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How to live a productive and meaningful life by kodoninja 6 months ago | SelfImprovement |  (#productivity #study #music #alonetime)
000 How to live a productive and meaningful life
Are you a productive person? No, not really... Well, Me Too. But somehow I manage to get some things done. Outside looking in you’d think I’m a very organized, meaningful, and productive person. Well, I am, and I’m not. K-O-D-O-N-I-N-J-A, this doesn’t make any sense. Well yes, it does. Let me know if this resonates with you. I procrastinate a lot. But somehow I manage to get a lot of work packed in when I do manage to get things done. I get distracted fairly easily, and when I get distracted I'm gone down that rabbit hole for hours to days. But when I do manage to get things done, it's like I made up for all the time wasted. CRAZY... I know. And despite this, I live a fairly meaningful life even though every day I feel like I've gotten nothing done. This past two weeks I’ve spit out more updates, and content to the platform than I’ve managed to do since I started the platform. What's meaningful? Now If I can get this type of work done every day. I’d be a much happier person. So herein lies the question. “How to live a productive and meaningful life” To answer this question we must first outline what brings meaning to our life. So what is it? What brings meaning to your life? Okay… So what makes you happy in life? This means this is a purpose or goal you are aiming towards that makes you truly happy. A guiding light. A north star you see every day that guides you on your purpose. Now run to your nearest window and look outside up into the sky, you see that ⭐?  That’s your dream. This is something that you should be getting closer to reaching each day. Now if you're seeing that goal in the sky. Seek BetterHelp. This is for metaphorical purposes only… Moving on... I created an outline in ! These are a list of things that bring meaning to my life. I also have a FREE outline I created which helps yu find meaning and purpose. You can find this on the downloads page. Check it out below. Much more downloads on this topic on the way. is now and has been my go-to everything planning app for over a year now. So much so that I forget I have other apps installed. I love planning out my life. I cherish the feeling of accomplishing things in my life no matter how minor they may be. This is the secret to my productivity. This app! I’ve also used paper, planners, Google Keep, Evernote, Onenote, and simple code editors. We’ll circle back to this in a bit .__39a { background: #fff6ff; border: 1px solid purple; padding: 10px; } .__39b { background-color: #f7f7f7; border: 1px solid #e6e6e6; } .__39b ol li, .__39b ul li { line-height: 30px; } video { width: 100%; height: auto; } sup { color: darkred; } em { font-size: 24px; font-weight: 900; } Bonus note no one asked for.  I will be creating and developing my SIMPLE note-taking app “kodobook”. This app will link everything in my download page, and function a lot like , which I’ll also be creating my own reusable written/digital “kodobook v2”… Moving on… MORE ON THIS LATER  The main 10 things on my list that bring meaning to my life in order: The kodoverse (6+ platforms/apps)  (Learning-Developing) Code/ Tech/ Computers Film/ movies Health & Fitness/ MMA/ Biking Writing/ Reading Trading/ Investing Music / Instruments  Anime Being Alone, tranquility  Minimalism  These are my top 10 outlined points that create my meaningful life. What were your top 10 essential things on your list? Oh wow… You have quite a bit… And oh... You over there reading, it's okay. You just need to take the time to think of all the things that bring you joy in your life. ... My north star is my number 1 item. And it represents all the elements of myself. And when I have kids, it will still be my #1. You may have a person or a family listed as your number one. That’s perfectly fine. For me most of the things listed on the list will feed my legacy for generations. Thus they need to remain my top priority in life, and people will come after. It’s not to say they aren’t important. They are. I just don’t live for others… I think about it this way; Whomever I end with will be grateful I kept them by my side while focusing on the top meaning in my life… These things keep me happy, grounded, and functioning perfectly. If I kept a person as my number 1 priority, the kodoverse wouldn’t be a top priority. Similar individuals such as Steve Jobs were completely devoted to Apple. His legacy (his craft) brought meaningfulness to his life no matter how it treated him. It even came before his children. The same went for Elon Musk and other great gladiators throughout history. For some there, kids and family were a driving force that kept them focused…. All subjective… We are all different… The things in my life revolve around productivity. It’s no surprise all I produce is productive in nature. Producing results brings me joy… When I fall off the productive route I feel incomplete. When a companion becomes my pure focus I fall off. It needs to be a pure ecosystem and balance if I were to include someone else.  We all have different goals in life. If you're a kodoninja, you may have found more similarities on my list as opposed to those that aren't regular to the platform.  ... … This is the king of productivity apps. If you use a different app please let me know in the comment section below. I use , by having everything planned out through various pages and lists. These things are: Any random thoughts that pop into my head Any additions that need to be added to my (short-mid-long) term goals Things that need to be added to my to-do-list A list of anime and the last episode and season I left off. Updates, fixes, and tweaks, to the platforms Any and everything I try to keep logged in . I’ll also try to organize as much as possible. I’ve always loved how robust and simple this app's layout is. It is highly recommended by me.  Keeping notes and a log of what you need to do, will keep you productive no matter how interesting or simple your task may be. Check out the download page for FREE documents that’ll help you stay organized and productive. PAID content is on the way…  This will keep you on track… I am living a fairly productive and meaningful life. I’m happy I am seeing the number one focus in my life become more and more developed as more content and updates flood the platform. I’ve dedicated my life to my work. With the help of tools in apps such as , and by using . It has helped me tremendously. Take a look at some of the notes I’ve taken in my custom . Also, take a look at some of the notes I’ve taken in my dead tree format. As you can see my notes are vast and range from scripts for YouTube, and article posting to updates and code pushes to the kodoverse platforms. Conclusion The awesome factor (isolation/multitasking) If you're having trouble staying productive try to isolate yourself from distractions. As in going to a library, a park, or a quiet place. It helps if you live alone or have a room. Use a pair of headphones, noise isolating is preferred to keep yourself zoned in. Or… Implement distractions while you work. Check out the picture below.  At this very second of writing this article I’m simultaneously watching “Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Complete Series” I do this with YouTube, other anime, movies, and even other articles or books that will read at the same time writing or coding… I have mountains of digital books that I read while I code or write and a collection of movies along with streaming…  The way I see it if your gonna be lazy. Which I am. Why not get shit done at the same time. I’ll even listen to music or audiobooks while I work as well… 📝 Now, this takes some practice to master effectively. I think I’ll write an article and later a book on how I’ve managed to do this for years. ... Since I am a minimalist I only keep the essential things in my life. Other than the clothes I wear Almost everything “I own” revolves around the kodoverse. Producing content for the platform is what I live for. There’s a rush of dopamine and joy every time I acquire something that helps me produce content. If a sudden rush of happiness rushes over you when you are doing something you know this activity brings meaning to your life. Let me know if this article helped you in any way. In addition, let me know in the content section below if you decided to download any of the free content from’s download page. THANK YOU. Please Subscribe to our YouTube,.. kodoninja memberships coming soon. Thanks again I’ll see you in the next article.
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10 reasons why your job is keeping you poor by Kodoninja 4 years ago | Money |  (#money)
000 10 reasons why your job is keeping you poor
Your good at your job.Being good at your job can be a devastating thing. Why? Because it keeps you there. It keeps you blind to your dreams; blind to your goals and your passions. You ever try to bring up your goals and ambitions to your higher-ups? Right. They get extremely evasive they're quick to change the subject.They want you stupid to the outside world where all your dreams can happen and enslaved to your job. If you are good at your job. You’ll get a raise, a promotion, maybe even some useless company mech; food, employee of the month, etc. You get comfortable, you get dumb month after month as you consistently make higher-ups more money. Before you know it your manager at McDonald's thinking you made it in life. HAHAHA dumbass!You are expendableEveryone believes there special? Everyone believes there unique in some fashion. Well... you are. You are unique and special, filled with magnificent dreams. Unfortunately, your job sees you as a tool, a tool they can use, discard, and replace if needed. There are over 7 billion people on this earth. If your job doesn't even require a degree to get in the door and you think your special to your job. Get real. Even if your job is of the elite. Requiring real-world experience, non useless degrees, and extreme training and talent. Just know threes always someone better and more qualified.A year later your financial situation hasn’t changedThis can go many ways. You’ve been there for a while with the same amount of assets and money to your name from when you started. Your literately standing in one place in life. Even worse you get a promotion or raise; your making more money and you still broke. Still with the same things to your name.They gave you a raiseCool, you make a bit more money now. And I can bet you if you made double that you'll still be broke. Don’t let a raise convince you to stay there. You'll end up miserable complaining a few months down the line that you need a higher income. That you can’t pay your bills etc. What's even worse you'll be like the few working 6 figure jobs and can't afford to pay their bills. MORONS Way more on this and financial literacy later.You've been working there for yearsThis is a no brainier you've been there for years. Why? Why on earth are you there for years? Is it a lack of education? Fear of failure. Are you working hard thinking you’ll move up at your job? Whatever it may be, if its not you putting money away for investments, paying for a better education your wasting your life. If you're still at your first job and your 25, or older. Run for the hills! Before you know you’ll be in your 30’s 40’s still there, stick in a relationship with someone you work with. Billions of people out there and you pick someone you see in a bubble. The world is vastly filled with money-making avenues left and right. Millionaires are made every day. But here you are loving your job...You believe your job cares about youThis is a fun one. The short answer is they do. Yeah! Believe it or not, some jobs love their employees. And they’ll do everything to keep you stupid and happy. Perks benefits 401(k) you name it. Where a great place for you to forget your dreams in life and come make money for our benefit. We’ll give you useless RESTRICTED stock options. Where we tell you when to buy or sell its common stock you don’t know the difference. You see stock and you think yeah!!! I'll stay the year it takes to get the stock then stay even longer to figure out that I'm never going to be in the ballpark of a millionaire.They tell you what to do, boss you around treat you like your scum on earth. Or best yet treat you nice and treat you like a human. Whatever the case its years of perfected conditioning designed to get you to work harder better, and more efficiently.And honestly, some places treat you like dirt, they don't care if you stay or leave, there's tons more where you came from and your no different than any other person that applied. Please believe anyone can be trained to do the task that you are doing. Regardless of your good at it or not.They reward youYour job sells clothes maybe they'll give you a shirt, if its direct sales you most likely get discounts, almost on any job they have some kind of common perk they give to every person that works there. It’s all designed to keep you happy, keep you there, working very hard, stupid and enslaved to that job. So don’t get caught up, be aware and have an exit planningThey walk all over you and your still thereThis is a serious one. Your job or career treats you like absolute shit! They give demands, point, yell, sometimes even scream at you. So why on earth are you still there? You don't have to put up with that believe there are better options out there for you.You have single itusDon’t kill yourself over a job. Seriously, it’s just a job. You hear every so often of someone who has lost there job and suddenly there life is over. They either take it themselves or let it destroy their life. And shamefully you hear of those who have lost their home, their car, wife, you name it just over their job or career. Why is that exactly? Well, its because we let it happen. We let this a situation that should have been planned in accordance destroy ourselves. But first, let’s address this.There are hundreds of thousands of jobs and career outlets out their more and more added every year. Why is it so difficult for most to comprehend this. A person loses a job there suddenly throwing tantrums, appealing, arguing, etc. Why stress out? Why create such a scene when you can just simply say “It’s been a pleasure” and leave with the greatest attitude and smile of your life. Hell! You should be jumping for joy. This is your opportunity to level up with a better career. You know there is always another job around the corner. After all, you have the experience.But what kills you, is that you never planned for the worst-case scenario. You let this shit destroy you. News-Flash! Just as there are hundreds of thousands of jobs out there, just remember there are billions of people hungry for a job. Never forget that. Jobs are the greatest bachelors they always have options, stacks of resumes on their desk, hundreds of applicants a month. You can be replaced at any moment's time, and HR couldn’t care less about you.But since you planed your like Deuces! You’ve already moved on because your smart, you knew this will happen someday. You kept your skills sharpened, always improving. Sought for higher educations, YouTube, certifications, free courses, etc. You’ve been investing. You have a bit of a cushion for emergencies. You have other income streams so you're not relying on that cushion. You've been working on your own business. There are many things you kept in your arsenal. And you're not living beyond your means. You’ve been saving $2 for every $3 made spending only $1. Your expenses are not 90% - 120% of your check or salary. You're in a great position.The moment you’ve left your already applying for other jobs. You kept it moving.Your given false hopeJobs can string you along, I think we’ve all been there in some shape or form. They may not say it directly but they give you the impression of lateral moves. They may mention higher positions and nod you of next in line. So your dumb enough to keep kissing ass, and doing whatever it takes to go above and beyond. Don't let months pass you by hoping for a promotion. Some of you are so special that you’d keep working hard (for years) with no raise, no promotion, just praise. Why? Why waste your life still being in the same spot you were when you started.ConclusionTime is special work on yourself. Improve your education, save, invest, own… Start making those money moves while your employer makes money off of you. Have a vision. Start planning the steps to get you out of that place. I get it you have bills, student loans, etc. But all those are excuses you throw in your mind to convince yourself why a job is a good place to work. Put aside some money start looking into avenues you can put your money in to start making money. There’s so much out there everything from selling t-shirts to drop shippingIf your struggling in at a starter job, no stress I was there as well. Plan save! Save! Save! I’d start making more money first. Get a trade or certification that can help you make more. If your into computer science or liked to learn. Narrow it down pick an avenue watch youtube videos, tutorials. Start creating your portfolio to make some apps, make websites, challenge yourself. Employers love this. Peruse a degree, do a few FREE courses, and boot camps. Also, look into trading, investing, dropshipping, etc. the world is your oyster.
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Make sure your girl has her own money by kodoninja 4 years ago | Money |  (#money #girls #dating #goals)
000 Make sure your girl has her own money
I'm going to sum this up into 5 reasons why should always with no exception; date a broke b!^$h. Your trigger warning has been set. This will offend everyone I’m sorry.1. They’re depended They love what you can do for them. Everyone has encountered someone in life who isn’t being the best they can be. They tend to be that leech stuck to you. You’ll have to set them on fire to get rid of them. They look to you for anything serious in life, and you’ll notice a look of fear when you hit a bumpy road. 2. They lack true drive and motivationsIf someone that close isn’t taking the steps they need to reach their goal. They become that person listed before. They're so dependent on you in life; that they’ll abandon any hope of returning to there own goals. The true drive comes from a person's self-love and respect. A strong woman would have their own goals. There own morals of spending there own money and motivating there own dreams of financial freedom. wouldn’t it be poetic if you had a girl right by your side who not only motivates you to grow? But they can take your advice and words as fuel to do just as well in life as you. You both can plot and scheme together of becoming ultra-successful. This isn’t that you both are in business together. This can be beneficial and dangerous at the same time; more on that later. But I’m talking about, you have your own business she’s not apart of. And she has her own business that you are not apart of. You both can have a nonargumentative conversation on MONEY, stocks you’ve purchased, investments, bonds, dividends… Planning out how you can both expand and conquer new territories. Ditch that girl if she isn’t what I just mentioned. If shes plotting her success has it all planned out. And shes acting on it then id probably keep around a bit more to see if she pulls through. Just make sure she doesn't turn out to be #5 on the list; If she does, deuces. No drive and motivations will rub off on you and she’ll drag you by your balls down to her level. Then leave when you're at her level. You can’t slingshot from each other if she isn’t out there financial grinding like you are.3. They’re a Gold diggerYour girl has no money, a piece of shit car works at McDonald's, living paycheck to paycheck… The list goes on and on. These are sometimes the ones you see at the gym; you know the ones everyone sees at the gym. And the ones every guy around town knows. Wearing a piece of material showing off every detail they possibly can. Doing those workouts just to be seen, wearing makeup and revealing clothes just for the attention. Look deeper that’s a trap. They may have goals, they have their motivation. There dream of becoming an Instagram or makeup model. The same goals every girl these days have. Every post on social media is thirst traps. Meanwhile, they can barely afford rent, star employees at McDonald's. The only thing that's moving them forward is likes, your attention, and your money. They only work that hard on there body so they can pull the best they can get. Those are their true motivations. It’s so obvious to stay away from the gold digger but yet it’s so hard. Even Kanye fell, but at least he got the prenup and she has her own money. In that case ahhhhh... go for it. But realistically these girls are dating everyone, they love to be seen, to party, trying out different pipes to see which fits the best. A pipe here a pipe there everywhere a pipe pipe. Hell, our media promotes and liberates the piping lifestyle, yolo. This is dangerous, get tested! They’re always on the market looking out for the pipe with the deepest pockets, swinging from one pipe to the next. At the wall and 30, she’s ready to settle down. Ok, let me stop. I'm right, sometimes a gold digger is f-ing Autobot in disguise. Making you believe she’s this hard-working virtuous woman who has her own goals and motivations. Test her morals challenge her dreams and goals. Run some background checks. You know; the kind that only the neighborhood and her best friend would know. If 80% of her friends are guys and she's best pals with her exes. Ha! Say no more, deuces! Honestly be careful everyone is an Autobot and Decepticon. The best we can do these days is take a similar Kane approach. These are:- She at least has her own money- She’s 4.5 out of the 5 listed here- She has her own goals and motivations- She's killing it in life or intends to- A prenup, hide your assets- Never put your trust in anyone- Do you (real) research, ask around- Have an exit plan- Pipe her well, hope for the best- Always keep your dreams & goals #14. They’re resentful You become their rival and enemy unknowingly. She’ll hide it so well. Smiling to your face edging you forward making you honestly believe she’s in it for your best interest. Nope, she’s waiting on the chance of it failing. So you can stay in the place she became so comfortable with. Your out here getting things accomplished meanwhile she's looking at her life, her friends, her car if she has one, her discounts at McDonald's, her boss and thinking. “Damn”. So she ain’t haven’t it with you. We either both gonna be broke, or both gonna be successful. Those are her only two options. And she ain’t getting successful on her own. Hint she’s #5 on the list. And she’s on to the next pipe after she has done draining and benefiting from yours. And if she has a nice car etc. with nothing adding up on how she got it. Well, she just got finish draining baller Dave, and every other guy she did maintenance on. She fell flat on her dreams, she couldn’t follow through shit happened whatever it maybe it didn't happen. And for some reason, she gave up. Don’t waste your time trying to save an h-@. It takes an extremely strong person to rise above failure to be well in life. A person in that situation is just going to resent and drive a knife through your spine. The more success you achieve the more these spiteful emotions increase the deeper that knife goes. In some cases the girl will look at her life, see where she’s at; reflect and make the changes necessary to reach her goals. If that happens amazing. Just remember the majority of women today are brought up being taught that the man is a source of income. Look good, lie, manipulate to get the best-looking pipe after they’ve had the greatest run; Running the most successful pipe cleaning and maintenance business in the neighborhood. Child support, alimony, lawyer fees, etc its all designed for the women. 5. You are their chance for successAlright, the moment we’ve been waiting for #5. Gentlemen, she is your chance for success. You are the one she's been waiting for more. A successful man she can use to propel herself into ultra-new heights and stardom. Maybe she has her goals, you know, look good find the best lighting, the best angles. Dropping serious cash on the best makeup, lip fillers, bags, shots, and touch-ups. And mastered the art of filters and photoshop. She's doing ok for herself. Tons of potential pipes on standby, she gets attention, likes, she has followers and a growing fan base. But you have a Hummer. You have a successful social media and a booming YouTube. Her prayers have been answered. Next thing she’s on your platforms, your showing her off not knowing what's going on. Hell, she even has you shouting out her channel, and social media if she has them. If she doesn’t have social media she might want to get started. S-o she has something to fall back on, while she's looking for the next pipe. Or maybe she just likes being with you because of your success and she can be the #1 listed above. She may have a nice job and she also loves having a successful man who gives her what she wants if she wants it. Your her trophy man and her motivation to see what else is out there. She got a taste of premium piping and now she wants to open up a business for the more affluent; In an even better neighborhood. Because hell if she pulled you she can pull an even better one after your drained. CONCLUSION I know I know not all women are like this I get it. I'm only accounting for 99.999999...% of ladies out there. I’ve met women who are of that -1%. Hell, I know a few ladies near San Francisco and in the OC like this. And they're my type, ironically they’re the types that typically like me. These are the types I make time for. I f-ing love a woman who has her own money, her own brain, her own goals, her own car, her own place. I’m not talking about a supervisor or manager but actual success. Or they can even do that. Being a clerk, or assistant just not a McDonald's employee; running a few side businesses. They have their own plan and schemes for tackling the stock market and any other risky/bold endeavors. They love success and they love challenging, learning and improving themselves. There a lady, I find sexy and attractive, very positive, helpful and tells it to me straight. Not easily distracted. Knows how to turn down all the rusty pipes and free services. Not a neighborhood celebrity and a known th-t in the clubs, at work and college. They're at the gym working on making themselves a 10 in their own way, but they rarely show it all off. There conservative in every way. They love entrepreneurship and live it themselves. My success challenges them, there’s challenges mine. They aim to do better and want me to be even better. Settling is not an option for both of us. She can buy anything she needs; if she wants or needs it. She doesn’t have to be rich but she needs to want to be there, aims and stops at nothing to get there (without me). A Millionaire mindset for sure.
