If you had 60k sitting in your checking account it’ll be roughly the same 20 years later. It’ll be worth less with inflation. You lose money by keeping it in banks. All banks are going to do is take your money and invest it for their gain while only returning interest on your initial amount mostly never exceeding 0.01%. All profits made from investing your money are their gain, and you never reap the rewards. Some CDs offer higher interest, and ROI, but on the caveat that you only have access to that account a few times a year. 401k Roth IRA, Seth IRA, and so on can be good options they can be used as assets for investment properties. There is no penalty for investing in a rental property or investing in those accounts just as you would your investment accounts.

A cool thing about some 401k’s is that if your job matches what you put in. That’s less initial money needed for investing. They’d often double your input. You can invest and trade the matched 401k, reinvesting those profits. Then take that money for a down payment to invest in rental properties or property of your own (15/30-year fixed loan) if you see fit. Implement the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) method, then that’s another sick cash flow income stream.

I’ll end it here, for there are limitless avenues to invest and reinvest your money. Check out my article “My guide to become a Billionaire Pt.1”. For many other investment ideas while you undergo the zero-cash lifestyle.

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Why you should never work multiple jobs by kodoninja 6 months ago | Money |  (#job #work #commonjob #dream #time)
000 Why you should never work multiple jobs

Here is why you should never work multiple jobs. Okay! Disclaimer...

This advice is for people on a purpose. The person aiming and working towards something big. You know. The dreamer. The visionary, working on the next big thing that’ll create an impact, and change lives. Or if their lucky... Maybe net him or her in a different tax bracket.

The short answer as to why you should never do it, is because, you’ll need time to work on your purpose to create the next big thing. Trading time for money will be a trade off, you shouldn’t ever be willing to accept. Look at it this way. By having 1 job, that’s 8 plus hours removed from your day.

Granted having a full day to work on your purpose would be ideal. For most people this is almost impossible. There’s bills, rent, food, transportation, and a few other added cost that can’t be avoided.

So that leaves you with 16 hours left in your day… If you want sleep that’s another 8 hours gone. That’s 8 hours left in your day. Let’s not stop there. There’s the time it takes to get to work, overtime if mandatory. Time it takes to get groceries, go to appointments, time with family, “friends”, and to do other stuff…. You get where I’m going with this. That’s more time removed from the day. Obviously time varies from person to person…

Even if we don’t count these things. That leaves you with only 8 hours left in the day; But more realistically 6 or 7. You add in another job…

Now explain to me how your going to work on your dream?

Right. You can’t… No work will ever get done…

If your like me, you may struggle with procrastination, and its only getting worse for me.

Now I went back in forth with the math, trying to figure out a solution as logically as I could. But the outcome was always the same… Before we go any deeper let me outline the solutions I thought of.

  1. Hiring freelancers to cover my weight in code, writing blog post for kodoninja. To basically be me.

  2. Work nonstop on your days off, in addition to the time in between job(s).

  3. Work in between the two jobs if I decided to work another…

  4. Remove, or limit my sleep

  5. Getting two part time jobs, or 1 other part time job

  6. One high paying remote developer position

  7. Getting back into freelance development

Solutions may differ, but these were mine. FAANG companies etc don’t like conflicts or competing work. Freelancing, will consume more time depending on the work. If I can barely get my stuff done, how can I mange someone else’s?

Nonetheless, It always came back to me, My vision revolves around me, my brand, a connection to being the coding ninja. My thoughts, my techniques, my code, well you get it.. I stated my vision kodoninja in 2020.. let’s do some math. 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. That’s nearly 3 years since I started my vision. If I were to work another job, that’s more time away to get everything completed.

Side note for the visitors and fans. Work is done, tweaking code errors, adding content like the very article (video - youtube) your seeing now. Its been 3 years however I was building 4+ platforms simultaneously (the kodoverse) that a team of developers will struggle with.

I’m one person, building everything from scratch. In the beginning I was running an online store at the time and a marriot of other things. Not to mention 1.5 years I was doing nothing. Nothing!! I’m getting back into all this, as well as swing and day trading… So another job is definitely out of the question.

Now granted I built the initial platform in 2 weeks. And was posting on the 3rd week as you can see from the code push logs (robots.txt/github), and blog upload dates.

My point is, I know there’s dozens of others that can relate to this... Adding another job will gravestone your future, and for most, there’s fewer solutions. Like I said before. I have 1 job and I still struggle. I even recently quit my common job and I still cant get significant work done. But I admit thats more of a personal procrastination issue, along with complex coding, etc...

People are different. Let me know below if you managed two full-tine jobs with 0 hours remaining in the day. Granted you can reduce transportation time, hire freelancers, work in between times, on your break, weekends, and remove sleep from the equation.

And yes this will probably work for some. But It’s not something I will do. My plan is 1 job, reduce sleep or prolong it as much as possible. Giving me more time to work on my vision. Everyone’s purpose is different. Mine requires a lot of code, multiple platforms, with soon to be apps, and (directing) film making. Writing code, writing scripts. The complexity of being a 1 man code army, content creator, blogger and a film creator is vast and is not recommended as few have managed to juggle so much at one time. Which I’ll never suggest anyone should do.

Now, now, now… There lies the concern of money, money, money… Money doesn’t grow on trees, and most visions require money.. Ironically my code requires $0, it’s free, because I do it all. Content creation on the other hand has some cost, that I know have mostly eliminated. These were lighting, film gear and such. I would still like to get a 16 and a dedicated enclosed GPU. But that’s for another video.. Every ambitious project including film making requires money. Even if your taking the Indie, micro budget route.

Which leads me to alternative methods. If your a fan of kodoninja You know I don’t like to liquidate, hell I wouldn’t even do so to pay my own ransom.. Majority of and the biggest directors don’t fund their own films. Any vision or plan you may have can be funded without the need of working 2 or more jobs. You should never have to trade time for money. Make as much time as plausible for your ambitions, money will come as a result.

Trading, reselling, and numerous other methods can be found on Helping you avoid the trap of working multiple jobs. My go around is a night job. The caveat here is that I can trade/resell in the morning, work at night, and anything in between can be used to work on my, goal, dreams, and ambitious projects. Check out this free "developing" ebook on many passive income ideas.

Everything for me is lining up to work perfectly, and everything I mentioned above is why id never work two jobs and why you shouldn’t either. So many ways to make money if you need it, you shouldn’t have to remove all the time in a day to live your life and work on your projects.

As I said before this isn’t for everyone If you don’t have anything going for you, work as many jobs as you like. But for those trying to be something. Create as much time as possible for your dreams, eliminating the wasteful things that take you away from it.


Need a job? Create one when you get the opportunity like reselling, becoming a trader and so on… If you absolutely need a job, just find one decent one that can cover your cost and leave time for your passion. Now I get there are some persons out there who have managed this… But the most successful entrepreneurs today like Elon Musk managed to work over 100 plus hours a week while creating zip2. Jeff Bezos quit his job to create Amazon, James Cameron quit his job to become a director, the list goes on and on and they all have one thing in common. Eliminating jobs when they could and creating more time in the day to become who they are today. If I and more importantly you mr, or mrs want to be among the mount rush more of entrepreneur legends… More time needs to be allocated. That’s all I have to say.

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