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Own nothing / limitless living pt.1

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Posted: 2 years ago
| minimalism

My ultimate goal in life is to own nothing. Yep! You heard that right, And I bet you don’t hear that every day. If you’ve heard similar to this phrase before, you’ve probably heard of Robert Kiyosaki and the famous quote from John D. Rockefeller “Own nothing, but control everything.”. I won't dive too deeply into this in this article but I leave links below so you can further understand for now. 

This will be my reasoning for owning nothing and why it aligns with limitless living. I’ll start with Minimalism. I’m a minimalist, and I don’t like owning anything. I want to be free and border-less as humanly possible while not being on the level of an actual hobo, extreme minimalist, or monk. More information can be found in the link https://www.kodoninja.com/view.php?t=blog&c=Minimalism&v=27. I’ll say 90% of the things I have in my possession, are owned by my s-corp. The only things that are attached to me are my clothes, books, food & cooking utensils, MMA, fitness, hygiene items, and more stated in the article link above.

"I had strings but now I'm free, there are no strings on me." - Ultron

As for housing & living, I don’t like being confined to one place or area. Some individuals may label this style of living as homeless, but this is completely fine with me as Elon Musk, and countless wealthy individuals indulge in similar behavior. If you know me I move around a lot. Thus you’ll learn how to use craigslist, Airbnb, libraries, gyms, and friends accordingly. It's almost impossible to keep track of me. Typically the foolish will confuse this lifestyle with something else... Unkowingly the individual is quite finically stable motivated, has a business, invest/ trades daily and typically has a plan.

Anywhere from a few months to a year, I’ll be well on my way to a different city and state. This is made possible through the month-to-month leases, friends in certain areas, hotels, craigslist ads, room shares, and Airbnb. Although I prefer to live by myself I’ll occasionally use friends, and temporary room shares for a few days or weeks until I find myself an apartment or condo. My favorites or high-rise apartments ranging from $1,600 - to $3,500. I love the floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete walls, stainless steel appliances, and wood flooring.

I don’t like houses. Maintenance fees, taxes, land cost, HOA fees, appliances, DIY, appearance cost, lawn maintenance, mortgage the list goes on and on. It ties me down. Most love them I prefer to not have them. Being a minimalist I can’t justify owning and having so much space. The things I have in my immediate possession, confines perfectly to apartment-style living, or perhaps one day a penthouse. And yes I will own multiple condos, high rises, and penthouses under my company’s name. When I’m not using them I’ll rent them out for lease or loan them to employees. I’ll even rent out rooms to save cost. That’s the goal at least.

As of now. I don’t plan on settling down anytime soon; Thus I plan to continue traveling from place to place, as a digital nomad. Trading, investing, coding, MMA training, working out and meeting like minded individuals (traders, developers, etc.) wherever I go. I can bring and send my studio anywhere so recording videos for YouTube for the platforms shouldn’t ever be an issue. For when I ever have kids, I’ll stay in one area sort as the main hub and occasionally travel around much less frequently.


It’s your life you live It however you please. If you like houses get a fucking house. If you like your town stay there get married, etc. For me, this is my life and how I tend to use it as of now. I prefer to not be constrained to one location as stated above. I like to meet new people from all over. Running my business remotely with contract employees, coding, trading, etc. Eventually, I’ll travel the world when I start using my passport. But for now, I plan to keep doing what I’m doing. However… There’s much on the goal (to-do-list) list So I plan to be in my current area for a few months until the work is completed. I.E. YouTube, kodoninja, kodospace, kodohealth, kodotrading, kodoacademy...

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