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Is 8 hrs of sleep the reason why your broke? by kodoninja 4 years ago | Sleep |  (sleep wealth money)
000 Is 8 hrs of sleep the reason why your broke?
If you're doing well in life, you're reaching your goals; already having a plan and schedule that works for you. This isn't for you. This is for the broke people, unable to find the time, and unable to sacrifice a little to reach a larger goal. Studies show the AVERAGE person needs 8 hours of sleep to function properly. That’s 16hrs left in your day. The average person works a 9 to 5 leaving you with 8hrs left in your day. That’s not a whole lot of time to make something happen in your life. But I digress. If you still have 8hrs left you're better off than most. Let’s factor in the commute to and from work, school, errands, hobbies, outings, relationships, friends, family, TV, social media,… Yep, there goes your dreams and your future.24hrs day – 8hrs sleep = 16hrs day16hrs day – 8hrs work = 8hrs day8hrs day – (work, school, relationships, ... TV) = ???So many things can be factored in, but statistically speaking the lives of most people revolve around work and sleep. Even worse some may even have two jobs! But that's a topic for another post. So to put it bluntly. Yes. Your broke because you love your sleep. And let’s be honest most of us dream even to have that much sleep. Hahaha, it’s sad but we still yearn for that American dream.Your working months-years later what do you have to show for it? Your well-rested and what to you have to show for it? It’s not just sleep as you can read. It goes deeper. But rest ashore no pun attended. You can still reach that American dream and more importantly FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I get about 1-4 hours of sleep Sun-Thr and no sleep Fri-Sat. I have a full-time job career, school, trading, investing, coding, gym, running my own business... I couldn’ t be happier, I’m also very alert. I get all this accomplished because I sacrifice like crazy, and I kinda cheat too. In my case I put dating on hold, I have no kids, and that's about it for me. I still manage to get all the other WANTS as well. M secret I MULTI-TASK.Gym = (Youtube, music)Coding = (ConclusionEvery person is different so you have to see what can be eliminated and what sacrifices need to be made. I cut out sleep, everything & everyone to reach my goals. Some of you may even find a way to get your 8hr sleep and be successful. More power to you. I get it to sleep is important; and so is financial freedom, I like many other successful people before I went for all-nighters, no friends, little sleep, planning… all to reach my goals.
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Your friends are the reason why your broke and miserable. by kodoninja 4 years ago | Friends |  (#friends #broke #misery)
000 Your friends are the reason why your broke and miserable.
This will come as a shock to most, but believe it or not, the friends in your life are the main reason why your nowhere in life.Ill some this up in 5 simple reasons1. Your friends are broke and miserable. It’s very difficult to be successful in life when the friends in your circle are all in the same situation. I get it you’ve known them for a very long time. You do everything together. But still, let’s take a look at their life. They're working a job they love or hate. Useless or no degrees, they stopped learning at High School. Mediocre savings, One source of income. No active investments, no dreams, and goals but of moving up a ladder. Their dreams are all job and relationship-based. They gossip about everyone. Hell, they may even secretly like you; and will convince you of why you shouldn’t go with anyone or do anything. They’ll tell you whatever just to keep you dependent on them and their advice.They got nothing going on, absolutely nothing. 2. You listen to your friend's advice If you have a dream of becoming successful in life. Perhaps you may want to open an online business. So you start planning to do the research. Allocating money needed to get it done. The ball is moving your friends are noticing seeing you less and less. You bring up your dream to them asking for advice. With no surprise they arent to accepting. They may laugh. Tell you someone already has that idea. It’ll fail. It’s going to be hard. You’ll hear it all from the ones you believe are your friends. If someone has that idea or already doing it. That’s not a reason why you shouldn’t do it those are all reasons, and proven strategies of why you should do it. There's no one brand of cookies, no one model of car no one brand of socks… There are dozens of business all essentially doing the same thing coke and Pepsi both makes drinks hell there are hundreds of other businesses selling drinks. Never listen to someone less successful or in the same position as you. Youll notice the same theme. That goes mutual for your girl or man your friends and even family. Sometimes you gotta go for it take a risk. Just do a good amount of research and plan truly.3. You believe your friends are in your best interest Honestly, most friends like your misery because there miserable themselves. Misery love company. This may be a tough one, but some friends are out for themselves. They talk to you just so they can talk about you. They’ll motivate you but tear you down more. If you go pretty far as into reaching your goals you’ll notice they’ll drop out of your life. Some may return only to benefit from what you accomplished. Then they're gone without a trace, or a thank you., however, they’re extremely happy to have made money off of you talking about how they did it all themselves.4. You cant think for yourself I see this time and time again. People just can’t think for themselves. These are honestly the ones you hear saying that there trying to find themselves. You know the ones hoping from major to major unsure of there own talents. Checkered goals and unfulfilled dreams that were suggested by their broke miserable friends. Settled with a degree that turned out to not be for them. Now there a Supervisor at Starbucks or wherever. Honestly don’t let time past you by listening to your friends. You got to make shit happen. Don't be a sheep. Don’t be that individual who needs guidance on every f-ing detail of there life. You’ll never accomplish a damn thing in your life. Some friends have their agenda and just wanna keep you on their level. I honestly believe if this is you; you don’t know how your voice sounds like. You don’t know your own identity, talents or anything. Everything about you is a collection of every person you kept close to your life. No wonder why your miserable, your not you. No one in life can make you happy, that goes for anyone. This is something only your passion can accomplish. Separate yourself from everyone. Once I got rid of my “friends” I truly became happy. I got to know myself and I understood that even though I shared similarities I’m vastly different. I finally heard how my voice sounded, it was very unique. I reflected on almost every moment with my former “friends” and understood I had been a copy. A collection of all their motivations and personalities. This mostly benefited them, and I saw when I mentioned my dreams they’d laugh. So I followed them anyway.5. They are financially incompetent You wouldn't take financial advice from a homeless man so why take it from a friend who can’t even afford there own rent. Stop taking financial advice from persons who are in the same or worse situation than you. The smart ones will seek advice from the leader of the pack. If I wanted to learn to code I want to learn it from the best books and learning material out. The same goes for trading & investing. Absorb the information from those who started from a similar situation and are now at the top. The advice of this caliber especially financial advice should be from those who are in a position of extreme excellence. In some cases, the ones you want to learn from may be out of your reach. For instance when I wanted to learn day trading and true money-making skills. I had a few friends I met online who were doing decent. But I was smart and wanted to learn from the best. I knew the chance of meeting them was near impossible and I also knew if I did they’d be unlikely to take time out of their busy lives to help a fan. So I studied every interview they appeared on. All their books, all their videos, their platforms, content videos, programs, YouTube... I learned from every free and paid material I could find. After all, if you wanted to become the best basketball player you wouldn’t learn from your friend or the best player at school. You’d learn from Micheal Jordan, and Lebron James, to name a few. This goes for any skill or dream you want to be the best at. Learn from the greatest, not your friends.
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It’s okay to be selfish by kodoninja 2 years ago | SelfImprovement |  (# Self-Improvement #selfish #friends)
000 It’s okay to be selfish
Is being selfish all that bad? I say yes and no. If you have a genuine goal and focus in your life. I say fuck it! Be selfish to your heart contends. Why you may ask? Because you're focused. You simply have no time for BS, doing favors for others who may or may not value your time.Time is so finite, it comes and goes before you know it. One moment you're in high school or college with a dream. A few sidetracks later you're in your 30’s or 40’s scrambling to get your goals and dreams accomplished. This is how a midlife crisis happens. Time has passed trying to find yourself, having fun with friends. Working a job you mildly enjoy, not giving it your all, fearing failure, fearing not being good enough, helping others for whatever reason, and so on. Life has passed you by. But it's not too late, to separate yourself, focus and be selfish.It’s your life you live it how you want when you want. I get that. Who am I to tell you what you should do with your life. But meet me halfway. Ask yourself do or did you ever have goals and dreams? Now ask yourself are you accomplishing these goals and dreams? Are you where you want to be in life?Now if you're not working towards these goals. What are you doing? What happened? I bet during your journey throughout life you may have been a little more selfless than you needed to be. Either that or procrastination has a big part of this. For me, it’s both of these. Even though I have many things accomplished in my life. I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything yet.If only I was a little more selfish throughout my journey. I’d be much closer to where I want to be. I’d be that glorified software engineer. Decorated with 4+ degrees and 20+ certifications and certificates. Id also has mountains of apps, websites, and software for download. Online courses, books, a thriving business, and YouTube. If only I’d just said no or maybe refer them to someone that has the time to help them. Throughout my life, I’ve helped people and have gotten nothing in return. I even take the time to help those that knowingly hate me and very publicly tried to stab me in the back.I’m sure there are many of you out there that has done the same thing. Honestly, it feels right for me to help others but not like this. As I said above time is finite. So I’ll just be helping people indirectly from here on out. I’m making myself a ghost, impossible to get a hold of. If they do get a hold of me I simply say no, or I can’t with no explanation.I’ll have many things online including this platform that can help them. Wanna learn to trade or improve your coding, try kodotrading. Want to get fit kodofitness; want to overall improve yourself kodoninja and so on. Everything will be carefully researched planned, written, and filmed. My time is valuable. I’ll charge a premium for my services outside my various free and paid materials. Because in actuality I’d rather be improving and creating content that can help countless people at one time. That's mutualism, the best thing for everyone.I’m sure if you were a little more selfish in life you would have that dream job by now. Or in general, you would at least know you put everything into your goals and got the most out of what you wanted to do. If you stop to take care of everyone's needs before yours; you’ll always fall short of who you are and who you want to be. It’s never too late to isolate yourself, leave those needy “friends”, family and others behind that are using you. Forget everything and everyone else and focus on who you're meant to be.
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Justified Minimalism: What it means by kodoninja 2 years ago | minimalism |  (#minimalism)
000 Justified Minimalism: What it means
Minimalism the art of living solely on what is needed in your life. And what is needed, or considered a need, is completely different per individual. As I look at my life; and everything I own. I again find myself over cluttered. It wasn’t that long ago that I had trimmed down on almost everything I own. Fast-forward a year or so later, I find myself throwing away more of what I own.Ok so what exactly is justified minimalism? I like to thank it's a minimalist that steps slightly outside the boundaries of traditional minimalism. The traditional minimalist may only own exactly what is needed for them. For instance, they may only have a few articles of clothing. 1 bag, 1 pair of shoes, and so on. Their apartment can be seen as crappy and boring to most.On the other hand, the justified minimalist will have a lot more things and stuff. YouTubers such as MKBHD and Justin Tse fit this description perfectly. These YouTubers can be seen dressing extremely simply sporting a tee, a hoodie, simple pants, a modest watch, and 1 everyday car. Everything else in their life is utilized towards their business. Separate further, you’ll notice the majority of their assets at least are all business related.I’m the same way I wear essentially the same thing every day, when I do, it's mainly a tee shirt, sweatpants, Adidas shoes, and a simple watch. My apartment is extremely minimal consisting of my futon, 3 monitor desk setup, posters, 2 lamps, my server, 2 bookshelves, dozens of books, and a printer. Add in my clothes a few kitchen equipment, and business equipment, etc. That’s me, and even that 95% of what I own is all business purchases.That’s my justified minimalism. I don’t need a server for myself nor an excessive 3 monitor setup, but it's needed for my trading, investing, and coding. A justified reason for stepping beyond the traditional minimalist. It may not seem like much now, but I have to add much more equipment, for various business and product making.My justified minimalism will be different from others who are minimalist. Everyone has a different reason for its justification of owning a lot. I own 2 pairs of shoes, but some other person may own 20 pairs, but they need each one for specific reasons. Which can be work-related or personal. That can go for just about anything in their possession. And that’s their justified minimalism. Mine like the fellow YouTubers listed above just happens to be tech and business-related.So you may find yourself having more things than usual on occasion. It’s okay, just remember to only keep what you need and what can be justified for your everyday life. As long as it makes sense to you for your essential needs, go for it. As for me, if it can’t be justified, I’ll just throw it away. Why do you ask? It's to send a strong signal to my brain to not waste my money on that crap again. To stay within the realm of only what's needed, as I do occasionally. You don’t need to take it to this extreme, but find your method to keep yourself from overspending and over cluttering. And make sure everything has a justified purpose for your needs.
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Benefits of being single by kodoninja 4 years ago | dating |  (#single #sex #love #dating #fling #self-improvement #time)
000 Benefits of being single
Let me start by saying; this will be from a man's point of view. However, the ladies can learn from this as well. Whatever your into trust me it works. Here are 5 simple reasons why being single can be quite beneficial. READ TO THE END! 1. Time: Time is the greatest gift from mankind more so than Money, Sex, & Fame. And you shouldn't be wasting any of it. Our time here on earth is very short; tomorrow’s not promised to us, YOLO. So now we have more time to make shit happen. Get fit, read, focus on yourself, spend time with your friends, casually date, explore the planet, go camping, write a book, fuck a friend lol, go clubbing, learn new skills, get an online degree, build a computer… You name it but just don’t waste it. Let’s be honest no one needs anyone they’re billions of girls on this rock no one is special when it's all simplified. Manage your time a lot more wisely now that your single, I’m confident you’ll find another. 2. Productivity: This has turned out to be my favorite from the 5 other than #5. It’s as simple as it reads. You have way more time now; so be productive. If you had plans to build an app, well here's your chance. Build an empire, well nothing’s stopping you. Research, plan, develop, make money, file, etc. Just do it. Not distracted with your girl anymore no excuse. You can allocate your time wisely to get a wide variety of things done. Wanna learn trading, editing, or even how to do a backflip. Just plan it right and do it.   3. Growth: Whether it was mutual, a rough breakup, divorce, a break or maybe you're an Incel. You can take this time to reflect and grow. Make your self better inside and out. Read a few improvement books, watch healthy You-Tube (redpil), study human nature, and learn. Get even hotter women by building up your charterer, importance & body. Get on your grind no women should ever come before your dreams and goals. They'll always be #1. You wanna be the tech mogul, that bodybuilder, that whatever. It is #1. You can’t grow while your chasing someone, you can’t evolve by settling for what you have and what you can get. Always think bigger and better. Then go for it truly become the greatest evolution of yourself. The right one will come to you don’t go looking for her. 4. Freedom: Congratulations your single and free. No nagging girl complaining about nothing, no dates to remember, no trying to prove to her or anyone... Anything can be done just as you intended it to be without the input of anyone incredibly stuck to you. Your FREE so enjoy it.  5. More sex: At this point, you have the time. You’ve developed a mission to be more productive. Those goals you held off because of her now you're getting it done. You can grow, learn new things, talents, hit the gym get an 8 pack, your free to do whatever. And you're not attached. Studies show that single status is the ultimate gateway to more sex. Just ask any frequent club or party hopper. Makes sense, less or no feelings, you can date on rotation, hookup, on to the next… All sounds good; sex lasts roughly last a few hours, and you can quickly get back to your goals. But..., be smart this can do way more harm than good if done carelessly. Hoping from person to person, club to club, work, friends, new meets, acquaintances... This all takes a lot of time; remember "time", your goals, get in that millionaire mindset. Don't waste your time getting laid; be more productive to improve and grow on every level. For me, I like to focus 95% of my time on strictly me, my goals, and my dreams. I like to constantly improve myself. If you're going to have way more sex than I recommend, cough, hear me out… Find someone in tune, and in “love” with you; or at least likes & respects you. Someone you can casually date. Maybe throw in a few relationship benefits. But don’t let it turn into a relationship at least not yet. Make sure she’s focused on her own goals, getting her own money, building herself up as well. Having the same 80% - 95% mentality as you do. You guys just do the ? 5% ? together, SEX, hookups, light dating hanging out, etc. Then back to the millionaire habit grind. That’s right cough… My solution to being the best singe version of yourself is to do it in a “casual dating relationship”  lol. I hope this makes sense to everyone.
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10 ways to overcome procrastination for good by kodoninja 4 years ago | Living |  (#procrastination #goals #selif-improvement #better)
000 10 ways to overcome procrastination for good
Procrastination is my second most feared thing on earth, next to time its self. If your not careful; there can be instances where it's too late. It’s frightening knowing you have something that you need to do but for some reason subconsciously you keep yourself from doing it. I’ve been there I’ve even put off important things for years, and it affects me to this day. So I have 10 ways to surely get you back to a life of prosperity and achievements. 1. Just fucking do it! A bit blunt but this will remedy 90% of your problems. Seriously just fucking do what you need to do. You need to clean your room, do it. You need to do assignments, just do it. Anything you have to do, just walk over and do it! Boom less stress, and now you can cross it off on your list. Make a habit of your needs. Program yourself to prioritize the thing you need to do daily. Often you’ve done a plethora of research but the still prolonging things you want to do. If you’ve been reading about it for months, just do it your ready. Investing in stocks Getting a gym membership Saving money Creating a YouTube channel Making an App Taking a Udemy class Making more money Buying a business Buying a G-Class & Hummer The list goes on. Some things on this list or your list can simply be done just by fucking doing it. Others require many steps and research to accomplish. Wanna get fit to buy a fucking membership and go to the gym. Most gyms have free Wi-Fi use it, YouTube fitness workouts and do it. Do more research as you go on. And don’t be the dumbass that buys a personal trainer lol. More on that in another article. Wanna learn how to invest, do it, then invest. No one got anywhere in life being a bitch afraid of being hurt. Sometimes you gotta be a dumbass and just fucking do it. Don't overthink, Don’t over-analyze, just do it. I’ll be honest with you. You maybe be afraid to fail and afraid to lose money. Well, you will fail, and you absolutely will lose money. That’s the whole point. Learn to make 10x more than you lose. Every successful person has made sacrifices and fear was absent from their thinking. 2. Make time for it, sacrifice  Think of the most successful persons on earth; now think of the most unsuccessful people on earth. One thing they have in common is time. Everyone has the same 24 hours a day no matter what class, race, height, net worth, etc. It all depends on how you allocate and utilize your time. If you’ve ever uttered the phrase I don’t have enough time, then there's something wrong. If you don’t have enough time how the hell did Jay-Z make things happen? How did Mark Zuckerberg or any other Billionaire get to where they are if they didn’t have the time. We all have the same 24 hours. So make the time. Do you need to hang out with your friends, watch TV, movies, social media, drink, clubbing,… Got kids to find a baby sitter. Have distractions, remove yourself from distractions. You are the sole reason why you're not doing it. Fuck excuses. It’s time you make a sacrifice; no one has become anything incredible wasting time. You know you need to get something done or become good at something to be someone. So stop putting yourself in a position where you have to make rime for your goals in dreams. Your life should revolve around your goals. Your goals and dreams are first, no matter what. You wanna make an app, start spending just a few minutes to a few hours on it. Spend the majority of your time perfecting that app. Build your schedule around that app. Make time for work, postpone your friends, quit TV, make time for working out, eating, etc. Bill Gates spent hours on hours building what we know of as Windows and Microsoft today. He didn’t get it out there by making excuses and trying to fit it into his life. It became his life. 3. Analyze what’s happening & why There is a root to why your lazy, and why you keep putting it off. Get to the bottom of it and learn to make the needed changes. For me, building platforms takes an incredible amount of focus and time. But there are many projects an I still hadn’t released when I started them over 5 years ago. Projects I’m scrambling to get done to this day. I’ll be honest with you. It takes me about a month to two tops to get the website, mobile, and app complete. So why did it take me so long? I procrastinated, I ran into a few errors I knew I needed to fix, study and research to move forward. This along with a few other things stopped me into the present day. I could have made a list of every issue, every language I needed to master, the correct software and requirements but I didn’t. There were ways to find a solution but I postponed and postponed, distracted myself with other projects convincing myself that this couldn’t be done without something else. It took me years later after endless BS to finally looking at everything in detail thousands of lines of code, all my errors, etc. to find a solution. I did. And it took me a matter of hours ironically to get it back up and moving forward again. It pains me that so many years have passed but I forced myself to comb through every detail to get myself back on task. It was all mental all in my head that prevented me. So look hard at your task and understand why you put it off, don’t be me don’t spend years. 4. Set short, mid & long term goals This is something I swear by and has helped me tremendously throughout life. No matter what, buying another car, computer, building software, learning a new skill, you name it. I set goals, but not just any goals, very detailed goals for my bigger goals. For instance, I was building a web app. So I used an app called Google Keep which is my favorite note-taking app. I made a long term goal of creating a web app. Then I made short term goals after defining what the project is, and what’s it going to be used for and about. I wrote out every detail I needed to get this project up and running down to the detail of the buttons. The short term goals were to get a page completed design functionality, then populated, then finally functional. When all those where completed that made a mid-term goal, all leading up to the project full completion. Afterward, there were more minor goals added to get it fully running. Like debugging each page lines of code, sever cost, marketing, etc. Laying out the goals truly helped me see and visualize each step and minor steps with ease. Web-App User page Banner Edit Pos Comment Home page Navigation Login/ SignUp Things are a lot easier when you have smaller steps to reach a larger goal. Whatever your goals or task may be, breakdown the steps to reach that goal. Like my tiny example above. 5. Make a to-do-list Similar to goal setting; a to-do-list is another must. Another cause of procrastinating is that you may be overwhelmed. You may be the type that pile so much on your plate you don't know where to start and you also may feel there's no way to get all this done. That’s understandable. Try making a list of every task you have to get completed. Over time the level of importance and what needs to be done first. Don’t worry if the things that need to get done first are the most complex. Similar to what we did above take that one task from the list and write every step that needs to be taken to get that task completed. Then tackle the smaller task one by one into its completed 6. Take a break Take a break you deserve it. Going in on a task for hours on in can be quite exhausting. By the break, I mean something short and relative to the task at hand. Something minor and brief. For instance, I work for hours at a time sometimes over 9+ hours writing code. The trick is to not make it a chore to get things done, but to enjoy it. I sometimes take a 30 minute to hour break per 4 hours. Studies show on average; a person should do every 40 – 120 minutes with a 10-minute break. For me, I’ll sometimes go out for a walk, do a quick workout. Or even start a movie or episode of a show I haven’t seen or have seen before. After an episode then I get back to my task. But remember me it’s per 4 hours of work. Remember to keep it relative. Whatever you enjoy try doing that during your break. An advance method is doing the break or something fun during your task your completing. For me, since I have multiple monitors, I would have a movie-going or some YouTube happening on another monitor. This is ultra tricky so I recommend what I listed above before attempting this. It takes an incredible amount of focus to stay committed to the task at hand while a distraction is happening. However, if you master this eventually you can be learning a new trait or skill i.e. Udemy while completing your current one. I'll go more in-depth on this in another article. 7. Be Realistic, stop worrying  Be very realistic, this is extremely important. Don’t try to cram a task you know will take a long time into an extremely short amount of time. This was a big mistake of mine. I would set crazy unrealistic goals for myself. I’d try everything in my power to get it done however almost always I fall short. Not until I started breaking down every task into the smallest possible short term goals; I was able to succeed. In all honesty making, impossible goals can be a good thing as well. For me when I cram the impossible in a short time frame. I noticed I’d get a lot more accomplished than I normally would. I’d often ask myself if I was able to get this much accomplished in a fraction of the time. Why did it take me so much longer before? I would rarely ever complete the full project but I would accomplish double the amount of work needed. So this became an ongoing theme of mine. I’d set crazy dates with so much on my plate; knowing I wouldn’t finish it all so that I can get more done. I still do this to this day. I never give myself too much wiggle room for release and completion dates which can be seen on now. Find what works for you. If stress is an ongoing theme with you I recommend not setting impossible dates. This takes an extreme amount of discipline, and work ethic especially when the ongoing theme is to push back dates. You have to know and understand why you set these dates in the first place. Almost tricking yourself and challenging yourself each time. Again there's nothing wrong with being in the realm of realism with your goals. It helps keep you sane. As you get better at completing a task; challenge yourself. 8. Set dates create deadlines I touched on this above but making deadlines is crucial. Making goals and writing tasks on the to-do-list is great. But nearly useless without a completion date. To help fight against procrastination force yourself into making that deadline. For example, someone may enroll in a competition knowing there not prepared, just to force themselves to prep hardcore for that goal. Take a similar approach. You wanna learn animation, plan a project involving animation. Post it to your timeline with a release date Create a YouTube channel Storyboard, plan Learn animation Set dates, make a deadline for short term goals Create animation Release to YouTube With this method you now have a much stronger reason to complete the task at hand, to learn animation. You're taking those skills and immediately applying it. Now you're less likely to put it off knowing you have a date to release your project 9. Make it known to everyone This is my favorite because of its made public. On Facebook, and very recently on this platform I make my deadlines known to everyone. Even if no one likes my post or even sees it I couldn’t care less. I'm not bragging, trying to put others down, get likes. I’m simply making my deadlines public to further drive myself into completing that goal. Knowing that people out there know I set a goal to get an ambitious project completed. Forces me to go above and beyond to make sure my work is near perfect. 10. Reward yourself  You did it you completed a Midterm goal, You even completed a long term goal. Take the opportunity to reward yourself. Just don’t go overboard. For me whenever I make a substantial amount of progress I reward myself with a pizza or veggie burger. Sometimes I may go and grab myself a shirt but in some way, I reward myself and make it a mission to not get any of my wants until I deserve it. I’ve haven’t taken a vacation in some time. I can’t even remember the last time. I plan on taking a vacation after I release 8 extremely profitable projects. Then once I take my company public I have something in mind for that as well. Find what you like and go for it after you make a stride. I don’t reward myself for short term goals. Only for Mid and long term goals. Use my approach and save the awesome rewards for long term goal completion. BONUS:  11. Aim for perfection…but, I always aim for perfection but I’ve learned to compromise and become a bit more realistic. Perfection is very difficult. Software development, in general, isn’t perfect initially. Remember Windows back in the 90’s it was a headache. When the initial release happened for Windows 98 I’m sure the program worked perfectly or at least quite close. However as it was placed in real-world environments it shows what was missed, what manifested, and what needed to be improved. No matter what you do or how many team members you have working on the task perfection is a distant dream. After many years of updates and revisions, Windows has gotten much better. The developers and Engineers had a date and they aimed as close as possible for perfection to meet that date. It took me years to find out fully just how good of a practice this was. For me, I’d always aim for perfection somehow convincing myself and overlooking the fact that the greatest web apps, software, etc never started perfectly. Early editions Facebook was rushed and riddled with errors just like Windows. But they knew they would improve the project over time with help.  A part of the 5 years that kept me from releasing my work was the aim for perfection and error-free work. If perfection was my goal I would have never been able to release anything. Id always finds something that needs improving. If its functional release it. Then improve it as time goes by. I still hit the release date doing this and I can improve much more efficiently with user feedback and real-world testing. So it's okay not having perfect work, it will get better. Stick to the dates and do your best to get it as close to perfection as possible. Conclusion  These are all the methods I have in my arsenal that has helped me accomplish the impossible. I know you can apply these steps to what you're working on. Read each step carefully, and remember everyone has 24 hours some just choose to spend it differently than others.
