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Why your wife should be a walking billboard for your brand

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Posted: 2 months ago
| Marriage

If you\'re a guy picking the right woman or a girl picking the right man. The right person should be chosen with immense thought in precision. So this leads me to the question: What comes to mind when you pick your partner?

For a guy the traits most commonly seen for picking a girl are:

  • Appearance, Attractiveness. I find her attractive, other guys do as well.
  • Fertile. She has physical traits most commonly seen in fertility. Wide hips, large bust.
  • Tolerable, we can actually stand one another.
  • Choosing signals. Is she giving me signals of interest? Hitting on me.

And for woman the traits are:

  • Money & Status, can he provide for the both of us (and future children)? Is he financially stable?
  • Looks, is he attractive to me, and do others find him attractive.
  • Strong, & Protective, Can he protect and fight for you. Alpha Male
  • loyalty
  • Father figure, is he reliable, safe,
  • Can he help me grow, does he have connections and avenues for success
  • Sex, is he good in bed
  • Purpose, and goal oriented

So what a woman is looking for is seemingly endless. You can even add in things like height, penis size, body type, profession, net worth, goals, purpose and vision. Women are drawn to signs of stability and protection, mostly survival based instincts. Meaning can he provide the best stable lifestyle for her and her future kids. For men traditionally speaking, we are historically sexual based. As in appearance, hair, healthy skin, and child bearing assets such as hips, breast, bust, and legs. Oddly enough for most men this is about where it ends. You can be border line dumb, or broke. But if you\'re attractive, you’ll typically be selected over an average woman with many things going on for herself.

Beyond basics

However, what if you\'re someone like Alex Hormozi, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or yes even Jay-Z and Kanye West? Would you say what they\'re looking for in a girl would be the same as someone that’s average? I’d say not. These are all rising stars, business tycoons, moguls and individuals with extreme status, having connections with an image and quality to uphold. The moguls I mentioned above, each have a wife synonymous with their brand and image. I don’t need to mention the women that are synonymous with them, you already know. Each wife isn’t just a clout accessory, they are all business billboards, tycoons in their own right. They stand on their own two feet, and can be the absolute best representation of their brand. Their wives are a complete reflection of who they are, and countless other moguls have wives that are also known with their brand.

Regrets for women

Picking the wrong person could lead you in a world of limits in misery. You’ll constantly be wondering what If I held out a bit longer for someone who could have helped me bring my dreams to immersible heights. As in maybe there was a Kanye West for me. Helping me create a series of businesses, brands found in galas, beauty lines, shows, movies, social media, global name recognition, music etc. Then there’s the fear of having kids too soon with a man that will lead you nowhere. If the man stagnates, your life typically won\'t be any better than it is now. You’ll never grow beyond the typical suburban lifestyle, of work, and family. You’ll have the same car, apartment or home for the rest of your life, typically one that’s being paid off for the next 15 or 30 years. If there is a massive disruption in income (loss of job/income/revenue stream, serious injury, demonetization) you run the risk of losing your apartment or equity put into your home. The fear of struggling becoming a single mother having to raise kids alone also plagues many women.

If your a boss bitch, you may want to grow higher utilizing a more established mans resources like Hailey Bieber. Thus having no regrets or you may want to have a man that\'s doing really well. As in the man you choose should help you grow together. Even though Nick Cannon was well established in many avenues, Mariah Carey was well beyond his success and legacy. But he could stand on his own two feet, and together they build a family brand. After all woman typically don\'t date and marry down they marry lateral (across) and expodetionaly (up). If your bossing, regrets of limiting growth may plague you. Not to mention most men are put off by the notion of a woman that can hold her own as jealousy and spite may plague. But don\'t hold out too long for the perfect man, eggs don\'t last for ever unless frozen. And you don\'t want to settle.

Regrets for men

Picking the wrong person can lead you in a realm of misery. As in having a (kids) family with the wrong women can lead you in a world of child support. Being too naive and gullible can leave you susceptible to gold diggers, allowance driven nobodies, leeches, promiscuous women, succubus, losers, egotists, schemers, murders, thieves, and so on. 99% of women are nothing special, just adjustable 7’s. However since they paint their face (make-up), do their hair, workout, have an above average figure, attitude, confidence, diet and such. They are entitled to the highest value man with lackluster life accomplishments that don\'t measure your life achievements. When you\'re a part of the 1% you don’t want to feel like you\'re being used, taken advantage of, manipulated, coaxed, and drained.

And you especially don’t want to end up with a woman who will destroy your brand, sanity and reputation such as Will Smith’s wife. Divorce is also a notorious threat to men of superior wealth and power that not even Jeff Bezos could overcome. Even if there is a prenup, these can be thrown out with many loopholes that lawyers can wiggle insane amounts of money from a divorce. Not to mention common law is a very serious law that recognizes individuals as husband and wife in many states.

The ideal woman

This varies from person to person. What Mark Zuckerberg is looking for in his wife will be different from what Kanye West or Alex Hermozi is looking for in their wives. But one common trait is that each of their wives are synonymous with their brand. Each mogul has a vision of who their wife should be, and doesn\'t take away from who they are.

For instance Kim Kardashian is a beauty icon.


  • Clothing line (SKIMS)
  • Makeup line (KKW->SKKN)

She\'s quite the accomplished woman with a staggering net worth of 1.7 Billion. All of the accomplishments listed above and further read in the article are a product of the influence of her late Husband Kanye West. Before all of these she was a promising beauty, reality star and an accessory to her previous ex\'s. The ideal woman will differ from person to person. What worked for Kanye may not exactly work for you. For instance, he is an art, fashion, pop and music icon. Instead of finding another musician he found a rising reality star.