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Never date a girl posting provocative selfies by kodoninja 4 years ago | Living |  (#dating #girls #time)
000 Never date a girl posting provocative selfies
All-day she's posting on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and just about any other hoe enabled platform. And no shes not posting anything of value. Just empty promiscuous bullshit with her wearing “sexy” clothes and a dumb-ass pose. So I’ll break this down to 5 simple reasons why you should never touch or entertain these types. This only goes for 90% of the social media population so if the shoe fits I apologize in advance. Trigger warning: There are some women out there who are talented, with multiple things going on for themselves; Intelligent, independent, hard-working, and successful. This isn’t for the go-getter, the strong morals and goal-oriented women. As for the rest of you know who you are and you fit the description. 1. They aren’t special Seriously they aren’t special. There are over3.6 Billion women on the planet some of which have talent, unique and provide value to themselves and society. Respect for the real women that still exist today. Real women aren’t on Instagram all day posting photos of themselves. Most of the girls today believe there special from Millions of others on FB, IG, SC, etc. that all do the same thing. They’re all fake, dumb, and trying to be the same Insta-hoe. If every girl is posing with the same empty bullshit written below how can they be special. Every girl is going for the same look and some do it better. Not every girl is a Kardashian, and the fakes can be seen a mile away. Every girl these days is trying to be the next Kardashian. These are the role models of today. Representing the fake culture, the heavily altered fake representation of how girls should look, act, and display themselves today. Competing for the look, social proof, most likes, biggest ass, most dramatic, smallest waist, body counts, etc. Girls can be working at McDonald's making a few bucks an hour and with the power of the bathroom mirror and their cell phone, they can now be sexy. It’s all a joke. They go to so much trouble and time trying to be someone else. Trying to be the same basic bit#* that every guy around town knows. The time that can be spent on improving themselves and their goals. They choose not to, they live for the attention like everyone else. They are to never be trusted. 2. Maybelline, Filters, and Photoshop Bruh! it ain’t real, these girls have to spend hours a day painting on their faces just to be accepted. The most average and basic girl today doesn’t need to be attractive. They just need the magical abilities of Maybelline and filters. These girls are afraid to show their actual face in public that’s why they paint one on. There are girls I’ve dated and to this day I’ve never seen how they look like. Gallons of makeup an average body and the help of some clothes suddenly every girl today thinks they're the most beautiful creature that’s ever existed. Add in some filters and a few touch-ups and suddenly they think they're a supermodel. They get a lot of likes, compliments, and comments and now they believe they're valued. They honestly believe that they’re hot shit. Forgetting the fact that they had to paint their face, filter and photoshop themselves for the attention. It’s hysterical to know that girls out today are an illusion. Most are average at best, and some aren’t even remotely in shape. Good lighting, makeup, a decent pose, and a filter and now they can fool the world that there attractive. The guys only like the photo because they like the fake attractive girl that was created not you. 3. Insecure & miserable They need attention, they need to feel like they're beautiful when deep down inside they know they aren’t. Most if not all the women are very attractive but they still need to hear it 24/7 from guys the wouldn’t give a chance to. If they stop getting the attention; they go through withdrawal and slowly die. They love the feeling of free attention from guys. Even knowing that the guys are just as much of a loser as they are. These girls are riddled with issues and false superiority complexes. Online they may look like they have it together, in person as you speak to them to sound as if they're doing ok. But deep down inside they are a disaster barely held together. Their Insecurities run rampant day to day always coming up with new poses and things to say with there attention-seeking pics. Some girls take it to the extreme getting surgery, implants and many other body modification methods for more attention. Not all can afford to do this but I bet if they had the money they’d jump at the opportunity to get it done. Twitch & YouTube are overrun with many nontalented girls gaming horribly. Their tits are out for attention speaking about nothing. Soaking up all the attention and comments they can get. Today has never been so easy for anyone to get immediate gratification from anyone anywhere anytime. No matter how your feeling you can whip out your phone post something provocative receiving all the attention you need. The problem is it’s never enough attention or DM’s for anyone. Girls get high off of it, they live to be felt great from others. But it doesn’t last very long, then they're back to feeling unwanted and depressed. 4. She’s a hoe If she’s always posting photos of herself there’s something off. Not including if she ever posts a club photo, house party, alcohol, etc. This is a major red flag. I’ll immediately cut someone off if I get the impression that this person may be a hoe. If she needs to post dozens of photos of herself a week. If she needs the likes and comments from others to boost her self-esteem; that’s my cue to cut her off. If I’m already following and are “friends” with this person I stop communicating with the person. For me, I take the time to remove any trace I ever communicated with them. Any likes, comments, messages all gone all deleted. I’d never delete or block the person, I’ll just wait for that person or manipulate them to delete me. I’d suggest you’d do the same these girls will all end the same, and never be thereafter she gets bored of being a hoe. NEVER let this person into your life. Remember there are Billions of other women to be with. If you feel It in your gut it's true. Attention whores are even worse, don’t be like the rest of the morons validating these worthless girls. Following them around, agreeing with every full retard statement she says. They don’t like you they like the attention. Dozens of men hit on these types because they are the easiest to f@ck. In most cases this is true. Girls like this always put themselves on display sometimes for attention. But most often looking for the right guy to hook up with. The photos are to show the guy she wants that she’s sexy. Those guys you rarely see liking their photos. And if she has a boyfriend or husband and still putting herself on display. RUN. Stay far away, shes a hoe. She’s posting these single ladies' photos for a reason. I know this because I went through a few like this. Girls with boyfriends looking for guys to have fun with. Even if it's only a few pics I’d still cut them off, I date the ones with very little to no social media presence. 5. Talent-less & worthless They have nothing going on for themselves but for their job. Take away their appearance, Instagram and other accounts what do they have to offer? Now for the attractive women; remove their accounts. what do they have going on for themselves? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s the sad truth that guys often forget. Why would anyone who has things going on for themselves be on social media all day? The girls working hourly jobs with no real plans for success are 9 out 10 times worthless. But on social media there mini-celebrities wannabe Instagram models. In there head they have so much going on for themselves. I applaud the ones who make a career from social media pics. At least they learned to apply it. For the rest, they often forget the fact they flip Krabby patties for a living. They forget they can barely afford rent, car payments, insurance, in debt, bill steady pilling. But they’re on social media daily, seeking any attention they can get. Their life revolves around swiping there card, painting there face for attention and a few moments of fame. These are the ones that are usually confused as to why they're still where they are in life 5, 10 years later. Never taking the time to explore their talents and perfect there skills if they have any. They're worthless, they’ll be there months, and years from now still posting photos; seeking any attention they can get. What's funny is that even though they have nothing going on. There’s never a shortage of low-value guys slipping in there DM’s, commenting, and liking their photos. These guys are even worse and I cut them off as well. I cut all that shit off there extremely unproductive in life.
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My guide to become a Billionaire Pt.1 by kodoninja 3 years ago | Money |  (#money #investing #business)
000 My guide to become a Billionaire Pt.1
There are over 18.6M Millionaires in the USA; making up 40% of the worlds population. There are roughly 2,208 Billionaires in the world with 558-658 in the USA. So is it plausible to become a millionaire are even a billionaire? I say yes and no. For the majority of people obviously hell no. You're more likely to win the lottery or be struck by lightning than becoming apart of the <1%. But despite the odds, thousands become millionaires every day. And a new billionaire is spawned every few days. So then my question for you is why not? Why doubt me or even yourself. I have to mention I don’t care about money contrary to belief. I’m a pretty simple and minimal person. I don’t have much and don’t want much. Not a big car guy, I’m not showy, and I tend to look as simple as possible. My life revolves around 3 main addictions Coding, Investing, and working out. Thus my first 2 addictions are what the focus is on. Investing has become an addiction for me. I’m at a point where I invest 90%+ of any money I receive. More on this later. Alright so without diving too deep let's look at how a person creates their billions. Below I have listed “all” the ways someone can invest to become a self-made Billionaire. I'll dive deeper into theses in another article. Notice there’s no mention of a job, no 9 to 5, no pyramid BS, or any 6 figure a year careers, etc. Although if you're investing the 6 figures you’ll get their odds are in your favor. Investments: Stock Market Stocks - Buying a share of that company’s earnings and assets. Bonds – Buying these allows the bond issuer to borrow your money and pay you back with interest. Mutual Funds – Glorified “expert” invest your money in stocks, bonds, or other assets. Hedge Funds – Similar to mutual funds but riskier in exchange fir extreme growth prospects. Robo-advisors – Software invests your money in stocks, bonds, or other assets. Index Funds - A type of mutual fund that passively tracks an index, rather than paying an “expert” to pick and choose investments. Exchange-traded funds – Trades like stocks; tracks and mirrors an index performance. Options - A contract to buy or sell a stock at a set price, by a set date. Real Estate - Buy Property, land, etc, to then rent out or resell. REIT’s: Real Estate Investment Trusts - Instead of buying your property you work with a company that earns profit from its real estate investments. Commercial Retail Office Industrial Multi-Family Residential Residential Single-Family Rental Property Section 8 Rentals Vacation Rentals Small Multi-Family Fix and Flip Land Commercial development Residential development Farming Mining Valuables - An investment if the intention is to resell them for a profit. Metals Art Collectables Etc. Commodities - Investing in some sort of resource that affects the economy. Oil Energy Technology Coffee Etc. Business - Putting money or time toward starting your own business. Service - Type firms offer professional skills, expertise, advice, and other similar products. Merchandising - Buys products at wholesale prices and sells the same at retail price. Manufacturing - Buys products intending to use them as materials in making a new product. Hybrid – A combination of the 3 Personal Brand Earnings Royalties - Payment made to another that owns a particular asset (the licensor or franchisor), for the right to ongoing use of that asset. Ownership Sports team ownership Business ownership Venture Capital – Investing in a startup or small business, with the expectation that it will grow, and you'll get a return on that money. If you were to name any self-made billionaire I guarantee that person will fit in 1 or more of the categories listed above. Let me know below if you come across any billionaire who doesn’t fit in any of the categories. Again I’ll explore these in more detail in the next article. At this point, you can see I at least have an idea of what I’m talking about. There’s, even more, to be listed if your aiming to become a millionaire. Some may say there are infinite ways to make money; I agree. So here is what I’m currently investing in and how I aim to become apart of the <1%. Feel free to borrow some of my planning for your wants and needs. Here is my 3 part investment strategy. Stock market Stocks Bonds Robo-advisors Index funds ETF’s Options Commodities Oil Energy Technology Real estate REIT’s Commercial Residential Land Business ventures (hybrid) Business Aviyon Sales Merchandising Clothing Vending Hedge fund Property Management Personal brand Kodoninja Royalties These are my investments which I intend to detail thoroughly in multiple parts. To pick back up on my addictions I invest and code a lot. I have very little in cash because it is automatically invested moments after I receive money. It has become a sport for me researching and investing large sums of money into the market. 90% invested 5% saved then 5% for any bills, food, and essentials. Since I live so far below my means I can get away with investing so much. Several thousand is invested each month and I live off of pennies. You can even say I barely get by. The bulk of my investments are spread out though Stocks, Bonds, ETF’s, and index funds. From different brokers and banks, I keep three main accounts one for a Robo-advisor one based on my research and one for trading. There are also miscellaneous accounts for Roth IRA’s Etc. And I never keep a savings account I consider them useless for me; including CDs. I use checking accounts, bills, and essentials. Some people may swear by a savings account. But a 0.01 to 3% interest is nonsense to me compared to the amount received from dividends, investing, and active trading. The returns are always reinvested back into the market, real estate, or other business ventures. I can go deeper into the stock market in other parts maybe even a series. For real estate, I haven’t yet gotten too deep. However, I will be starting a property management company, etc. this year. This has just been mainly REIT’s and soon rental property investing. Given all this, the main goal is to take S-Corporations public. That’s right I intend to go public very soon but not too soon. I’m also intending to sell smaller companies and software owned by the company I’m taking public for several million. As well as selling other projects I’m working on. And receiving royalties on everything sold. The first company I intend to IPO is called Aviyon. Check it out in detail at this has been quite the endeavor for several years and is shaping up to be quite the juggernaut. I pay myself $1 a year and will continue to do so to ensure its success and my net worth. You're probably thinking how on earth can he possibly become wealthy making $1 a year. It’s simply the amount I could be paying myself is reinvested into the company. I maintain 100% ownership, 100% rights of everything. It is the value of the tens of millions of shares that I own that matters. Through various stock splits and the addition of millions of shares pumped back into the market that creates true wealth. The millions of shares I own now will increase in value. (example) Eventually, I’ll have over 100,000,000 shares valued way over $10 a share. The more that’s in the company portfolio the more it will increase the company’s stock value and earnings. Each quarter we plan to release new software, apps, or updates creating a better experience. New methods to bring in more money is constantly generated. The companies portfolio will consist of social networks, online stores, apps, software, etc. Constantly building and reinforcing its portfolio. This is a high-profit little debt strategy that works. Each entity is self-managed. The users create the content all Aviyon does is maintain and build the software better. I was able to create so much on my own with little to no capital. Hence my first addiction; coding. I love to code and create software, doesn't cost me a dime and the turnaround is monumental. The company has a small team and hedges on remote contractors and freelancers which reduces the cost substantially. 95% of the work is created in-house among a few and the rest is outsourced. Regardless this is how I intend to be apart of <1%. By sheer hard work and perseverance. I’ve spent years studying, investing, and creating mountains of code and software. This company, as well as my ownership of many others, will get me where I want to be. My value will be determined by my net worth. And my portfolio and catalog are looking quite monetary. The investments, the business, and real estate will propel me to insane heights. Keep an eye out for the other parts as I dive deeper into detail on how I’m going to do it with businesses. I believe you can as well; it takes time, it takes years, sleepless nights, and sacrifices are made every day to edge the dream closer. No BS was mentioned no pyramids no get rich quick schemes. Just a plethora of planning and risk-taking. Check out and research the business. Take a look at my other articles. Become motivated to learn how you can have your financial freedom. For most what I listed above has somewhat gone over your head. Your immediately doubting me, the methods, and hoping to GOD I fail. Don’t take my word for it research several billionaires, their habits, read books, my references, etc. You're more than likely unhappy living paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet. Hanging on to your job by a thread; that is if you haven’t lost it already do to COVID-19. Most of us reading have never had a whiff of any amount near the ballpark of a hundred thousand. That’s okay, don’t let hard time, statistics, and someone else's opinion discourage you. Let this article motivate you to research down the rabbit hole of the infinite possibilities of becoming financially free.
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The secret to wealth & success is… by kodoninja 3 years ago | Money |  (#money #success)
000 The secret to wealth & success is…
If I asked you. Why aren’t you successful? What would you tell me? I assume you’d say something along the lines of: I don’t have the time. I’m way too busy. I’m afraid to fail. I don’t know where to start. I'm not that smart. I don’t have a degree. I’m sure I’ll get a hell of a lot more radical responses if I asked you. Why aren’t you rich? Anywhere from Money is evil to The rich steals from the poor. Now, what if I told you the secret to success is all around you. You even have access to one of the mediums everywhere you go. Can you guess that medium? It’s your cell phone, tablet, computer, or just about anything you may have that has access to the internet. To be honest there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be successful. The reason your not wealthy or succesfu1 may just be your problem. Information and knowledge have never been so wildly available and accessible. It's literally at your fingertips. If you need to know something you’d normally Google it right. Anything you need to know you just hop online and search for it. How to cook. How to change your tire. How to fix your car. So why is it so hard to Google how to make money etc? Why is it so hard for someone to Google how to be rich or succesfu1? Maybe you have. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours perhaps years searching through YouTube. Searching on how to make money or be good at something. I have too. I’m on YouTube every day almost all-day researching every and anything on how to make myself better on what I do. And if you’ve been on YouTube enough it always gives you recommendations to similar videos to the ones you watch. If you're looking at money-making strategies you’ll get more of them. The thing is there’s more bullshit then there is good advice. I always solidify my advice from reputable resources and books. Alright so if it’s so easy to find out how to make money; why isn’t everyone rich? Why isn’t every person living above poverty? So let’s see, there’s roughly 7.6% of the US population that’s Millionaires. 1,700 become apart of this 7.6% every single day. That’s a lot of people becoming rich every day. Would you say those Millionaires know the secret to success? Maybe. You might even say its luck or maybe they know someone or they may even have access to some secret information hidden a vault. Honestly, self-made Millionaires and Billionaires are just like us. Again the self-made 0 to <10% ones. Not the ones born into wealth through inheritance. You’d be surprised by the people who were born into this world so poor that their parents couldn’t even afford to buy food for them. Yet given the odds, they somehow work, study, plot, and plan there a way too extreme success. Granted there are those in other countries born into horrific conditions. It can be harder next to impossible to overcome those environments. However here in the US there really shouldn’t be an excuse as to why you broke and unsuccessful. If you're not in prison or have any physical, mental, or extreme limitation that may prevent you; there shouldn’t be an excuse. Every single person on earth has access to the same 24 hours, air, and information you or I have. The same Google, the same internet, the same books, libraries, academies, etc. You might even argue, what about the people at ivy leagues, friends of the rich and so on. Well more times than most they started just like you or me. Being honest they worked hard to get to where they are. They utilized the resources all around them to get into better schools with a better quality of education. And yes there are those individuals more times than often that have access to better information, tools, and resources. However, there are those like myself that are born into absolute nothing. I learned to utilize information, books, libraries, the internet, and teachers to direct myself to where I wanted to be. If you were born into an environment with a bad education system. What's stopping you from working hard getting better grades to get into better schools? Or simply move to a better environment. Why do we as individuals choose to stay cemented in the unlucky conditions we were born in? Why do we choose to be a statistic to be uneventful. It is your choice to be apart of the 92.4% looking for handout population. There are 116,867 libraries in the US and over 350.000 globally. There are over 312 Million people that use the internet. Only less than 10% of the US population that doesn’t use the internet. You have access to the internet; it’s just about anywhere in the US... Alright, so what was the point in me citing all those statistics? Why talk about the internet, libraries, success rates, and so on. My point is a success is what you make it. If your unsuccessful, then you choose to be. If your successful well then you choose to be? If you can utilize libraries, books, the internet, and just about any other method or person to advance yourself in life. Then you have no choice but to be successful. You can either use the internet for useless bullshit or use it to become better. I’m not going to go into what you should be studying or researching there’s just too much. Nowadays there are infinite ways and possibilities to make wealth a possibility. It just takes a hell of a lot of reserves, sacrifice, perseverance, sleepless nights, hard work, and dedication. But if your a fan of we focus mainly on trading, investing, coding, and anything in between to achieve financial freedom. If you love any of those things, check infrequently. We’ll get you to where you want and need to be. Don’t stop there don’t be like the majority of the population that ignores all the free knowledge and money-making possibilities all around them. If that isn’t your thing find your talents; use your skills and passion on what your good at, to make that into a career. Don’t cement yourself into conditions that will never make you happy and financially free. Aim to slowly trade in your 9-5 for something a little more welcoming to your talents. The left-government, employers, and haters want you to be broke and miserable so you’ll always be dependent on them for survival. You keep the Government rich through higher taxes levied to the poor. You keep jobs-rich by working for them for pennies on the dollar; A fraction on the hundreds they make from you. As long as your willing to be a slave accepting whatever amount they give you just to stay above broke, they’ll continue to do so. You're paid just above minimum wage for a reason They need to make the most from you, while your still stupid and naive enough to believe that a job and the government determines your right to be financially happy.  And if your making 6+ figures a year they know your semi stupid not realizing that there making a fortune. Sometimes Millions off of you paying you a fraction of that amount. Big tech companies are notorious for this. Making Millions a quarter while paying their coders a fraction of $80,000 - $150,000 of the Millions they pull in per individual. Hence why you can be paid so much and they fight so hard to keep you happy for you not to run away and start your own company. Hell, they may even trap and sue you if you up in seek dreams of your own.  If they pay you higher the taxes increase; learn how to escape taxes. Learn to be your boss, before you wake up one day age 40+ getting ready for work at your 9-5. You’ll be still complaining that you are not paid enough. When the answer was all around you and in the palm of your hands the entire time. Don’t go full-retard utilize the resources all around you to get your financial freedom. Conclusion: The secret to wealth and success is anything that will help to provide you the information, tools, and resources necessary to move forward in life. Which can come in the form of books, information mined from individuals that have achieved great accomplishments and failures throughout their life? That’s it. It’ll take a hell of a lot of tenacity to plow through the bullshit, failure, disbelief, self-doubt, and fear. Let your dream edge you forward through any bullshit that’ll arise. Remember excuses and handouts keep you in the 92.4% of poor, uneventful individuals who will never amount to anything in life. Sacrifice, put off the instant gratification of new things to invest then reinvest your money. Live slightly below your means to ensure you have more to invest. Don’t be the person who looses there job for a few months and everything falls apart. (cough* COVID-19) 
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Cash poor to Multi-Millionaire playbook by kodoninja 3 years ago | Money |  (#money #goals #books)
000 Cash poor to Multi-Millionaire playbook
These are the rules that have gotten me to Millionaire status. Being wealthy is not all that it seems. Many people like myself prefer to appear poor. There are those that you pass by daily that are just like any other person. They wear average shirts, pants, shoes. They drive average to slightly upper-class vehicles. Yet financially they are in a position of extreme surplus. There are many benefits to being cash poor. My rules below outline the ideals that I’ve developed over time that backup my philosophy. 1. Never see 90%+ of your money: I never see most of my money, mainly because most of it is immediately invested. Money comes in money is pulled out and distributed to multiple trading and investment accounts. This is explained in detail in other articles. By doing this, not only is the majority of my money coming in gets invested. I’m left with little to no options to waste money on unnecessary things. If I ever feel the need to buy something I want. My only decision is to use the money made from my investments. I do have a very small cushion of $4,000 (2 month’s expenses) left for emergencies. Any amount larger than that could be making considerable returns via dividends, …returns, day trading, etc. I extend this strategy to large purchases like business equipment or cars. Making decent monthly payments while the majority of the money is reinvested. 2. Convince yourself your poor: I see something nice I want, maybe it’s a TV or even new computer gear. I can’t get it because I literally can’t afford it. Why because 90%+ of it is invested, 5% for bills, and expenses. I’m only left with less than 5% of my money. Which I ironically end up investing or leaving it in the checking account. As I result I’m left poor. The amount invested isn’t fixed it’s by percentage. No matter how much money comes in I’m always left poor. 3. Everything is planned in detail: I plan out everything no matter how minor or big. As explained in another article. I’m rarely ever caught off guard. I make plans and adjust to every changing scenario. This is all aimed to accomplish the major goal whatever it may be. Planning out everything is the only way I can ever get anything done. It has helped with project releases, software development, business transactions, and acquisitions; and even this very article. 4. Become forever minimalist: The hilarious thing is that I became a minimalist by accident. Since I’m left with so little, I became a minimalist by default. Throughout my life, most of my possessions have been removed from my life. Mostly by decisions of others and my own. As time progressed I saw what I truly needed in life what truly mattered. And I got rid of almost everything I owned except a few clothes and my laptop. I started from scratch rebuilding with 1 goal. My business. Almost everything I have now is as a result. I even live in my studio to ensure I’m always getting work done, and cutting cost. 5. Always acquire assets: I’m not a materialistic person. The thing I desire in life is assets most of which aren’t tangible. When I got rid of everything all I had were assets. I only want something that makes me more money. My computers help me create projects one of which is the kodoninja platform. An asset that makes me money, And I’m consistently creating software and ideas to add to my business portfolios. 90% of the money that’s invested will be reinvested to acquire more and more assets. A never-ending chain of buying and reinvesting. The money made from my businesses is also reinvested back into the business as well as in the stock market. I ironically don’t care about money. My goal isn’t to get myself rich, it’s to get my assets richer. The assets I own... have, and make all the money. 6. Never trust anyone: From my experience, if you ever want to be successful in life, you shouldn’t ever trust anyone. There are countless stories of people being screwed out of deals. Contracts are written with hidden agendas, individuals who scheme and plot to take for what isn’t there’s. Persons who will attempt to take ownership of you, your work, businesses, all of it. Persons with fake smiles, luring words, false promises, and corrupt motives. I can go on and on. People don’t like you they like what you can do for them, and what they can get from you. Some learn It the hard way as I almost did and some learn from others' mistakes. It’s no secret about any of this, it echoes throughout history. I’m not saying do everything yourself, I’m saying don’t trust anyone. My advice is to do an ample amount of research before starting a business or project. Consult a lawyer, get as much information as you can. Make sure you do all your filling under your name. Make sure everything legally and copyright-related has just your name alone attached to it. That includes domain names, emails, and bank accounts. Any work you do prove it’s yours, in every way imaginable. Sign your rough drafts, sketches; document everything records yourself if you have to. Most importantly never sign anything. Be careful who you invite into your business, re-evaluate your “friends” and anyone looking to join. Equity and shares of your business are more valuable than anything. If you can try to maintain 100% of everything do so, and pay anyone cash who works with you. 7. Own your work, and your businesses: In addition to number 6, maintain close to 100% of everything if you can. If it’s possible try to avoid funding and angel investors looking for equity of any kind in exchange for office space or cash. Some investors, like banks, may just want a piece of the pie when you sell or get acquired in exchange for their immediate cash. They may be a better option for you depending on what you want. I choose to fund my business myself to maintain 100% of it all. My business is lean, I and my assistant are the only employees and I look to independent contractors, and freelancers for work we need to get done. Profit margins stay high and I keep my equity. As it continues to grow investors look for me wanting to get into the business. As of now, it’s a private business, that owns other businesses; it scales moderately and doesn’t need any unnecessary funding. The most important thing is no one owns me. I can make my own decisions without being handcuffed to be told what I can and can’t do or say. I can act swiftly on what needs to get done, no unnecessary employees chiming in to say anything just to keep their jobs. No yes men, no walking on eggshells, no dancing around others' emotions and insecurities just to make them feel good or hurt their feelings. There's no one throwing you under the bus to advance their careers. No unnecessary power play. All the endless bullshit you get from working for someone doesn’t exist when you own everything. I also opted out to a have board. No one can affect your employment or success when you own it all. 8. Have liabilities, just don’t own them: Liabilities are anything that you own that isn’t making you money. That can be a car, most tech that you own, and the clothes you wear. As I got older I understood that persons with true wealth have many liabilities. Such as multiple cars and homes but don’t own any of them. Well, they do but not directly. Some do it through anonymity protection, some through trust, business ownership, and so on. After I restarted my life from scratch, I realized most of the things I desired were all tech-based. I only used them solely for creating software, apps, etc. for my businesses. I researched a bit then I decided I should follow suit. Everything from cell phones, computers to servers is all under my company Aviyon. So even though I have and use all of these I don’t own them nor do I pay for them. As for my cars, I tend to create a holding and rental company to house them. When I’m not using them I can rent them out etc. So then my liabilities can become assets. My goal is to own absolutely nothing and have everything I need. 9. Get paid in equity, and royalties. If you aiming to obtain true wealth you may want to look into getting paid in equity and collecting royalties on your work overtime. This is something that isn’t possible if you work at a job, however, you can accomplish this as an independent contractor. My approach is simple I look for starting and established companies that need work created. In exchange for my services I rarely accept cash, I Primarily accept common stock of that company. This way we both win, they can allocate the money elsewhere, and maintain 100% of their company. And I have stock of that company which may or may not be more profitable. 10. Let money work for you. My thoughts on money should be apparent by now. Although I don’t like the money I like assets. Any money I do get gets reinvested and reinvested. Time is something no one can get back so working for it seems nonsensical. There’s only so much you can work and make at a job or career. Earned income is capped at a limit, and if you going to do it; have money working for you in the background. Dividends, earnings, ads, and just about anything that comes in without your direct involvement is your money working for you. I use both earned income and passive income; and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Just about any money I get from earned income is invested in my passive income streams. This is to speed up the process with my dividend investments and trading addiction. Recently I’ve lost complete interest in going in to work, so remote positions will be my focus while I juggle my business and manage the invested money. Conclusion These are the 10 rules I lived by for years now; and will continue to do so from now on. I truly believe anyone can become financially free. For it is up to the individual if he or she wants to achieve true freedom and true success.
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Figuring out who you are (book coming 2021) by kodoninja 3 years ago | Lifestyle |  (#yourself #lifestyle)
000 Figuring out who you are (book coming 2021)
The majority of the population today don’t even know themselves. I bet this sounds strange to you, if it does your probably one of these very people. It’s okay I was one myself; doing things society wants me to do. I was a collection of everyone and everything around me. What they liked I typically liked and this became a plethora of issues as I got older. I didn’t know or understand who I was. I put together a list of 5 things I’ve narrowed down to explain the main complications and causes that arise when you aren’t you. This isn’t to offend anyone but, these traits typically fall under females. They're more agreeable and malleable. They tend to keep the peace and follow the behavior and logic of there surroundings. If you were to look at there friends; 9 out of 10 times they are just like her. Or her desperately trying to be like them. All sharing the same thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and interests. A hive mind unwilling to share their thoughts and opinions. They may even need the opinion of there friends to make a simple decision. They may even dress, look, and act the same. If there are feminist around you, your more likely to be one; Or agree with the beliefs. If you really into fitness, as so are your friends. Into MMA, computers, swimming, and so on your friends are typically the same. Are trying to be the same. You may be unaware that these aren’t your interest. These became your interest because people around you were interested in these things. Males and females unsure of there purpose in life tend to cling to there surroundings; often molded by them. They may pick a career path chosen by their family, friends, emotions, or outside influences. Which may lead to changing there career, or major constantly. Maybe even graduating to end up at a job unrelated to their degree. All to find out later on in life this isn’t what they wanted to do, and settled. 1. You are the product of your environment. If your around gossiping hens, complainers, entitled, and ungrateful individuals; That are unwilling to think for themselves, then you’ll become just like them. Bad neighborhoods and persons who haven’t accomplished anything real in life. You often become like them. See the pattern? Put yourself around the greatest minds, influences, influential books/articles, entrepreneurs, dreamers, square pegs, and visionaries. You’ll become like them. 2. Your “friends” define you. You aren’t an individual, you're a member of a group of individuals that all share the same brain. You don’t decide what to do that weekend your friends do. Your friends are at the center of every decision you make or do. If your friends are party animals you are as well. They like what you like, you like what they like. You agree with whatever they do or say no questions asked. Anything from politics to going out to eat. 3. Your purpose is to fit in. Your life revolves around the opinion of others. You modify and adjust your life, feelings, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions accordingly to others. Why do you want to be liked by everyone? Why do you want to be another sheep? Just to fit in. Who cares what others think. Who cares about what they want. Stop trying to be like someone else, be yourself. 4. You just want to be apart of something. Most people don’t know who they are, lacking a true purpose in life. Thus they cling to the notion of being apart of something bigger. Having nothing of your own motivates that individual to join a group, club, or movement to feel special, and have meaning in life. You may want to create something of your own to be apart of. Being apart of someone else's goals, dreams, and philosophies will stop your ability to grow. 5. Your concerned about people you don’t know. What people think about you doesn't matter. Why should it matter to you? You are changing who you are just to fit in. To be in the good graces of those who otherwise wouldn’t like you. They only like you if you agree and side with them. Never understood the obsession with wanted to be liked by those you don’t know. Focus on your self. 9 times out of 10 those individuals cannot help you succeed and grow in life. You won't know who they are 5 years from now. Your friends should grow with you and accept you for who you are. The issue Don’t put up with anyone's indoctrination and nonsense. Nobody’s going to respect anyone who just goes along with what everyone does or says. You ever notice at your job your boss or even coworker often tells you what to do? They do this because it’s expected for you to do what you are told. As to that’s the ideology of life and a job. Be like everyone else, and don’t stand out. The ones that are the best sheep and follow directions the best; get rewarded or promoted. Those that don’t often stay in the same place lose their job. Society programs individuals to be like sheep, or else “bad things happen”. Not complying with their standards, get you corrected by threats or even by force. We go along with it. You're bosses don’t respect you. 99.9% of the time they don’t like are give a f$*k about you just like the “friends” you model your life behind. Yet you take orders and follow blindly behind them. You aren’t you, you are what others say you should be. Society loves to beat that into individuals. Misbehave, don’t comply; get corrected. From tv to the law and school system. Everything is created to mold good little people (sheep). IGNORE IT ALL, UNLEARN EVERYTHING. Spend time alone, the true you will come to be. You may finally see you don’t like what you doing. You only do it because others around you do it. It’s fun finding out how many things you don’t actually like, just by detaching. Society, the environment, and your friends are the reasons why you are who you are. My Story, Conclusion I am a product of my environment and past friendships. I can honestly admit that I am a collection of my surroundings and outside influences. Some things have become who I am. This is not always a bad thing. Growing up I came from an aggressive and toxic environment. And for a large portion of my life, I was one. Around a mother who whined and complained unable to sustain her own life; I became the same. Not knowing I was absorbing my surroundings. As I moved towards an academic orientated environment I became a product of that environment. I was surrounded by computers, fitness, entrepreneurship, and anime so I became further indulged. I met friends into fitness, MMA, weight lifting…, and I followed suit. Luckily I was able to think for myself and mold myself to my own will. I unknowingly rejected anything that didn’t feel right. I was punished greatly for not following along and behaving like everyone else. I had a tough time being a sheep. Didn’t want to go to school many times because they were trying to force me to be something unnatural. I just wanted to learn and not be conditioned. My mother hated me because I was difficult and couldn’t behave as society told her I should behave.  As I spent more time alone distancing myself from anyone, everyone, and everything. I found out who I was. Yes, I was a bad kid, but I was also very intelligent, filled with dreams, and refusing to conform to anyone. I lashed out on anyone trying to adjust me. I was bad because I was different, no one knew how to handle me, nothing worked. Thus they tried to punish, group, and label me. I figured out the harsh realities of what I was taught. Rejecting all the remaining feminine behavior that was forced onto me.  Being alone I understood who I was! A rebel; a very aggressive and outspoken lion that loves to take a risk, ruffle feathers, and walk my path. I was always problematic to those who tried to make me something else, even my “friends”. Thus I always had difficulty keeping and making friends. I understood my past mistakes, and who I truly wanted to be and not what society wanted me to be. The job and career environment doesn’t work for me. Too much freedom, personal success, and personal opinions Are what scares others. I wasn’t made to be told what to do, how to behave, and how to think. I was made to succeed. The point being is to figure out who you are. Use the steps I outlined and my personal story as motivation to find out who you are. Distance yourself from society and do what feels right to you. Who knows that 9-5 culture, gossip life, and mundane repetitive living may not be for you; just as I figured out. Take a real hard look at your life. Go through the motions, and see if that's your life, or the life an outside influence or environment created for you. Ask yourself: Who you are?  Who is destined to be? What are your goals in life? Are you accomplishing these goals? Is this your life? Is this the life your family wanted for you? Is this life your friends wanted for you? Are you truly happy? Are you fulfilled in life? Is that person your with who you want? Are you settling? Did your friends pick and approve of who your dating? Do you like your life? If you struggling with any of these questions your more than likely a drone. A product of someone else’s wants, beliefs, dreams, likes, and dislikes. You are no one, a sheep among billions. You don’t stand out. You are your friends, and you are a product of your environment. A useless nobody who can’t even think for themselves. Try being different. Try to go against the status quo. Be someone or something different, or just be you. Be the real you, and NOPE you have no idea who the real you are.  You agree with everything and anything told to you. You just BELIEVE without question, no facts no problem. If your friends are Liberal or vice versa then you blindly go with it, not knowing why. Possessed by emotions and someone else's narrative. Why do you even need to be political? Because society mandates it. Why do you need to work a job? Because society mandates it. Why do you need to get married? Because society mandates it. The list goes on and on. Afraid to be the real you, afraid to speak out, disagree.  No values, no purpose. Please find your purpose in life. Getaway as mentioned and figure everything out. You might be working a job anyone can do with a bit of time, training, and practice. Forgetting you have a degree in something like chemical engineering. A true passion. Something very few can do; something that takes a while to master and comprehend. You have that degree for a reason, right? You tried to find a job, was unsuccessful and now you working a bullshit management job, or even a job that doesn’t even require a degree. For what? Why just give up? Why did you even get that degree in the first place? Eons of questions, and eons of bullshit excuses and beyond responses as to why you are who you are in life... BOOK COMING 2021
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Is change & self-improvement all that bad? by kodoninja 2 years ago | SelfImprovement |  (#self-improvement #change)
000 Is change & self-improvement all that bad?
Why does modern society fear change so much? Today some are taught we are perfect just the way we are; That everyone should accept the way we are no matter what. Doesn’t matter how we look, our health condition, how competent we are, you name it we should just accept and reject any form of improvement whatsoever. So I revisit the question why does modern society fear change so much? To answer this question I’m unsure. If you ask anyone who has adopted this ideology they wouldn’t have a clear reason either, only bouts of fear, animosity, rage, and anger. Their resting response would be something along the lines of I’m perfect the way I am, stop trying to change me. If you believe your perfect the way you are. I believe this article may be uneasy for you to read. I’m just human and this is my opinion on the matter. Not meant to offend anyone, just to offer a different insight. If you humor me I think I can offer some insightful logic. In the earlier periods; humans who didn’t improve by learning to fight, hunt, swim, or survive died. Others couldn’t carry their weight for them they were left to die. Women would attach themselves to the strongest, fittest, and smartest. So they could survive, and make healthy strong offspring. There have been variations of this throughout millennia to today. Today our food is caught, hunted, prepared, and available to anyone via markets. We have local authorities, and militia to do most of our protecting for us. The government, family, and friends do our thinking for us. The government can also provide any finical assistance that’s needed. Free healthcare, free education, and libraries, everything is provided for adequate living. With everything provided to the modern person, why do we need to improve? Hell if your obese, weak, broke, bitter, spiteful, short, unattractive, unemployed, uneducated, unhealthy, cowardly, and so on. There are dozens of like-minded individual that will agree, follow, love, and be attracted to you. With all that said I can almost justify the logic for not needing to change or improve. After all, there’s someone always out there like you. Here are a few scenarios today that require a change to survive. You’ve become unhealthy in some shape or form Now you must adjust your eating or drinking habits. Or you may have to work out to get back to a healthy shape. You in need of more income for bills, food, etc. (handouts is not an option) You must get another job; with current skills Obtain new skills by going back to school, getting certifications, a trait, etc. Ironically these types depend on those that have embraced change. Those in the military protecting the country, had to change to become the greatest, and strongest to protect everyone. The first responders, police, doctors, veterinarians, farmers, engineers, and countless others all had to adopt change, improve and acquire new skills that others depend on. The handouts received by the government are all from those who work and pay taxes. They’ll also look up to celebrities who embraced changed to become that public figure. They’ll even vote for a president with the campaign of change. There are dozens of heroes throughout history that fought for their rights refusing to keep things the way they are  Change is a choice it's not a requirement. After all. I’ve given ample amounts of reasons as to why you shouldn’t change. Change is scary. Improving is almost like your going away from who you are. More importantly effort, perseverance, and skill frighten us all. We’ve gotten so used to being lazy clinging to who we believe we are. We reject change at all costs. The choices and decisions we make today define who we are tomorrow. You stop learning at college now getting that dream job requires you to constantly be improving. Bettering your skills and learning new content in your spare time. Not to mention they prefer the individual with the extended education. Those that actively peruse what's required as a hobby. Hiding out your years at a job anyone can do won't cut it. Success doesn’t fall out of the sky for the lazy and unmotivated. That dream guy or girl will forever remain a dream. Because anyone who has ever succeeded at anything doesn’t want a fat, lazy, slob who runs away from improvement. Success will likely never reach those who don’t want to improve. But regardless of what you do or how you feel. Hopefully, you don’t end up like those that hate and despise others that go 110% at the gym. As well as those who read 20+ books a month, write their books, and pursue higher educations. For people like myself I give it my all, I work very hard to have the body I have. Including creating apps, and platforms, for various other businesses. This list goes on. Don’t despise those that do everything in their power to become the greatest version of themselves. Or expect them to be your lifeline, they cant be successful for you. The safe space that’s keeping you from change is ultimately destroying you. It keeps you weak, poor dumb, compliant, and depending on others. Anyone who revokes change is destined to fade away becoming a distant shadow of those who became someone. No one ever remembers the people that didn’t try. They get left behind with all the other losses. It was your choice to run from opportunities; To pick apart the idea of self-improvement. Now the only persons that can relate to you are also those that’ll never accomplish anything. The takeaway, it’s not too late for change. Start slow if you do decide to. Try I minor improvement seeing how it feels. But put some effort into it don’t give up. Let me know how it goes, if a change isn’t for you you can always remain the same.