Note there have been thousands of beautiful females that plagued reality tv. However there\'s only 1 that is a Billionaire. Mr West took his love of fame, popularity, art and fashion and applied it to Ms. Kardashian-West. With his guidance he not only elevated his own brand and name he created one of the greatest beauty icons, fashionistas, ever seen in history. Today her brand is global and her iconic figure and exotic look is echoed in 7 continents, every ethnicity, every plastic surgeon\'s office, you name it.

He capitalized her rising fame and took it to limitless potentials. She was his canvas that he took and molded to his image. She wore and dressed the way he wanted. She spoke, and said what he wanted, she was the face of his brand, seen in his music videos, seen on her own singles, echoed through every business venture idea. And yes the same can be said with Beyonce another canvas. There is no B without Jay. Those two are synonymous with one another.

The point

If you can\'t see your woman as a synonymous reflection of your brand, what\'s the point? When you want to get to the top, you and your wife should take the elevator to the top together. You shouldn\'t be a wall where she sets her ladder against to climb to the top. Nor should you remain at the lower levels while she rises to the top floor, in vice versa. You both should be rising together.

As Beyonce rose, Jay-Z did as well. He helped her from her beauty lines, and cultivated her music brand to even include himself. Jay-Z mogoled right along with her. Your canvas, your perfect woman to share your name must be perfectly in sync with your vision. And what better way to do this than starting and growing a business together such as Alex and his wife’s acquisition.com were she is literally a walking billboard of their brand.

For myself my brand revolves mostly around entrepreneurship, investing, and software development. I\'ve always wanted to and have found promising potential females that met my level of attraction. And thus I molded them to my vision. For instance I\'m into smart exotic females with long hair that are independent, and into entrepreneurship, and arts such as acting and design. Although I\'m an introvert and minimalist, I don\'t require them to be. In fact, ones that are extroverted, into building their name as a brand, talk shows, streaming, social media, beauty, fashion, anime, and such are a plus. I\'m developing my own social networks kodospace, velocity, amitifly… so it works out. She could be the star of my platforms. I don\'t want us both to be completely boring, some differences are needed. In fact I want her to benefit where I lack in vice versa. So we are a complete circle.

I want to someday toss my resources, connections, money, and energy into her dreams. To help build her vision to elevate it to who knows another Kim, Beyonce, Lilly Singh, Emma Chamberlain, Leila Hormozi... As in the global recognition, beauty icon, and mass mogul appeal. I even tried this with former relationships building their setups for social media shows, and envisioned a powerful brand with my direct managing, guidance and vision.

Symbiosis, both agree

She has to be okay, with your guidance and vision. Meaning if you step away momentarily does she still have the same drive, enthusiasm and willingness to continue when you\'re away? Or does she drop off completely? She needs to have pure love and enthusiasm for her and your vision for her. For instance Beyonce loves music, and beauty lines. Kim loves her clothing and beauty brands, Leila loves her company, Melinda loves her foundation, and the list goes on. Change is good, especially when the dream guy comes their way aiming to catapult you to the levels of female tycoons and moguls that stand on their own.

If it aligns with her talents and vision, nothing should shock. If I pull a Kanye and donate/sell all your clothing, shoes, tech, equipment, setup etc. In exchange, if I buy all new stuff, you should be okay with it. Especially if I design a new set, switch your styles, change the structure of your company, critique your vision, brand, look, style, response, music, art, you name it. I would even redesign your platforms and so on.

Your woman should be a representation of you. Her actions, beliefs, decisions, moves, should align with yours. She features on your social media channels or perhaps your platform if you created your own. And she should jump at the chance at you featuring on her social media, shows, brand and so on, but not over satiated. Consider these things to note:

  1. Make sure she is a reflection of yourself
  2. Make sure she can stand on her own
  3. She must have her own dreams, goals, and ambitions
  4. She must have her own money, and the potential for limitless growth
  5. She needs to be marketable
  6. Not a risk for embarrassment, loyal
  7. You must trust her among others
  8. Potential growth together
  9. She trust your vision for her, yourself and the both of you.
  10. She perfectly aligns with your beliefs, goals and dreams.

Choose the woman you align with carefully. Remember marriage offers no benefit, beyond the joining of kingdoms, resources and family. If she doesn\'t have a kingdom to call her own she is just there to capitalize on your resources.

Love is a marketing scheme joining the both of you in marriage benefiting the jewlers, and the marriage and divorce industry. Divorce almost always favors the women. Your life is determined and managed by state laws, lawyers, prenups, and woman that can at any moment destroy your empire. This will always cost you a fortune of never ending alimony, legal fees, and child support. Prenups are not full proof and no matter how you cut the cake you always have to pay her.

So if your going to unite the kingdoms make sure she has her own to both benefit; helping her not to rely on you. I\'m a firm believer and having the female elevate the man in success. Help her build her own dream kingdom (brands) in a way that the both of you benefit. Unite the kingdoms. If you help her from the ground up or in such a way always get equity. Kanye has 5% in SKIMS… Jay has stake in Beyonce. She had stake in Tidal, Kim has stake in YEEZY, and so on. Thus I will always have a minor stakes in my “wife\'s” ventures as her to mine as well. At the end of the day shell always have majority equity and control of her companies you helped build using your platform knowledge and resources, thus this is true mutualism.

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