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8 Signs People Are Wasting Your Time by kodoninja 2 years ago | SelfImprovement |  (#time #people #friends)
000 8 Signs People Are Wasting Your Time
It almost seems like every person I come in contact with wastes my time. People who you think are your friends do not feel the same way. In most cases you can see the red flags, they’ll even tell you. “I don’t want to waste your time” Admitting their silly nature, preparing you for the upcoming bullshit. Run for the hills! In other cases they’ll hide it, cloaking their true nature and intentions. These are troubled, deranged individuals who lack purpose in life. They may even be someone close to you. In any case, let us travel through our 8 signs people are gonna wasting your time. They take, but never give The next person asking you for something, ask yourself. What have they done for me? Are they trying to get more out of a relationship than they put in? Have they even done anything for you? The majority of people are just trying to use you and waste your time. They’ll avoid any real interaction where they have to put in the same. They never had any intention of being equal with you. Here are a few noticeable circumstances and questions to consider. Do you always pay for food? Do you always pay in general? Are you doing most or all the work? They give excuses as to why they can’t do something. Are you always motivating them to be better? They ask for everything but give nothing. Are they always asking for favors? They rarely say thank you. They just expect you to go above and beyond for them. Are they always borrowing something of yours? Did any of this hit home for you, All of which does for me. Hell! I know people who display every one of these. Just drop them! Life is too short for this. They love to ask questions You're ever truly analyze a person's questions? Oddly enough, people will ask questions with absolutely no purpose or end goal. It could even be an opinion, statement, or rhetorical question. The question could be so absurd and foolish, but they shoot their shot anyway. It could also seem pure and meaningful. But if someone is there to constantly ask questions and never act on the advice or response. They are there to waste your time. I know you’ve been there and was like WTF. What was the point of that? Why on earth would him/her ask me that. I mean, they have Google on their phone. They know they can get the question anywhere else, but they choose to bother you. Sometimes it'll be repeated questions about what you're doing?, How you're doing, and so on. Your past, your future… Just purposeless questions to elicit a response. Many of which is a nice dig to you. A malice question geared to your goals or likes. Just empty nonsense. They always have excuses You have ever been around someone that always has excuses. They have reasons why they're poor. Reasons for why they don’t want to read, learn, lose weight, etc. They have a reason and excuse for every short cumming in their life. Not everything in life warrants an excuse. At some point in life, people will have to understand what’s going wrong and fix it. Ask a person to allocate time to do a productive task with you or for themselves. See if there’s an excuse. Try to get them to do anything outside their comfort zone. Excuses and many more will follow. They don't respect your time If a person can’t get their life in order, they’ll more than likely not respect your time. Time is so finite yet some spend it trying to get it to pass quickly. If they can see you heavily involved with something good, they’ll find some way to interject and keep you from that task. They have no shame in their actions. In rare cases, others will feel your time and life are so beneath them. They’ll spare some of their to waste yours. A boss at a job anyone can do is notorious for this. They’ll have you doing a stupid task (busy work) and asking purposeless questions. They distract you from your goals You come to notice the surrounding persons often have a hidden agenda. These types of people are foolish. Thus, they are just trying to harm you, keeping you from focusing on your goals. They can see that you're doing something good. Observe the person wasting your time. You will notice a few common traits. They’re always on their phone They feel envy or jealousy towards you Your success may piss them off They spend their time hiding from work They’re always wasting time. Furthermore, they don’t like change. “Complains of people trying to change them” They cling to a 9-5 They stopped learning They gossip seemingly all the time Consuming useless TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube… videos Watching pointless TV, and movies They love to watch sports days on end They love to play games Hanging out with friends, family, etc. Engage in useless conversations and activities Everything listed above is their life. And your activities and goals are outside their scope of understandings. They don’t get why you work so hard. Your focus and determination is an act of war when all they do is let their life fly by. Thus, it's an unrelenting task to bring you down to their level, to get you to relax, take it easy, and not try so hard. They lack purpose in life These are people with no direction whatsoever in life. They perhaps have had a dream in life, but, never really pursued it. However, you, compared to themselves. Are doing much better in life. They see you’ve had success and accomplishments in life. Thus, it forces them to take a harsh look at their lives. When they do, they can see that in comparison to you, they haven’t accomplished anything. They just don’t like you They may not realize it yet, but they don’t like you. Perhaps they may have believed at some point there were similarities between you two. But come to find out your very different. You may realize they're uneasy around you. They will walk up to you, smile, talk to you, but you’ll come to notice there just trying to waste your time. They’ll often throw petty insults at you to elicit a reaction. Everything about you pisses them off. They hate you to the core. When they come around you, you can see an uncontrollable rage building up. You can feel the malice in their tone, their breathing has increased. Their words, useless questions, and targeted statements are all poised to spite and move you off-center. If they know you like something, they go out of the way to insult it. They’ll even make it painfully obvious there out to get you. In a work environment, they’ll throw you under the bus at any choice they get. They can come up with trillions of complaints about you, to mask their intentions. You may even come to them with earnest intentions, trying to help them. Or just trying to see how things are going, life is treating them, etc. During the conversation, they’ll go out of their way to once again throw shade on you. They don’t care This one can be obvious, and it often won’t be. Many times you’ll be so passionate about your topic that you may overlook the signs that someone doesn't care what you're talking about. Let's say for instance learning how to day-trade. You have a friend that knows your day trade. So that person or yourself may bring it up. The conversation, tells them they can make a full-time living with this skill. So their interest peaked. They want to make money, they don’t necessarily like trading. So you tell them it’s simple you just got to learn the basics, learn some strategies, volume, trends, patterns, blue chips, penny stocks, and so on. They don’t care, they just want the money. You’ll give them links to YouTube videos, articles, free books, and mountains of content. It’s practically walking them through step by step on how to be good at day-trading. The next week or so, you ask how’s it going with it all, they haven’t started. A month later the same and so on. It’s not you, just that they don’t care. They can’t care. They’d like the reward that comes with persons that slave hours, days on end on the material. Ones that put up their own money, risking their earnings to replace their 9-5 and so on. Again, they don’t care. They’d rather spend their time doing the common traits I listed above. Even if you were to give them everything they need, walking them through everything in person. They don’t care, they just don’t understand it nor do they want to try it. They are just wasting your time, for their true purpose is a little more malice in nature. If they don’t put forth the work, and effort to try it on their own time. Don’t give them an ounce of your time, avoid them at all costs. Conclusion In conclusion, people come in many types in the world. By now, you’ll be able to spot out a time waster a mile away. If you come across them, just understand they are who they are. Don’t judge them or help them. They have no intention of changing their malicious motives. Just be aware of their nature, and how to spot it. BONUS If you’d like. You can take my approach. Keep them seemingly close, and observe their actions. If you know they don’t like you, give them more of you. If you know their goals or dreams, motivate them to pursue them. You may even loan them tools, equipment, a book, or two, links, referrals… Make their next step to their dream easy as pie. Invite them to your overproductive world. “Be their best friend”. Give them a taste of what true hard work looks like. Show them your accomplishments, tell them they can do it too. Be the best damn motivational speaker ever. Have the greatest of intentions for them. Let them believe they can use you. Give them every reason to believe you're a sucker, just some dumb-ass they can use to get ahead in life. Then watch their hate for you multiply, as they try extremely hard to hide it. Ignore their words entirely and focus on their actions. You’ll notice they are completely adjacent to one another. Reflect some kindness to their hate. But never lose focus of your goals… When you're done, get your stuff back in some kindly fashion. Be nice. Be smart about what you loan out in the first place. Let them know about who they are, call them out about what they're up to. Be radically blunt if you must. Then turn around and be the “sucker” again, lead them on. Continue to give them the impression that they are the ones leading you on. You’ll notice they’ll avoid you like the plague; when they realize you were on to them from the very beginning. They might even make it seem like you're the evil person to others close to you. They’ll deny it, trying to see if they can still milk you for more of your time, money, resources, etc. Not only that, but they’ll truly believe you're a sucker and will keep at it, despite you calling them out. If you're lucky. When you're being nice, it’ll confuse them, and they just run away from you. But a new day means they’ll try to get you again, oddly enough. These types make it a habit of life to agitate you, spite you, and bring you down. No matter how hard they hide it, you’ll hear bouts of anger and aggression to your every being. They can’t hold it in for that long. Your existence is an insult to who they are. They feel personally attacked by everything you do and say. They just can’t handle it. Furthermore, they aren’t productive, only lazy and bitter. Even your compliments get them angry. The petty insults will increase no matter what you do. Stay calm, stay focused on the bigger picture in life. Success, focus, and tranquility is the greatest weapon for them. Misery loves company. Any other person would truly love you and will precipitate that positive energy back towards you. They’ll go above and beyond for you as well. This was just a bit of a curiosity experiment; Just to show you how malice a time-waster can be. I find joy and toying with these deranged individuals. But give it a try with a co-worker you suspect. I guarantee you’ll never let an individual like that back in your space again. If possible, just avoid them, be selfish and have yourself in the best interest. These types can be dangerous if you're unable to spot them. Good luck.
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5 Reasons Why I Work Alone by kodoninja 2 years ago | SelfImprovement |  (#Self-Improvement #batman #alone)
000 5 Reasons Why I Work Alone
Like my childhood hero Batman, There are reasons why I generally work alone. You can’t deny he has an unrelenting determination towards his goals and beliefs. He may seem deranged the way he stays focused on crime-fighting. He puts in the effort to become the greatest martial artist, and detective the world has ever seen. Bruce has sacrificed his personal life, friends, and family. The only real friends he can have. Are ones just as crazy for the same beliefs? Alright, so my point in all this? I’ve become Batman! Well minus the whole billionaire playboy, cape crusader, crime-fighting, and detective thing.  It’s difficult to find my Selina Kyle or Barbara Gordon in this world of Millennials. So I work alone. It wasn’t until Batman was succeeding in his goals until the right help (friends) came into his life.  As I am right now, it’s harder to attract sidekicks to my entrepreneurial journey. So let’s get into the 5 reasons why I work alone 1. Priorities, priorities, priorities. People will not have your full attention, no matter how established you are. When you're aiming towards a goal, It is near impossible to find someone who will follow you. Someone who will allocate as much focus and determination as you do. Let’s face it, today people have dozens of priorities, and you aren’t one. For the average person, you may not realize it. But people have jobs they need to focus on. That job brings income for bills, family, and personal matters. That job can mean the world to them, regardless of the reason. There are family matters, friends, and their hobbies, and dreams they care more about. It’s selfish to bring someone onboard your pursuit. People have their own goals they’d like to accomplish. Granted, some are lacking direction in life. It’s still their life. If that life seems lackluster to you, it's a priority to them, they care more about it. Hell, today, a cellphone is the primary focus of one's life. If someone isn’t on their focus or purpose, that's not someone you'd want to work with. The trick is, they’ll find you, or you’ll seek them. Find a common goal. Jason Todd, Barbra Gordon, Damien Wayne all have a common goal that perfectly aligns with Bruce’s (Batman’s) vision. If you're a content creator with a similar vision, find the ones like you. The people walking alongside you should be a reflection of your dreams and goals. Find like-minded people along your journey. 2. Communication There’s nothing more important than having effective communication. All parties involved should be 100% in agreement in all decisions. If you make a decision, everyone agrees; then come crunch time. They’ll do something completely different from what was agreed on. They’ll say well that plan wouldn’t have worked, or this way is better for me. That’s a disaster, vent them and see the early signs before that happens. Hang out with the individuals, test them to see if they’re a good fit. Often Communicate with small projects and plans. If you can’t agree on smaller things and a smaller setting, they aren’t for you. If you agree on something. Then come to find out that person just doesn't get it. Or they don’t want to do it, just aren’t interested in you, your thoughts are what you're saying. Run for the hills! If they're also expressing concerns to others and not you. Move on. Life is too short for others to waste your time. If you do decide to address them to see what happens, and it persists, this isn’t a communication issue. It’s, and I don’t respect your time, or your dreams issue. These types of individuals aren’t worth the time and stress. Make sure there mutual respect and understanding. You have to respect each other's time, and agree that you respect each other's time. 3. Work Ethic A lot of people don’t bring anything to the table. They just want, what they can get from you. Don’t be the person doing all the work. The people you’re around you should reflect you entirely. The right people will gravitate to you and respect your work ethic. Be sure you have the same gravitational pull towards them. There should be no one trying to use or manipulate one another. Be vigilant of those that see you going places, and use that as an opportunity to tag along. You’ll be fooled by empty promises and lackluster work. They may be occasions where they may not know as much as you do. But they can assist in other areas. This is up to you. It can work, but I prefer the Batman approach. I like to have as much in common as possible. Aiming for the same dream at the same unrelenting rate. The ones that batman brings in his corner. He trusts completely. They don’t slow him down nor do they fall behind, chasing an adjacent dream leading him on. 4. Passion Imagine having a dream of becoming a big-time YouTuber. This dream, has tech reviews, day trading, investing, self-improvement, and so on. This is a very specific and complicated goal. Not too many people have this dream. Now imagine coming across another person following that same dream. Not just a talker saying there going to do it. But a person that's actively putting their work online. You two meet to share ideas, and eventually, start working and collaborating; for what is now a common goal. That’s the best-case scenario, finding a person who shares the same passion as you do. While following your dreams, you know have found the right people in your life. Have you ever tried to bring someone onboard your mission; Just to later find out they don’t care about helping you. They are more or so careful about what they can get from you during your journey. Their priorities are completely elsewhere, giving you half the attention, and a fraction of the work done. Well, this person just doesn’t have the same passion for your dream as you do. Regardless of how you may feel or what they care more about. It’s selfish to believe you can have someone give the same amount of effort and consideration as you do. I’m sure their goals aren’t film making, editing, fitness, trading, and so on. They're not going to give it much concern to learn how to edit professionally, help you film, and share ideas. Befriend others like you. Be with a dream girl or guy like you. Share the same passion. Become better at whatever that goal may be. In this scenario edit each other videos, motivate each other, give pointers, help each other film, share equipment, and so on. Just be sure you can trust them and make sure that person goes in 150% just as you do. 5. Trust There’s a lot of fake people in the world. Most of which are standing right beside you. So you need to be able to trust the ones you bring to your team. You need to trust that they can do the work Trust them to have your best interest in mind Trust them to pull their weight Trust that they can prioritize the common dream Trust that they can be dialed in and give it 150% The list can go on and on, so you need to thoroughly vent the person beforehand. I can’t tell you how many times companies and startups have invited the wrong kind of a person into their projects.  Conclusion I’m going to be a one-man army for quite some time. Furthermore, I’ve learned many skills over the years. And work extremely hard on improving what I’ve learned. Luckily what I need to be done in life I already know, and I’m very good at. There is no reason why I need someone with me. However, if I come across a Selina Kyle, or Barbra Gordan along the way. Then hell yeah, let’s work together! The benefit of this is that you can see their passion displayed through their content. You don’t have to waste time seeing whether they're serious. You two know what is needed and are both willing to make the sacrifices to get the job done. At some point, they can use me for my resources and I can use them for theirs. Mutualism. Until that time comes, I’ll remain a recluse and stick to my 5 reasons for working alone.
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Three reasons to wear the same thing every day by kodoninja 2 years ago | minimalism |  (#minimalism)
000 Three reasons to wear the same thing every day
I wear the same thing every day, and maybe you should too. The short answer as to why I do it; I stopped giving a fuck. So let’s break this down into three simple reasons.1. Simplicity & PriorityI’m a simple person with simple taste. I don’t want to spend too much time on what I wear. So I keep it simple. I want to focus on important things in my life like this platform, planning, coding, writing scripts, YouTube, and so on. What I wear is not a priority. Ask yourself, how much time do I spend on clothes? It could be figuring out what to wear, what brand of clothing, where to buy them? What’s in style, the materials, the price, shoes, belts, bags, jewelry, and so on. If you're female then the complexities of wardrobe, time, money, and makeup multiplies. If your brand is appearance then the time spent on how you look is a lot more justified.My brand and who I am are built on justified minimalism. Ironically I’m working on a clothing brand kodowear. Which will consist of a minimalist and fitness line, with the occasional sublimation designs for those who do like that particular style. When that’s complete I’ll be wearing my minimalist line. Which will be simple muted color shirts with timeless high quality, durable, comfortable materials. Pants will be sweat pants made with the same materials.2. No friendsI got rid of every “friend” I have. Give or take a few that I decided to keep. Thus I don’t feel the need to impress anyone. I also don’t care to impress anyone. I’m not saying you should get rid of everyone as I did, but having fewer people to impress never hurts.When I was younger I found myself owning a lot of clothes that weren’t me. It was the style of the “friends” not my own as I figured out later on in my life. When I was around certain people I saw myself gravitating to the styles around me and seen in the media. I dressed like my favorite artist and my closest friends at the time.At some point in my life, I preferred being alone. In that time spent alone, I got to understand what I liked. I started to gravitate more towards simple plain clothing and shoes. Wearing these clothes I felt, focused, relaxed, comfortable, and stress-free. I moved away from name-brand overpriced clothes that I honestly could never find the perfect design or feel for. And gravitated towards cheap muted color shirts primarily gray. Black pants, brown belts, and black or khaki (tan) shoes. I can even see myself sticking to one simple color shirt and a pair of pants like Steve Jobs.3. Stop giving a fuckWhy does it matter what people think of you? For the majority of people dressing to impress may be in their best interest. For instance, dressing for a job interview, a business meeting, maybe a date, etc. For me, I work for myself, so no need for dress attire. I prefer to date casually and those that just as simple and minimalist as I am,People are going to judge you no matter what you wear. So I stop caring. People may think that I’m poor or cannot afford clothes. They may think that I’m homeless, a slob, or lazy. The list goes on and on. People judge you before they even speak to you. Decisions of who you are made before they even know anything about you. So fuck it.I wear what I want where I want. Let them judge. I don’t feel the need to impress people I’ve never met, and didn’t know existed before meeting them. Very few will understand that I don’t need the opinion of others, luxury brands, and so on to goner the attention of people I don’t know. Very few will see that I’m a minimalist. Very few will understand that I prefer to throw my money in investments, needs, and business rather than cars, and clothes. ConclusionBillionaires such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg don’t feel the need to impress, so why should you. Their accomplishments and net worth speak for themselves. Be yourself. Don’t know yourself, separate yourself from your “friends” and the media. You’ll see who you are, and what your wardrobe preferences are. I can’t tell you what to wear or why you shouldn’t dress for others. This is me and three reasons why I keep it simple.
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Success with the Right Woman by kodoninja 2 years ago | Living |  (#success #woman)
000 Success with the Right Woman
If you’re a guy on the road to success, then this is for you. Do not pursue the average woman! Instead, go for the women aiming to be someone. Aspiring in advanced careers like engineers, doctors, nurses, developers, artists, scientists, etc. Or even the few working towards being business owners, YouTubers, writers, directors, and so forth.There are over 3.905 Billion women on the planet. Of that 3.9 Billion, there are very few that are worth your time and energy. There are some women out there that’ll respect your dreams and ambitions no matter how crazy and out of reach they are. They’ll stand by you, be obsessed with you. Becoming your greatest fan, helping and supporting you while having ambitions of their own. That you in return will help and support them. The game of LifeLet’s say we're in a game of life. As we are now, We don’t need to be chasing women. Right now me and “you” are on Level 3. This game has a max level of 10. At level 7 and higher, you have the best quality and the most attractive women available. Whatever you're into, slim, thick, fit, curvy, long hair. And not just physically attractive, but all-around quality. Feminite, educated, intelligent, successful, obsessed with you, loyal, polite, submissive, respectful, conservative, wealthy, motivated, and so on.Let us remember we are only at level 3. Just a few steps above level 1. In level 1 we were stuck in a blue pill society, a never-ending rat race. Work, sleep, eat, family, bar & clubs on the weekends, bills, bad debt. One giant hamster wheel with a hundred-dollar bill hanging from a hook on a fishing line. The majority from level 1 want success, quality women/men, and wealth. But never take the actions to achieve this, or ever learn how.It is rare to come across a quality woman on the same page as you, especially in America. They are mostly all on level 1 and will never go beyond it. Persons in survival/manipulation mode. Just trying to get by. A BS job with little pay, government handouts. Or maybe a higher-paying job, just enough to keep you happy and blind enough to lose track of your dreams. They are willing to use anything and anyone to “get ahead” in life. Whether it’s lying, stealing, cheating, manipulating, or even over-sexualizing themselves. They are lost, confused, desperate, angry, and spiteful. In our level (3) we’ve escaped the mindset trap of the blue pill society. We know the grass is greener on the other side. Thus we spend endless hours on end working towards the goals that will lead us to success. Nothing makes us happier than working towards these goals. Our hard work can be seen on search engines, .com’s, social media, and business registry look-ups. We’ve planted our investment seeds and are starting to see the fruits of our labor.If you’re gonna chase women. At least chase the ones that are like you. The level 3’s or at least the level 2’s. Level 2's include ones that will help you with your dreams and or ones with goals and dreams, unlike the majority. These girls can think for themselves, prioritizing their goals above all else. They have a plan and are willing to fail time and time again to reach their dreams. Their goals could be private or publicly seen achieving them like yourself. Additionally, they are the most attractive to you.ConclusionRegardless of your level in the game of Life. Ask yourself, will this person be aligned with my morals and goals? And Will they be an asset to my ambitions? If the answer is yes, keep them close anyway you can. Include them in your ambitions, and help them with there's. Otherwise, keep moving to avoid all obstacles that will slow you down.
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Leveraging your 9 to 5/ Reinvesting in your business by kodoninja 2 years ago | finance |  (#finance #money #job)
000 Leveraging your 9 to 5/ Reinvesting in your business
Leveraging your 9 to 5  Whether you're a real estate agent, a barista at Starbucks, or an employee at the ice cream factory. You may consider leveraging your earned income. Living off the money earned from your job and the invested money made from it. Note! If you're the comfortable type who is happy with your job, getting paid regularly, with health, dental, and vision benefits. You may not want to entertain the thought of investing, trading, or starting a business. Nothing is wrong with this option, sometimes playing it safe may be the best option. Furthermore, you may have a nice place, being paid just enough to afford rent/ mortgage, a few cars, and a few property upgrades. Life is good! It's safe, scripted, and comfortable. You don’t need to take a risk, everything just works, living out the same routine. You have hobbies but no purpose. Your goals are forgotten, your dreams are slipping by. And every day you become older with your life revolving around your job. However, my approach is one of leveraging my remaining earned income. Method 1 When doing this it's important to outline your expenses perfectly. We need to understand where the money goes perfectly. For instance, let's say we take in $3,000 monthly after taxes. You have rent or mortgage do which is $1,050. That leads us to $1,950, if you have a car payment then let's subtract maybe $300 monthly. We have $1,650 maybe another $500 in bills, $1,150 is what we're left with. Let’s take out another $150 for food leaving $1,000. This will look different for everyone maybe you're left with more maybe less. Nonetheless, let’s figure out what to do with the remaining $1,000. Whether you have Fidelity, eTrade, Chase, etc. I choose to do my direct finances in investment accounts. Any money I choose not to move is left in to gain interest and used to be held in bonds and reliable blue-chip stocks like Tesla. Over a thousand will be split and sent to various accounts like TD Ameritrade Webull and eTrade for swing trading. This process will be detailed in another article. But I usually prefer to swing trade in accounts under $25,000 and I have two accounts over $30k I use for day trading.  Method 2 Extremely similar to method 1. The main difference is to have a base of at least $3,000 in your spending and bill account at all times. When trading makes sure to take profits from your trading accounts to refill your spending and bill account. So you’ll always have money for bills and expenses. The caveat to this is that your account needs to be large and stable to make enough profits to refill that account. Any leftover profits can be used at your discretion. For me. I use it for reinvesting and growing my trading accounts larger. The larger the accounts, theoretically more money can be made. More money means larger trades and higher yields. It takes practice to perfect trading. Take it slow research swing trading to grow your accounts large enough to day trade. When things are well you can average anywhere from an extra $100 to $5,000+ a month. Take it slow. Grow it little by little until you feel comfortable to withdraw from them. It’s easier for this to happen in larger accounts. In the beginning, continue to divide portions from the remaining expenses in your earned income. Grow these accounts large enough to make a decent profit after each trade. Reinvesting in your business  Since I’m able to live on my (leveraged) job income, every penny of business income gets to be reinvested. In the beginning, I used portions of the leveraged profits to start and fund my business after it stabilized. I live by keeping my business money and earned income separate. I’ve never used money made from businesses for myself. Not even living expenses. Thus I don’t have any immediate intentions of giving up my day job. While others are favoring their jobs, moving up the ladder. I use a job as a tool so that I may grow in business, and live worry-free. I’m at a job for a check, not make friends or fit in. I won’t go into much detail on the business, but I’ll briefly explain the process. There’s an online sales, reselling, and drop shipping bushiness existing with their domains including various consumer-to-consumer platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy… When the product is sold I can buy more products at larger bulks, larger crates, and more frequently. My goal is to match the demand with more surplus and offer more variety through the various stores. Revenue will rapidly increase at a multiplied rate since I can reinvest 100% of its income. I soon plan to buy a warehouse to house even larger quantities, and order by the truckloads. I’ll hire more help when rapidly expanding to help the demand, marketing and shipping speeds, etc. I'll still be at my day job long after so I may continue to follow my 100% reinvestment plan. I’ll quit my job at some point but it’s in no nearby plan at the moment. However, I will leave the more physically laboring job I care very little for. For a more related one such as all-in on YouTube, freelance, and even personal training. All of which will cover my living just as well. Conclusion Live your life however you see fit, where all different with varying goals in life. Some people choose to live safely in their view of the “American Dream”. Others choose to maximize the full benefits of capitalism, living life more as a producer rather than the consuming masses. Earned income is good when society is functioning properly ie pre “2008 crash” and post COVID-19. Being safe and dependent relying on your employer may not be for the smarter risk-taking man. Leverage your money, create a business or just have a little more set aside for however you see fit. Safe hasn't been safe since the 60’s wake up, learn to make your income.
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We’ve all been programmed to be poor by kodoninja 2 years ago | finance |  (#life #dreams #finance #job #work)
000 We’ve all been programmed to be poor
Have you ever had the feeling that everything may just be a simulation? Now hold on a sec! Hear me out. I’ll back my claims with proof and statistics, just bear with me. Think back to grade school, high school & college. Have you ever noticed the strong push for getting a good job or a high-salary-paying career? It was spoken gospel as if it was the only path for survival. Working 40+ years, retiring on a 401k, etc., possibly retire a “millionaire” in your 60’s. Then spend the rest of your life retired on an island... That is the message they drill in kids well into teen and adulthood. The education system was designed in elementary school to teach us all to be followers. Those who sit still, behave, do what is told, and be obedient workers at a job. Some of whom will take their education seriously. Aiming to become one of the top earners at a reputable career. Or perhaps starting their own business a dropout. Or graduate to become an outlier; To become overly obsessional at their craft, business, etc. Since the early 18th to 19th century during the industrial revolution; Capitalism and industry became the primary focus for education in countries such as England and America. Pushing the need for obedient (technical knowledgeable) workers to man the machines and manage the facilities. This meant throughout k-12, there has been a strong focus to prepare you for just the right amount of knowledge and education to survive the basics throughout life.  So why you may ask; What does this have to do with being programmed to be poor? Everything. There is no push for financial education. Ironically there are many books on how to grow your money. How to invest, trade. How to recondition what you were taught, and learn to think for growth and improvement. You name it there are books, blogs, research, etc. on the topics. There are so many ways to make money, however, none of them is taught to you. The information is there for those who actively and relentlessly seek it.  Conclusion Whether you are aware of it or not, your life and journey have essentially been determined for you. It’s up to you to choose who you want to be. There’s nothing wrong with being like everyone else if that's your desire. Being good at your job, doing what you told, moving up the ladder, and retiring at 59+ years old on your 401k.  Optimally it's not your fault if you have this mentality. This work till you retire, is the same old shit that’s been happening for decades. Almost anyone who’s been embedded into the work culture has the same conditioned dream. To fucking survive, not get fired and hope for the best. Oh! And floss on the other employees while you're at it. (Blue Pill Society) We’ve been all programmed to not go outside the box and to fear those who have. Or you can live an exciting life with winding roads. Putting it all on the line for your dreams for whatever that may be. Anything outside what you have been trained for. Become your own employee. TAKE RISK!!! Sign your own checks, take long breaks, go and work on vacation. Whatever. Starting a business, becoming a professional athlete, a freelancer, independent contractor... You are the boss of your own life you decide. Not some guy who’s your boss that also has a boss, that has a boss... Or become a hybrid work for someone and work for yourself, it’s your life.  Develop a solid game plan and escape the simulation. Sometimes working at a place you despise is necessary to put food on your table for you and your family. But it shouldn’t be the only thing going for you. If you lose your job you're more than likely to suffer. Take small steps to plant seeds and spread your eggs out in multiple baskets. This platform will get you well on your way to financial freedom if that’s what you choose to do.
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Learning to code 101 by kodoninja 2 years ago | code |  (#coding #career)
000 Learning to code 101
Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, your phone, your car, the sliding doors at work, and the traffic lights you see daily while driving, all have code. Everything you interact with on the daily basis has to be coded and programmed to operate. With that said there are languages designed for human understanding and computer understanding. For the types it can be put into two categories: High-Level Programming Languages – This is the more human-oriented language. These are much easier to understand learn and interpret. It’s much more efficient with pre-programmed commands that function with fewer lines of code written. Some are PHP, Python, Perl, NodeJs, Basic, Java, Javascript, Ruby, and so on Low-Level Programming Languages – This is an 01000101 01111000 01100001 01101101 01110000 01101100 01100101. These are languages that are much harder to understand and are closer to binary. This is a language that gives more control over computer software. These languages usually will not have any pre-programmed commands. These are Machine code, Assembly C, C++. Furthermore. In the beginning, we’ll be focusing on what you’ll need for web and mobile development for the remaining of the 101 guides. There are several growth opportunities for developers and engineers, ranging from $60,000 to over $120,000 yearly. Listed below are a few common fields: Computer Programmers Computer Engineer Software App Developers Web Developers Front-End Developers Back-End Developers Full-Stack Developers Computer systems engineer Computer systems analyst Detailed information on pay ranges and responsibilities, can be found in the links listed under references. I am a Computer programmer. I specialize in full-stack development for websites, apps, and software. Meaning I create everything from the initial idea, and concept designs to the creation and deployment of the project. This platform was created entirely by me “Emmanuel”. The app and full social network and affiliation extensions such as and so on are coming soon. Everything you see, the design, including how the content loads and connects to the database and server were all designed and created from scratch. I tried to keep this platform as simple and lightweight as possible while including a light social network, blog entry, forum creation, and much more. As a Full-Stack developer and engineer the main languages I used were PHP, and Vanilla JavaScript that’s it. The main differences between the three front-end, back-end, and full-stack are that: Front-End – This is what the user interacts with known as the interface. They make sure content works great across all mobile and web platforms, and browsers. These languages will almost always include JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Html: This is the backbone of any platform. Every site you’ve visited including your phone has it. This allows for everything to be sectioned, viewed, structured, and displayed. This language needs CSS to look exactly how you want it. CSS: This is the styling of your platform. This is linked to your HTML pages and tells everything how to look. Here is where you’ll decide on the color, size of buttons, where buttons, pictures, etc. are located. JavaScript: This is how it all operates with and without user interaction. It can also send feedback and data to the server-side language to update, add or change data. This is also one of the most powerful and versatile languages which can be used for anything. Back-End – This is what the user doesn't interact with directly but is seen with the front-end. It is responsible for the performance, server-side functionality to store, load, view, and process data entries and calls. The languages can be Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java, Rust, and so on. PHP: This is more of a scripting language primarily used for server-side communication. It’s one of the only languages that can be inserted directly into the HTML without any assistance, unlike Python. Information from the server-side can be called directly and inserted exactly where you need it to be. This language has been around a while influential in the creation of Facebook and millions of others so it has tons of information and resources to help you if you get stuck. Python: Has been growing in popularity being used in the biggest tech firms. It’s used in Nasa, SpaceX, Tesla, and many others. Its relatively powerful, lightweight, and easy to learn in the beginning stages of learning. Full-Stack – This one is the most complex of the 3. This is an engineer that works on both front and back-end development. In addition, they’ll be much more involved in web security. As you may have guessed from the above coding can be vast in its applications. There are many types of coding languages available. So it can get confusing narrowing them all down to the ones needed for the application your building. Learning to Code 102 will be walking you through a theoretical creation of a project. There we’ll look a little closer at the languages we’ll be using and how they’ll interact with one another. Conclusion Learning to code can be intimidating at first, however can become easier as you become more comfortable. As I’ll try my best to walk you through step by step in the coming additions. I’ll also have courses available on and when it's complete. In addition, there are tons of information available in books and online. Although I went to college to learn a lot of this, I’m mostly self-taught through many many books, online forums, and YouTube. Speaking of college don’t think you need to be at an Ivy league or even go to college to get a coding job. They’re other methods such as certifications and courses you can try. These are this one is my favorite and dozens of others can be found here For more free methods here is a good place to find some HackerRank. freeCodeCamp. GeeksforGeeks. Codecademy. Codementor. HackerEarth. W3Schools. Learn as much information as you can. I own hundreds and have read dozens of physical books on languages. I have read and worked with several books on the same language to further ensure I know the language. I also have received every free certification I could find regarding the languages I wanted and needed to learn. This Is another good platform to learn as well as Google and Microsoft’s coding certifications. CSU offers a great intro program as well as Mit   This list goes on and on stay tuned for Learning to code 102.
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Investing in NFT’s 101 by kodoninja 2 years ago | nft |  (#nft)
000 Investing in NFT’s 101
You may have heard of them, but you may not be exactly sure what they are. And if you have heard of them, you may have also heard of NFT’s like the 1 of 11 piece collection from Beeple which sold for exactly  $69,346,250 on Christie’s. Yep! That’s $69.4 million in total. So IDK about you but I was able to bring up the artwork on Christies, inspect the element, grab the image URL and download the entire collection for free. But Ironically enough that’s not the point. The buyer has the real deal and what I have is worth absolutely nothing. So why you may ask? Why can the original digital art like this one, or any other artwork be sold for tens of thousands or millions? Especially when they can be so easily replicated or taken. Doesn’t make any sense or does it. These are the questions that we’ll explore as we dive into the rabbit hole of blockchain cryptocurrencies and NFT’s. But first. What is NFT’s? These are Non-fungible tokens, cryptographic assets existing mainly on the Ethereum blockchain. Each work of art has a unique identification code and metadata. So Non-fungible means Non-replaceable it cannot be replaced or replicated. The token is the currency exchanged through the blockchain. Every transaction and exchange is seen publicly across the world. Everything can be seen traced and validated. In essence, this is no different than a collector owing an original pair of Micheal Jordan’s game shoes. Or a collector owning an original painting from Jean-Michel Basquiat. We know the work of art is the real deal 1 of 1 and the artist or creator still maintains all the intellectual and creative rights to the creation. So like owning the pair of shoes or that Basquiat, the buyer is purchasing to own an original work of that particular artist or individual. The cool thing is the artist will always get a cut of the sales as the NFT are sold and resold over time. This directly supports the creator that you admire. With that said this is a fairly new form of investing and is seen as speculative since it may or may not be sold at a profit or break even later on. Recovering your cost, making a profit completely depends on the buyer and the selling factor of the NFT. Another benefit to the artist is that the artist retains ownership of reproductive rights. So even if you right-click the owner has rights to this as well. Why would I buy NFT’s? Outside of the bragging rights and social status that owning the real deal carries. These can be collected, adhering to a following to demand a price increase. But we’ll be focusing on buying and flipping for higher prices and holding to gain. So… flipping NFT’s. I again will say this is a very risky investment. If you are one of the special ones who purchased Logan Paul’s NFT cards worth tens of thousands to millions this can be a bit tough to recuperate your cost for reselling, or not. It all depends on the buyer and the socially constructed demand that gives it value. my first NFT goes live in 1 hour, 3000 available, buyers entered to win one of three 1st Edition Pokémon Packs (~$40k) AND be flown out to LA for my box break on February 27th... let’s fkn go ?— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) February 19, 2021 On the other hand individuals like Logan Paul who invest millions in NFT’s have been able to profit quite a bit making over $535k in profit over a single NFT.  speechless againwoke up this morning to see my @worldofwomennft sold for 200 Eth ($765k) to @thesandboxgame$535k profit. normally id say probably nothing but this is probably something ?— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) January 5, 2022 If you like me and don’t have a spare $10,000 to buy an NFT you are in luck. My approach on the OpenSea is to buy NFT’s that are only worth a few dollars to thousands to make a decent profit. Thanks to the growing popularity many artists from around the world can sell their work as NFT’s to gain money over its life. That means not all NFT’s are going to carry a hefty price tag they’ll be much more in the realm of purchase due to its demand. Maybe Fractional NFT’s? Like buying fractional shares of a single high-priced stock or crypto. The same can be accomplished with these. Fractional Nft’s have been broken down to be sold into individual pieces. So when you purchase a portion of the NFT, you only buy a portion of its overall value. Just like buying a fractional share of Bitcoin. So imagine if you were a part buyer in a NFT that sold for over USD 3.2 million. That’s a big payout, right? More information on the Zombie CryptoPunk that had over 480 buyers when it was sold can be found in that link. If you do take part in something like this, you’ll receive tokens representing your share in the artwork. Sell that share for higher when the time arises. Check out these platforms that allow you to do so. 1. 2. Conclusion Nft’s are fairly new and ever-growing in popularity. Creators and artists are making quite a living making a few hundred to millions for their single-piece artwork and collections. You can find almost an endless stream of success stories regarding the creation and sale of NFT’s just by googling NFT. More importantly, NFT’s aren’t just artwork. It can be just about anything (I mean anything!). They can be a tweet, post on any social platform, animated gif, video, image, website, app. If it can be created digitally and can exist on the blockchain it can become an NFT, including the very platform that you're reading this on.  This topic is so vast and complex I don’t want to cram it all into this single article. The advancement and evolution of digital ownership are ever-growing. The Metaverse, web 3.0, and yes the kodoverse is where it will have the greatest impact on creators in virtual sellers and buyers.  This is all new and it's only going to get crazier and better for everyone. But because it is new it inherits a wider variety of risks. And with that risk, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t join in on the craze and cash out on all the hype. With crypto, there is a risk, with stocks, bonds, futures, or even investing into a rental property. It all has risks. The fictionalization of NFT’s or so new I bet most reading this didn’t know you can even invest in fractional shares in these.  Create a crypto wallet if you haven’t done so already. Link your wallet to OpenSea & and get started. Do a bit of research before you enter, but don’t overanalyze. Just do it. If you haven’t even started and crypto itself well then CoinBase & BlockFi will be a good place to get started. 
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Own nothing / limitless living pt.1 by kodoninja 1 year ago | minimalism |  (#minimalism #nostrings #freedom)
000 Own nothing / limitless living pt.1
My ultimate goal in life is to own nothing. Yep! You heard that right, And I bet you don’t hear that every day. If you’ve heard similar to this phrase before, you’ve probably heard of Robert Kiyosaki and the famous quote from John D. Rockefeller “Own nothing, but control everything.”. I won't dive too deeply into this in this article but I leave links below so you can further understand for now.  This will be my reasoning for owning nothing and why it aligns with limitless living. I’ll start with Minimalism. I’m a minimalist, and I don’t like owning anything. I want to be free and border-less as humanly possible while not being on the level of an actual hobo, extreme minimalist, or monk. More information can be found in the link I’ll say 90% of the things I have in my possession, are owned by my s-corp. The only things that are attached to me are my clothes, books, food & cooking utensils, MMA, fitness, hygiene items, and more stated in the article link above. "I had strings but now I'm free, there are no strings on me." - Ultron As for housing & living, I don’t like being confined to one place or area. Some individuals may label this style of living as homeless, but this is completely fine with me as Elon Musk, and countless wealthy individuals indulge in similar behavior. If you know me I move around a lot. Thus you’ll learn how to use craigslist, Airbnb, libraries, gyms, and friends accordingly. It's almost impossible to keep track of me. Typically the foolish will confuse this lifestyle with something else... Unkowingly the individual is quite finically stable motivated, has a business, invest/ trades daily and typically has a plan. Anywhere from a few months to a year, I’ll be well on my way to a different city and state. This is made possible through the month-to-month leases, friends in certain areas, hotels, craigslist ads, room shares, and Airbnb. Although I prefer to live by myself I’ll occasionally use friends, and temporary room shares for a few days or weeks until I find myself an apartment or condo. My favorites or high-rise apartments ranging from $1,600 - to $3,500. I love the floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete walls, stainless steel appliances, and wood flooring. I don’t like houses. Maintenance fees, taxes, land cost, HOA fees, appliances, DIY, appearance cost, lawn maintenance, mortgage the list goes on and on. It ties me down. Most love them I prefer to not have them. Being a minimalist I can’t justify owning and having so much space. The things I have in my immediate possession, confines perfectly to apartment-style living, or perhaps one day a penthouse. And yes I will own multiple condos, high rises, and penthouses under my company’s name. When I’m not using them I’ll rent them out for lease or loan them to employees. I’ll even rent out rooms to save cost. That’s the goal at least. As of now. I don’t plan on settling down anytime soon; Thus I plan to continue traveling from place to place, as a digital nomad. Trading, investing, coding, MMA training, working out and meeting like minded individuals (traders, developers, etc.) wherever I go. I can bring and send my studio anywhere so recording videos for YouTube for the platforms shouldn’t ever be an issue. For when I ever have kids, I’ll stay in one area sort as the main hub and occasionally travel around much less frequently. Conclusion It’s your life you live It however you please. If you like houses get a fucking house. If you like your town stay there get married, etc. For me, this is my life and how I tend to use it as of now. I prefer to not be constrained to one location as stated above. I like to meet new people from all over. Running my business remotely with contract employees, coding, trading, etc. Eventually, I’ll travel the world when I start using my passport. But for now, I plan to keep doing what I’m doing. However… There’s much on the goal (to-do-list) list So I plan to be in my current area for a few months until the work is completed. I.E. YouTube, kodoninja, kodospace, kodohealth, kodotrading, kodoacademy...
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Frugality: Do I take it too far? by kodoninja 1 year ago | frugal |  (#frugality #hobo #life #invest #relocating)
000 Frugality: Do I take it too far?
I’ll start off by saying, yes! Hell yeah, I do, and guess what. A hell of a lot more people in far better positions goes far beyond this. They make me look sane as if what I’m doing is normal. After reading this it’ll be up to you to label me crazy, sane, homeless, or just plain stupid. Ok, ok ok… So let’s take a look at what frugality is and why I may take it too far for the majority of the population. Frugality: “the quality or state of being frugal: careful management of material resources and especially money” – Webster. Depending on who you are some will have different definitions of this way of living. To me, it’s spending as little as humanly possible no matter the circumstances. Some will argue if you have so much put away (invested/diversified), you trade, invest, resell, have your own business, and have a coding talent that could net you upwards of $100k a year. Why am I living the way I do? It’s simple. I love living like I’m poor, and looking average. It’s become who I am since my sophomore year of college. Keeping my head down, saying as little as possible, blending in like a chameleon. I’m not a fan of drawing attention to myself, and if you know me. If attention is drawn toward me I leave and relocate. Problem solved... My clothes are simple, cheap, and easy to replace. Zero branding, plain-looking natural earth tones, finding deals whenever I can. I shop at Ross and Amazon mostly. My shirts are average $5 - $15, my pants are never over $40, and cheap underwear, & socks are roughly $3 a piece or pair. My shoes are always Adidas and Timberland ranging from $70 - $200. I don’t wear jewelry or anything flashy. I have 3 used watches 2 Garmins and 1 apple watch ranging from $100 - $300... I own 1 used car an Audi A4 it's been through some trauma 2 accidents, but will be fixed, and sold at some point to lease a USED Tesla or Prius. Then that car will be transferred to my S-Corp. If you follow me you know I don’t like to own anything. You know from my last blog post I move around often, usually without having a place lined up ahead of time. So to save money I’ll crash at a friend's place, motels, hotels, craigslist rooms, Airbnb, and MY CAR. Although it's rare, I’ll only do this if im unable to find a cheap place quickly, or an available friend right away. Usually, it's never more than 3 – 5 days of arriving at the new location. To my logic FREE is a much better price than those of hotels etc. This isn't safe even for me, so I prefer to utilize friends and methods previously posted in the last post. To your belief, I’ve gotten this idea from a college friend and millionaire YouTubers worth over $2-$20M Hobo Ahle, BeatTheBush, TechLead... links below. BeatTheBush (3685) Stealth Car Camping in a BMW - YouTube  (3682) Looking Poor is More Important Than Ever - YouTube  (3682) How I Shop as a Multi-Millionaire - YouTube  (3685) I Got Caught Working at Amazon Fresh - YouTube  DataGold (3682) How to live in your car and become a millionaire - YouTube  As of right now I’m currently in Nevada and have a Month to Month 1 Bedroom studio available by the end of this month. As for my personal belongings and tens of thousands worth of custom build equipment. Will all be retrieved myself via U-Haul as soon as the place is available? Crazy as it may sound I’ll hop from several locations to find a decent one I like, so it may get costly sending or retrieving my equipment. I'll be in Nevada at least until Kodoninja and the kodoverse 3+ platforms are stable and promoted. So I’ll be here for a while, soon doing YouTube again. Nevada is a tax safe haven for frugal business owners and persons like myself. So I’ll be restructuring and finding an office here soon for Aviyon. Now If you're wondering why I left California while still paying for rent. To motel and hobo it out in my car... This may not make sense to most. But it’s to find a simple mundane job anyone can do, and high-level freelance gigs via UpWork. This way I can Interview for the job, secure the job, and look for places here. This process often takes some time, so I end up moving before a place is secured. Which can label me homeless, as it happens every time lol. Mundane jobs are designed to save me from spending my own money (at least I thought). So that money can be reinvested and further diversified to make more money. Soon my portfolios will be public and LIVE on this platform to give transparency (and kodotrading). And yes I don’t spend my money. Even if things get crazy I’ll do everything possible to avoid liquidating my invested funds. I’ll get into the philosophy of this strategy in detail in another article. Why I don’t get a high-level code job now is mainly due to my current skill set and the amount of time it takes away from getting my own work completed. Often jobs find issues working on your own projects while writing code for them. This is a legal nightmare!!! Thus I’ve been trying to wait until it's stable enough and sensible enough for other coders to help elevate my stress and time needed to build the various platforms. Conclusion And yes I’m still an active trader/investor. Still a Chase Private Client. I’m still a part of the Fidelity Private client group,.. e-trade, e-toro, and so on. Again my whole point is to never have to touch money from the investment accounts by all means. Spend from earned and freelance money made from work. It’s getting harder to do this from an average of 9 to 5 so I’ll be finally getting a job in software development again. There are pros and cons to this which we discussed in another post. Like always If you're having doubts about the well-being of my company. You can search that shit online. It’s a private company, but much information is made public, including an estimate of its worth value and quarterly income. I still own 100%, full equity w/ 10M shares. And… Haha ask me after a year or so how much the shares are worth when all the platforms and adjacent software are stable live and promoted with active users hahaha! Don’t ask now lol...
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Cash vs equity returns 101 by kodoninja 1 year ago | money |  (#money #cash #equity)
000 Cash vs equity returns 101
Heard the song Apeshit by The Carters? Well, there’s a  lyric that sticks out to me. It goes "Gimme my check, put some respek on my check Or pay me in equity (Pay me in equity) Watch me reverse out of debt (Skrrt)". A simple 3 part lyric that packs a punch. Ok. So, let us unpack this a bit. Pay me in cash with the amount I’m worth, or pay me in equity that’ll solve every finical implication I’ll ever have. The Equity is having shares in businesses with which she partly or fully owns, sponsors, ordeals. Similar to Sean Parker with Facebook, Curtis Jackson with Vitamin Water, or Jay-Z with Tidal. The list is endless. Nonetheless as opposed to being paid in cash Equity in the right deals can catapult you into ultra-rich status. Let us look at Two forms of payment in the eyes of an engineer and developer. Cash Equity Cash Cash is cool it’s fun, and it is reliable and exact. This can be the result of payments made through royalties and can be exchanged for equity in various investments. However, there are so many drawbacks to cash ranging from inflation to taxes. Cash in my understanding is best suited to be working for you. I do not carry literal cash on hand and honestly, I haven't seen it in quite some time. Cash is held in mostly bonds, stock, c-corps, and a few tangible possessions. So when deals are made I try to get equity, even if the business doesn’t have a good track record.  Cash in deals can be used to fund (flaunt) your lifestyle or be used for reinvestment into other streams of investment income. This form of payment may be more beneficial to you depending on your situation throughout life. If you are unsure of the business prospects you can liquidate your shares into much-needed cash. However, there are many horror stories of people like Ronald Wayne who co-founded Apple With Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He later sold his 10% stake in Apple back to them for $800. Today those shares would be worth over $200 billion.  This logic can apply to almost everything. Would you rather go on a fancy overseas trip now or invest that money today. Would you rather liquidate your Tesla shares to buy a Tesla or ride the wave a bit longer? Or perhaps liquidate to reinvest in other companies. Persons have kicked themselves over and over again after realizing they missed out on so much money to indulge in materialism, impressing people who are here today and gone when the money goes. Equity Equtiy is getting paid in future earnings that your share holds over time. This is the ownership of a company that you the shareholder owns. Now, this can be Common stock, retained earnings, share premium, and the preferred stock. So you’ll be either getting dividends or capital gains in return When things I create are sold it's done so under an LLC or c-corp name. Typically it's a set number in cash, an exchange in common stock. Or equity in shares of their business, with royalties collected over time. Occasionally a written agreement to get shares (common stock) when made available. These types of deals aren't that rare. Depending on who you are doing business with, this can be seen as a risk for both sides. Especially as a licensor obtaining shares in a company for your work or product. You need to make sure the shares you get will be worth the work you put in and will be worth anything over time. If you are anything like me you are not into materialism. You're getting equity to build your portfolio and legacy exponentially over time. Those shares are a representation of your net worth and valuable cash-producing assets. For instance, doing business with a startup may pose a risk to you and your business because their valuation may not be established. Meaning a single share could be worth $1.00 or $100.00 over the next years and so on. It could be a crazy payout netting you thousands to millions in your portfolio or netting you nothing if their shares or worth nothing. On the Investee side, that product they exchanged $500k and 200k shares for may not be worth anything to the business like Myspace, Theranos, Friendster, Blogger, etc. turned out to be.  Remember when George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company for 4 BILLION back on 10/30/2012? Right, We all do. I believe this is one of the greatest business deals of all time., I’ll explain. When George Lucas and Disney made the deal it was settled for what we believe to have been a 55/45 percent split of cash and equity.  Which is approximately $2.21 billion in cash and 37,076,679 shares of the Walt Disney Company. On 10/29/2012 (DIS) was trading at $51.24 a share. So his shares were worth 1,899,809,031.96. Now here is why I love split sales whenever I sell my work. What makes that acquisition so genius for Mr. Lucas is that today (DIS) is worth $130.47 a share. Making that 45% stock acquisition worth 4,837,394,309.13. Insane. Disney only seems to be getting better and bigger so assuming he hasn’t touched his shares money from that single date on 10/30/2012 is steadily ballooning his portfolio. Additionally (DIS) pays dividends. And if you are a holder of 37Million shares you can expect to make 64 million a year. Nearly 450 million to date in dividends. Which all can be reinvested to buy even more (DIS) or any other stock he chooses. Again, Inane.   Conclusion  Collecting royalty paychecks for “life” every month, or quarter, for no additional work, may sound appealing However it may only be accessible to those who’ll put in the work to do so. For instance, if you are a musician, making music that’s enjoyed. You’ll most likely get the option to negotiate payment options. On the topic of music and royalties, this gets a bit complex for (artist) performers, songwriters, masters, producers, and so on. Thus I've linked a few good articles that’ll help you further understand. However from the eyes of a developer if you are good at creating platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, or this very platform If sold you can negotiate royalties for its acquisition, or one flat crazy buyout in the tens of millions, or possibly Billions. Under my company Aviyon I am to create several platforms to be rented, sold, and acquired. You can solve problems for many people gaining popularity then eventually selling segments, promotion deals, etc while retaining 100% equity. Just like Ye (Kanye West) was able to do with YEEZY. Or perhaps sell your entire company, apps, websites, etc that you create. Or more significantly make split deals like George Lucas to be paid in equity as well. The topic of equity and cash can be so vast but will never appeal to everyone, thus I’ve linked many articles that may help you make money from your talents. Whether it may be music or running YouTube channels.
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Minimalism, Materialism and the pursuit of happiness vol.1 by kodoninja 1 year ago | Minimalism |  (#minimalism)
000 Minimalism, Materialism and the pursuit of happiness vol.1
What to you makes you happy? Or if you aren’t happy what changes, needs, or wants in your life would make you happy? It seems like every day for the past few years I’ve been asking myself that question. Days go by and I still feel a void in my soul that I’m lacking something. As I look around me I’m surrounded by stuff, things upon things that I once believed made me happy. In fact the more and more I acquired the more distant I felt. Minimalism - “a preoccupation with or stress upon material rather than intellectual or spiritual things “ - Merriam-Webster The Minimalist As I revisit my love of minimalism, I began throwing most of my shit away. I start with things I rarely use or at all. Then I move on to things I used on occasion like clothes and tech, laptops, and other things that were once extremely vital to who I was. I first reduced what I owned by 20% and noticed how good it felt and just how much my life became more fruitful. Then I got rid of more and more while doing so it felt as if I’m relieving a huge boulder on my shoulder. It felt so good. I'm almost to a point where I can name everything I have. I believe I'm down to owning less than 700 things now. A far cry from the thousands I did own. I’ll do so below by separating personal items and ones owned by the business. And notice just how little furniture I have. There’s a lot on the list by my place looks fairly empty Personal 2 suitcases of clothes 2 duffle bags of clothes About 60 pieces of clothes including undergarments 4 storage bins of books 2 Bikes 1 Garmin GPS locator 1 bin of wants (Rubix cubes, games, PSP, etc.) (30 items) Futon sofa with frame Bed with frame 1 65” 4k Oled TV 2 Lamps 2 Cell phones (iPhone 11 pro max/Samsung S22 Ultra) 2 Garmin watches Toiletries/ hygiene blender rice cooker two pots cooking utensils (4) Water/ blender bottles (4) Passport/license/2 wallets (20 items) Tech/ laptop bag Everyday bag Yoga mat fitness bag (20 items) MMA bag (20 items) Google speakers (3) Bluetooth speakers set (1) Google home Business 1 surface pro tablet 1 surface book laptop Alienware m17 w/ bag Alarm systems security cameras 1 Bin of binders, paper, folders, receipts, tax documents, etc 1 custom build water-cooled pc Custom 1 monitor laptop desk setup 1 Custom 3 monitor multi desk setup 2 Printer Server rack... I’m sure there are a few nuances I’ve missed but this list currently represents everything I own. At least everything I have in my apartment that I can see and recall. So don’t get any ideas, everything is insured, heavily surveillance, and monitored. As for my business, It owns a hell of lot more assets, stocks, Crypto, bonds and casual offices (reselling) items like packing tape, tape guns, packing paper, scissors, pens, pencils, cables, wires, laptops, desk setups, and the list goes on. Even though I own the business* These things aren't personally owned by me. The Materialist And then there's the side that makes you believe more is better. In all honestly having more has made life a little more enjoyable for me. I understand some people prefer to have little few possessions as possible owning less than 100 things, exactly what they need. However, I find myself running back to a few indulgences. For instance, even though I don’t need or use TVs, I do have a 65” 4k OLED TV mounted to the wall. I justified this purchase for the rare occasions I game, invite “friends” over, or watch occasional movies. I have two desk setups and again justified for business purposes. A Mac-oriented setup and a Windows for software development and testing. From time to time I think about having multiple cars, though it’s unnecessary. In fact, at this point in my life, I don’t want to own anything directly. Cars will get old, and outdated, racking up repair costs and millage. It’ll be an endless purist to sanity making myself happy chasing the approval of those who’ll never matter. So Leasing seems to be the better option for me. My apartment, and future high rises or condos, It’ll be rented or owned under my business name. A car I’d like to lease is anything Tesla. From the Cybertruck to the Tesla Roadster 2. There simple electric, autonomous, and powerful. They’ll do more than enough of what I need them to do. When I get tired of the model I can return it and lease another one avoiding the issues of owning one long term. Even though I consider myself a minimalist owning less than 700 things. These things that I do own have been justified and hold a purpose for either my personal or business life. What are some of the things you own? And have you reached a point of Nirvana as I have? Regardless for me, I believe I’m happy, with the list listed above. I have everything I need to be happy but a bit more than I need. And I’ve made it a rule to never own more than 50 garments of clothes, and 500 personal things total not including business items. So I’ll be getting rid of a few more things and will revisit this list later.
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Building a 6 figure blog in 12 months vol. 1 by kodoninja 1 year ago | money |  (#blog #6figure #money)
000 Building a 6 figure blog in 12 months vol. 1
Let’s start off by saying: that this is not a 6 figure blog. I’ll follow up that response by saying: The kodoninja platform WILL become a 6 figure blog soon enough. I won't tell you how much this blog makes as of yet. However, I will tell you that this platform generates hundreds of reads and thousands of weekly page views. This is astonishing considering is still technically unreleased, unknown, and unfinished. We’ll circle back to this later on...  If you reading this, I'll assume you want to grow your blog to the $100,000+ earnings league. This could be 6 figures yearly or monthly. Considering this is not a 6 figure a month blog as of yet. Consider this as a blueprint that you and I will be taking to reach this goal. So let's set a few parameters and steps to reach our goal. Duration: 1-3 years Money: $0 to $1,000+ If you're asking yourself why is the duration set so long? It’s simple. $100k a month is quite the goal and realistically, this will take some time. So let’s start by first getting to 1k a month, next 5k a month, 10k a month, and so on. So let’s give it a month until we reach our first 1k a month. It takes patience, tenacity, perseverance, and a relentless approach to accomplish this. Step 1: Figure out what your blog will be about. Ask yourself what will your blog be about? Please choose a topic that closely relates to your field of expertise. Kodoninja means Coding Ninja, & The Coding Ninja platform (is a bit confusing). The first part is Deciphering Emmanuel breaking apart aspects of myself. The coder, investor, trader, developer, engineer, designer, fighter, gym-nut, techy, minimalist, cheap, frugal & humble entrepreneur, dreamer, visionary, creator… The second part is creating those unlike myself. Helping people who are similar to supplement and better their livelihood. In addition to creating a community of like-minded individuals who share the same love as I do. If that seems a bit much that’s a good thing. I thought it through. It took some time to develop the madness of this platform. However, if you just want your blog to be about dogs, cats, food, ponies, and butterflies that’s OK as well. For mine, I just have a bigger picture in mind. This all brings us to our next step. Step 2: Find a niche for your targeted audience. In most cases, a niche is the best option. If you are profound at bird watching or sex, stick to those topics and try not to steer away from that particular focus. For instance sex. I can’t name too many people who don’t enjoy it. It gains attention, it's taboo, it feels good, and always gets traffic. Sex in itself has smaller sub-topics. Pick one or keep it broad under the main topic and dedicate your craft to that topic. Audience and readers like to connect with their authors so keep it on topic and relatable. Keep them engaged and in mind while relating to yourself in regards to what you're talking about. In addition, make sure the topic can be expansive enough to gain a large enough following to reach that 6k a month goal. Step 3: Build and create the blog So I get it not everyone is a developer. Most won’t take the time to design and build their blog platform from scratch. And that’s okay for there are plenty of options available to get your blog live. Before I tell you those let me tell you the benefits of creating something purely from scratch. You can design exactly how it looks, and how it functions. Whether it's just a website with a mobile view or a web app, with an ios and android app. If sold obviously it’ll be worth quite a bit more if created by Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, or a blogger-type platform. Nothing is wrong with going with a website builder, in fact, many pre-built websites generate that highly wanted 6-figure income as well. So you can either build it yourself or have someone design your website for you. Many prebuilds make it really easy offering many plugins to make your site as simple or complex as you want. Step 4: Create content for the blog Write, write, write… Post your work. If you aren’t a good writer it’s ok. I don’t believe I’m a good writer, however, I post anyway by design. I want to show over time how my writing has progressed. By writing through a word processor you can help eliminate most spelling and grammar errors. Some examples are Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and my personal favorite LibreOffice Writer. After the post is written pass it through a grammar program such as Grammarly to help iron out any further errors. This process can be further screened by hiring a writer or proofreader to look over your work. However, writing it yourself gives it more of a personal touch. Time can play a big factor in this if you have a day job, kids, and family in such. So try to batch your articles as much as you can. Writing multiple posts at once and posting over a period of time is a game-changer. I myself come up with titles write them down and work on 3 at a time, when I get a chance. Step 5: Promote the blog and content Blogs can be promoted through social media, word of mouth, rumors, and such. A popular and easy method is social media. Accounts are free and if you decide to promote further it can be done at a fee through your social media platform. I myself just post on Facebook un-promoted. But I'll expand to Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram shortly. Step 6: SEO Optimization This is key users need to be able to find you in search engines. Having keywords in your <meta></meta> tags will help for instance mine looks a little like this: <meta name=" keywords" content=" blog, Personal Development, software development, financial freedom, Success, money management, self-love, couching, courses, social media class, create full-stack, full-stack, software development, fitness, dieting, app building, social, connect, friends, anonymous, comment, share, self-love, Emmanuel Moore"/> <meta name="description" content="The coding ninja platform is the ultimate Guide to Personal Development and financial freedom. Our growing community will help you learn and create new income streams through software development, Investing, day-trading, money management, etc. Our aim is to also get you physically fit, healthy, motivated, and confident to accomplish your daily life. So sit back learn, absorb, and put into practice everything you learning from our platform." /> What’s bolded is what the robots see to list you on their search engines. Also site structure proper <main></main>, <h2></h2> tags and so on, help google determine what your site is about. If it’s safe and if people are actually visiting them. Currently, this platform is spiking like no one else s business so I’m currently on the first page of search results. SEO can get complex so feel free to research this further. Step 7: Develop revenue streams Revenue streams can almost be endless if you're creative. A few popular options are donations, pdf downloads, ebooks, page hits, ads, and so on. Having ads from Amazon and Google is a good sign and means your site may be raking in some serious cash. Advertisers want to see that people visit your platform and are very active in moving throughout your platform. A popular option is to have a paid subscription something not too expensive but in the realm of affordability. Like $5 to $14 a month. I plan to offer a subscription on my platforms for $7.99 a month. This will give you exclusive access to all content across the kodoverse platforms. Including discounts at the merch store, book store, courses, and so on. As your know, the kodoverse is still in active development but essentially, it's several connected platforms. It includes a social network, this platform, a trading platform, a fitness platform, and an online academy riddled with tutorials and courses. It’ll be ever-expanding with various apps and such. So again don’t worry. You don’t have to take it this far. But it helps the value of the platforms if I ever did decide to sell. Not only that it does give the readers and content creators options across the platforms. And justifies having a premium but not too expensive fee. Additionally, there will be a free option riddled with ads and overpriced content and material to get the user to subscribe. Both options will be a steal and it's a crazy payday no matter if the individual wants to go with a free or paid subscription. For instance, if you too decide to offer this. Even if you just had 5,000 active paying users that are: 5,000 x $7.99 = $39,950 That’s $40k in monthly revenue. You are already 4/10 of your way to $100,000 a month. Just by offering a subscription alone. This doesn’t include the sales from your merch, courses, and so on. Imagine 12.52k users paying you $7.99 monthly: 12,520 x $7.99 = $100,034.8 Now you making 6 figures a month. When the kodoverse is halfway complete I plan to promote this with popular influencers paying them a set amount to promote this a few times a month on their Instagram, YouTube, and so on. If they have 1 million followers or subscribers. 1.252% of that is all I need to reach my goal. Crazy right  1.252% * 1 million = 12,520 Feel free to steal my strategy I want copies of the kodoverse, I want us all to succeed. Step 8: Minimize workloads I touched a little on this in step 4. Batching is a great way to save time, even if your schedule is mostly free. An example of this is; on any given day write out 3-4 blog posts at a time in your preferred word editor. (I’m basing this on 1 post per week) Once written. Post on your given day for instance every Monday. By doing this you have freed up time that can be applied elsewhere like writing and creating paid downloadable content. Hiring a part-time writer and proofreader may be beneficial to help you stay consistent. Your readers would like to see that this is an active site with fresh content and ideas posted constantly. A loyal fanbase is key. And there repeat viewership and active involvement will keep your website close to the top of search engine results. Step 9: Platform automation My trick to this is offering a signup portion to my page. It allows anyone to add to the platform which then creates automation. Now my readers don’t just have me to rely on for content, there will be a community of like-minded writers posting to this platform. Also, hire an assistant if you can.  Step 10: Prepare and plan for expansion Some writers stop just at being a blog and that’s OK. You can add a mailing list for your subscribers to keep them engaged. Additionally more people than ever are using their phones to view content as opposed to websites. So having a good mobile presence is beneficial. You can go one step further and have an app presence on both ios and android. This can get a bit costly if you aren't a developer. So saving up your earnings can help afford you in getting an app presence. The big thing now is YouTube. If you can, invest in a decent camera and a studio to help expand your presence. Start small if you have to, then reinvest in your equipment. My plan of action to this has been a bit slow as I’ll admit. However, this will happen in the coming month or so. I have a camera the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K pro, over 1k I rig equipment, a quality audio setup, and a few high-end water-cooled PC's for editing and such. The studio is being developed as we speak. Figure out if you’d like to add a YouTube presence, set a budget, and go for it. Be sure to post on various social media as well. Implementing a podcast would be pretty common as it helps readers who may not be up to reading for various reasons. One thing I plan to add is an audio recording of my blog post. They can either read along, just read or just listen. It’ll give my readers options and a chance to hear my voice to get more comfortable with me Conclusion Now that you’ve read what I have to say, take some time to research various other blog posts on your own. Try typing in “6 figure blogs” in your favorite search engine. There are thousands of people making a living with similar strategies as you are me. If you are a fellow kodoninja this is another great income stream to help boost your portfolio. This is somewhat a passive income stream, but depending on how you have it structured this can become completely passive. The more that is automated will help save time and energy. Offering you time and opportunity to create downloadable books at a cost. Exclusive content for paid subscribers. You may even decide to offer classes, quizzes, tutorials, and so on at a cost. The possibilities are limitless. Feel free to message me and let me know your plan of action or if you need help in getting started. Let’s all succeed. Now I've spoken so much already and there is so much I've yet to touch on so ill see you again in the coming values.
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5 best apps for beginner investing by kodoninja 1 year ago | investing |  (#finance #investing #trading)
000 5 best apps for beginner investing
If you're a long-term reader of kodoninja you know investing and trading is a big part of what we do here. So where do you start if you want to begin your investment journey? I have a few options for you. But first, lets address the elephant in the room. We all start the race in different places, some may have a few dollars, a few hundred, or thousands. Regardless of where you're starting the race, these apps will help you get started. Depending on how much money you're starting your accounts with; or where you are located this will limit what you can do, like day-trading or shorting stocks. We are focusing on investing, however, if you wanted to day trade, you’d need an account minimum of $25,000. That’s 25k minimum after each trade. No worries if you wanted to day-trade there is an overseas-based platform that goes around the Pattern Day Trader rule… However, if you like most who cannot get started with $25,000. We can easily grow your accounts with swing trading. Next to day trading, this is my second favorite form of trading. It doesn’t matter how much you start your account with, there aren’t any limitations regarding swing trading, as long as you exit the trade a day or two later. Alright, so you have your seed money now which apps are good for beginners? I’ve listed some of my favorite go-to apps that I use regularly. But before you even get started I hope you’ve at least watched a few YouTube videos, and maybe a book or two on investing and swing trading. The risk can be multiplied if you go in uneducated on investing. Beginner 1. Webull Webull is my favorite out of everything I’ve tried. This platform is loaded with all kinds of analytical charting and measurements to help you make the best trades possible. The stock screener, in my opinion, is one of the best and closely relates to StocksToTrade my go-to stock screener for years. 2. Moomoo Moomoo is new to me but so far this app seems to be amazing. Very similar to Webull this app comes loaded with all kinds of charting software to ensure you make the best trades possible. May I also mention like Webull, Moomoo also has an amazing desktop and app platform. 3. E-Trade E-Trade has been around for quite some time… It offers everything you’ll need in a trading platform. It’s even a bank I have a checking and debit card from e-trade, along with a Robo-advisory account, and a few more accounts I use for trading and investing. 4. M1 This one is a bit more unique out of the ones mentioned on the list. There is no desktop version but there is a powerful mobile app that allows you to see and manage your investments at a glance on a pie chart. The pie chart from M1 Finance makes it so much easier to manage just how many shares you have invested in any given stock. They offer fractional shares which allows you to stretch your money so much further. 5. Robinhood Despite the mainstream controversy with GameStop, this is a pretty amazing app. Like e-trade and M1 Finance. You have an option to have a debit card linked to a checking. This is such an amazing feature because If you like me and love to spend money made from your trades. You can sell full shares of your stocks or fractional shares. Then spend that money on your card. Conclusion Alright, so I gave you a few options you’ll want to choose to get started with your investment journey… I have everything mentioned in the list above. Of the accounts mentioned above, I only have thousands invested in these mainstream platforms. One thing I love to do is start new accounts within the same platform, no more than a few hundred, then grow them. All my accounts started from a few hundred and have grown to what they are now. If you follow me closely you know I don’t like to own anything and am working towards starting my own holding company to hold my assets beyond my monthly expenses. Since I started all my accounts under $25,000 I couldn’t do day-trading in the beginning so I relied on swing trading and lots of it. Once those accounts exceeded 25k then I could day-trade freely. Although many use these platforms for day-trading. I only use the mainstream apps for supplemental investing. The approach I took was different on each account. But I diversified in some shape or form. We’ll get more into trading methods in a guide. But for now, I recommend you research swing trading, & blue chips.
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8 Best ways to start investing with $1,000 by kodoninja 1 year ago | Investing |  (#investing #crypto #trading #freelancing #blogging #dropshipping)
000 8 Best ways to start investing with $1,000
Congratulations, you’ve successfully saved up to $1,000. So now that we have some money saved, let’s find out some ways we can grow our money. There are so many options that you can take. However, if you're here I bet you want to invest the money you’ve worked so hard to save. So how exactly do we get our 1k to bring in more friends just like it? I’ve compiled a list of 7 methods you should take to grow your money. 1. Swing-Trading This one may not be for everyone, but is my favorite out of the 7 listed. Swing-Trading is essentially going into a trade waiting a day or so then exiting that trade for hopefully a profit. I said hopefully because no trade is guaranteed. For this one, you’ll have to ask yourself how much risk you’d like to take. You can either go all in on one stock to hopefully double your return. You can take the smarter less risky approach and diversify that $1,000. $1,000 may be a lot but it isn’t that much. Try looking for stocks under $5 but no lower than $.1 these are considered penny stocks. If the low end isn’t your thing try looking for popular blue chip stocks like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and so on. Blue chips like Best Buy and Blackberry are also in a good price range. So there are reliable cheap options. For extremely expensive ones try going with a broker that allows for fractional purchasing of stocks. Here are a few popular ones I like... Webull Robinhood Fidelity 2. Investing I hope you are in no need of your money right away because this method WILL take a while. Investing is a good way to build your net worth over the years. For this option diversifying will be the best option to take look for. There are options you can take while keeping your money invested until it's the appropriate time & age to withdraw. But let’s focus on short-term methods. Below are 6 forms of investing I’d recommend investing your $1,000 in. Stocks – These are typically shares or equity in a publicly traded company. This is usually the simplest form of investing. Buying when the price is a low bear market and selling when the price goes up in the bull market. Since we're working with a low entry amount I recommend sticking with variations of this simple strategy. Shorting, and using margin will not be available and or not advised. The risk is higher of being margin called on smaller accounts. Especially when you're new and inexperienced. So id says to go with cash accounts at least in the beginning until you get the hang of It. Margin accounts are simply borrowing money from your broker for trades in the hopes that the trade will profit in your way. It multiplies the cash you put in depending on the amount. To fight the risk of being margin called just trade with cash trade with your own money. If you go into a trade that’s in a constant bear market I would just never sell, until I can come close to at least breaking even. There are dozens of strategies you can take with trading, I’ll be posting guides of trading strategies at some point but until then Id recommend researching greatly before you get started. ETFs - Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a collection of investments that track the market index. Instead of investing in one company, you’ll be investing in many at once. ETFs can be purchased just like any other stock in the stock market, and function just like stocks fluctuating throughout the day just like any other stock. Bonds – Buying a bond is lending money to a business or government entity. There are typically two types of bonds. Corporate bonds are issued by a business, and municipal bonds are issued by the government. Out of everything on the list, this is considered the most reliable for holding your money long-term. When bonds are held for a period of time you’ll get your principal back while gaining interest for lending you money ie. holding bonds. Options – This is the most complex, riskiest, and has the highest barrier to entry out of everything listed. Buying an option is buying the purchasing power to buy or sell an asset at a certain price at a certain time. Buying assets are referred to as calls, and selling options are called puts. This is not in my field of expertise so id recommend researching greatly on options if this is something you’d like to indulge in. Trading options is like is more closely related to gambling because of the risk. Crypto – This is a fairly new type of currency without the backing of a government. Examples are the infamous Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin & countless others. A slight plug here, I’ll be launching my own crypto “Kodocoin” by mid-next year of Ethereum blockchain. These can be quite expensive so I’d recommend buying fractional shares. If you really like crypto may I recommend a few platforms to try: Blockchain Crypto Coinbase FTX Commodities – Most commonly found in futures markets Metals, Energy, Agricultural, & livestock, can be purchased through stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and futures contracts. 3. Self-improvement/investing Alright so you have $1,000 and you believe investing in yourself will rake in a larger return than investing elsewhere. Now I’m not talking about getting a new wardrobe to make yourself more appealing, new shoes, hair, or makeup I’m referring to investment. For instance books on a particular skill or trait that will help you make more money by improving your skills. A few more options could be investing in a course or Bootcamp if you are a coder to help beef up your skills and add to your resume. These are a few options that I’d know will help me you may be very different. In fact, everyone is different you may want to play an instrument or become a YouTuber. Regardless of the case $1,000 could be just the amount you need for improving those skills you may want to use the other methods I mentioned to grow your money and then use the profits to fuel your personal dream. Regardless of who you are, there’s always something about everyone that can use improvement. I don’t have a method for everyone. But we all want to make more money. Improving your body may open the doors for promotion, relationships, more sales, and so on. If you are out of shape maybe get a gym membership to improve your physique. Later on, when the knowledge and results seep in you may want to peruse a personal training certification. Some certifications are under $1,000 and are even cheaper when deals are caught. ACE Fitness 4. Reselling/Dropshipping Platforms like eBay, Etsy, Mercari & Facebook marketplace will be some of the best options for getting started in your reselling journey. Reselling is simply a seller acquiring an asset mainly through purchasing and then reselling that asset at a higher or market price to a buyer. I have a whole guide coming that walks you through how to get started on reselling. It shows you how to buy items at wholesale list them, sell them, and everything in between. But that’s the jiff of it. $1,000 can buy you a few things. On wholesale websites, this can possibly get you household items, tools, a box, or Gaylord full of resealable products. You name it some sites will even let you bid on the product in the form of lots, usually under 1k. If whole selling isn’t your thing try strolling through your local store to find hot selling items on sale. Buy that item on sale then relist that item on eBay or so at market value. Try looking online as well and finding deals on reputable websites like I found a deal now that will net you a small profit possibly $30 or more give or take the cost for shipping and taxes. It’s small so sending this to the buyer would be cheap. More tips and tricks on this coming soon a guide Dropshipping – This method can be simpler or more complex, it all depends on you. I will tell you this method takes up less to no space considering you aren’t actually housing products. Just like it sounds, you are creating a listing of that product without having physical inventory on hand. When a buyer buys from you, you go to the actual product listing. Then you buy that product with the money the customer just gave you for that listed item. Assuming you're selling the product at a higher price than you purchased you would net the profit. I myself created the platform “Aminodeal” This has both physical inventories for reselling and non-housed inventory for dropshipping. You can find our store on various platforms listed under reselling however we are preparing to launch an app and the website in the coming months. You don’t have to go this route of creating a universal store platform. Creating stores on eBay in so on can be extremely easy, and done extremely well. 5. Blogging I won’t go into much detail on this method, for I already have an article that goes into much detail on how creating and regularly posting on your blog can be extremely beneficial for extreme passive income. The interesting thing about blogging is that it could cost $50.00 to get started. That cost is buying a domain. The name of your blog and the remaining is the cost for hosting and possibly a theme if you aren't adept in building from scratch. 6. Freelancing If you are good at a particular skill or trait offering your services on these platforms below can be quite rewarding. Fiverr Upwork Upstack 7. Flipping This one closely relates to reselling. We’ve all heard of the age-old examples of finding used, cheap, or even FREE items on Craigslist and other platforms. Fixing up that item and then reselling that item for profit. Depending on the cost of gas to pick up that item, shipping, and cost to repair. This is a very lucrative business venture because the profits are almost 100% of pure profit. Try searching Craigslist in your area for free items, you’d be surprised what you find. Take a look at what I found below Conclusion  Your money can go a long way. As you read above there are many options available to you that you could take to grow your money. Depending on which path you take growing that initial investment of $1,000 may take longer or shorter. You may pick from the 7 I’ve chosen, or choose something else. Regardless of whichever you choose please research each topic further. It may all seem straightforward at first but may end up more challenging. Each path has an array of information tips and tricks to help you succeed in that category. Good luck be sure to write me or comment on how everything is going.
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Leveraging Udemy for max potential by kodoninja 1 year ago | Education |  (#education #learning #courses #udemy #selfimprovement #career #elearning #code #success)
000 Leveraging Udemy for max potential
Udemy is one of the largest online learning and teaching platforms available today. With nearly 196,000 courses, 68,000 instructors, and 712 million course enrollments. This platform has made its dent in history helping millions become better at their skillset. So let’s dive deeper into why taking courses from Udemy will be one of the best supplemental options for you and your career path. Udemy shouldn’t be the only weapon in your utility belt. But it should be the one that’s heavily leaned on. Regardless of whatever you learning in your field of study. You can be guaranteed that Udemy has many course options to choose from. For instance, let’s say you want to learn Python. If you enter Python in the search bar, you will see thousands of courses on that 1 language, 10,000 to be exact. That’s insane. Many of these courses offer valid certificates you can show your interviewer displaying your knowledge and skill set. If you are a fellow coder like me. I recommend that you have many real-world projects and applications in your arsenal. I’ve been building and selling real-world projects since High School. Since then I’ve built many real-world applications that can be seen anywhere. This very platform is a testament to my current skills, dedication, and appreciation for complex coding. Taking courses has helped me learn new skills adding to the complexity of this platform and others. I have a large portfolio of projects and so should you. Developers! Please build a complex platform or 2. This will show that you really know what you're doing. Employers love to see that you are building these applications outside of schoolwork and course assignments. Not into coding Udemy has you covered search anything you are almost guaranteed to find courses with certifications. Regardless take your passion to the real world. Create work to show your willingness and dedication outside of what everyone else is doing, Trying to get a job as a producer? Create a portfolio of music produced and created by you. Singer. Create an EP. Designer? create some designs, get a few of them made, modeled, promoted, and see if it sells. You get the jiff. Whatever... Go out there and create a few pieces of work. In addition to all that add some variety. Below I've listed a few other options for certifications and skillset Coursera Edex Skillshare Khan Academy Check out this blog it has a few other phenomenal options I haven't listed Financials Let’s take a look at how this platform is doing as a company. To start Udemy has been a publicly traded company since October 29, 2021, raising 421 million in its initial IPO. The company brings in roughly 150 million annually. Its instructor's monthly earnings are anywhere from $200 - $20,000 monthly possibly more. Some have reported being making millions. Furthermore the current Stock price:UDMY(NASDAQ) $12.67 +0.64 (+5.32%) trading at $12.67 a share at this time of writing the post. Now that we know the company is profitable, how can this in return help you succeed? Udemy has courses ranging in the following topics and sub-topics. Let’s take a look at the categories: Development Web Development Data Science Mobile Development Programming Languages Game Development Database Design & Development Software Testing Software Engineering Software Development Tools No-Code Development Business Entrepreneurship Communication Management Sales Business Strategy Operations Project Management Business Law Business Analytics & Intelligence Human Resources Industry E-Commerce Media Real Estate Other Business Finance & Accounting Accounting & Bookkeeping Compliance Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Economics Finance Finance Cert & Exam Prep Financial Modeling & Analysis Investing & Trading Money Management Tools Taxes Other Finance & Accounting IT & Software IT Certifications Network & Security Hardware Operating Systems & Servers Other IT & Software Office Productivity Microsoft Apple Google SAP Oracle Other Office Productivity Personal Development Personal Transformation Personal Productivity Leadership Career Development Parenting & Relationships Happiness Esoteric Practices Religion & Spirituality Personal Brand Building Creativity Influence Self-Esteem & Confidence Stress Management Memory & Study Skills Motivation Other Personal Development Design Web Design Graphic Design & Illustration Design Tools User Experience Design Game Design 3D & Animation Fashion Design Architectural Design Interior Design Other Design Marketing Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Branding Marketing Fundamentals Marketing Analytics & Automation Public Relations Paid Advertising Video & Mobile Marketing Content Marketing Growth Hacking Affiliate Marketing Product Marketing Other Marketing Lifestyle Arts & Crafts Beauty & Makeup Esoteric Practices Food & Beverage Gaming Home Improvement & Gardening Pet Care & Training Travel Other Lifestyle Photography & Video Digital Photography Photography Portrait Photography Photography Tools Commercial Photography Video Design Other Photography & Video Health & Fitness Fitness General Health Sports Nutrition & Diet Yoga Mental Health Martial Arts & Self Defense Safety & First Aid Dance Meditation Other Health & Fitness Music Instruments Music Production Music Fundamentals Vocal Music Techniques Music Software Other Music Teaching & Academics Engineering Humanities Math Science Online Education Social Science Language Learning Teacher Training Test Prep Other Teaching & Academics As you may or may not have guessed the main topics, sub-topics, and so on are all geared towards real-world applications that will in theory make you more successful. This may in turn land you a career at your dream job. This could also assist you in your social media (YouTube) career, personal development, self-employment (entrepreneurship), and so on. Although there are courses in basket weaving, bird watching, and feminism I'd recommend against them. I have nothing against those who bird-watch, protest nipple freedom, and weave baskets for a living. But I'd like to focus on the tens of thousands of courses available in highly demanded categories. That can net you some serious dough. I left examples below if you wanted to peruse careers in these categories. Bird watching Basket Weaving Regardless of the professional career path you've chosen, I'm sure you'll find the perfect courses for you. If you took a look at the images posted above. You'd notice at the top there is a sale currently in circulation. By the time you see this, I doubt that code will be available. The bold text below is the example of the sale that was in the image. I've also included a coupon code I use religiously for Udemy. This code has gotten me courses that or normally $160 or more for or less than $30. Courses from $13.99 end tomorrow| Get an extra 10% off today only with code ACHIEVE. Ends in 4h 41m 25s. Below are the codes I've used. I'll try my best to update the list with coupon codes that are still operational. Follow me on Twitter I'll post coupon codes that you may use that I've used personally. UDEAFFNU420 Use the promotional codes above when applicable. I've amassed a collection of courses over the past few years. Some of which I’ve started, and some of which I've yet to begin. I just never got around to completing them. You can chuck this up to laziness and business. Those of you may know I've been working on developing the kodoverse for a while now. Thus it has governed my time and life leaving me little time to complete my Udemy courses. I'll show you the courses I've purchased over the past year or so. I have 21 courses so far and am planning to acquire almost every useful course on software development, code, data science, and so on. There are tens of thousands of courses so I guess maybe not all of them but many. Let’s set my goal to 100 in total and go from there. I recommend that you also have a set number of courses you are willing to take to improve yourself. Here are the ones I have so far: Completion The hardest part after buying your courses is to actually complete them. Something I struggle with but aim to fix. Sadly I’m not alone 90% of people who purchase a course do not complete them. Hopefully, you are less busier than me, regardless you should still be able to complete your courses. There really aren't any excuses. Udemy has apps for both IOS and Android so sneaking in some study completion time during break shouldn't be an issue for most courses. Also allocating a few minutes to an hour a day should help move your course completion time along. I myself will implement at least 1 hour a day to complete my courses. And have been doing so for close to a month now On your Udemy app under push notifications, you can turn on learning reminders. Set the days and time you'd like to be reminded to complete your courses. Job/Career People have different career paths so I cannot speak for every path you choose. My field of study aligns with software development. Although Udemy code courses aren’t considered accredited to many businesses. Employers do appreciate the money, time, & dedication it took to complete the course. Thus this is considered valid for entry-level jobs, especially in software development. The courses show that you can complete complex assignments, and build real-world applications pertaining to your field of study. Code has a tendency to change and update like most fields. This includes new information, ways to write and implement logic, adding and removing methods, and so on. So let us remind ourselves of the benefits of the certifications: Staying on top of the new trends Shows that you are very interested & dedicated Highlights your accomplishments Real-world assignments Certifications that boost your resume Adds to your overall skill-set and qualifications Improves your current knowledge Shows your willingness to improve your education beyond college or high school Admits you don’t know everything and are willing to learn more You know your skill & job requirements profoundly The more the merrier, you’ll further understand the work NOTE: Regardless of the field of study make sure you take courses that offer a certificate of completion. This is considered a professional certification. It looks magnificent on your resume Millions of people take Udemy courses every year, and many have gotten jobs with the certified certificate completion of their course. Conclusion Get started already. Udemy is an amazing platform that millions enroll in. Attach the certifications to your resume. Remember what I said and add to your arsenal. And most importantly don’t be like the rest and actually complete the course... Good Luck be sure to let me know about your progress.
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The Zero Cash Lifestyle by kodoninja 11 months ago | Money |  (#money #investment #investing)
000 The Zero Cash Lifestyle
The Zero Cash Lifestyle. Is the art of having no money ‘available’ on hand. Does that sound weird? I bet it does, and if it does, I’ll enlighten you. Alright..., that wasn’t a typo! You read that correctly. This is the zero-cash lifestyle. So welcome for this is the current lifestyle of yours truly, “the coding ninja”. So let’s dive in.Before we beganThroughout this post, I’ll be posting receipts to show you I do indeed live this insane lifestyle. This is not for everyone, and I don’t believe everyone should attempt this. Who should attempt this? This is for the risk taker. That person is crazy enough to risk it all, living on the edge every single day… Ok, so let’s be serious, anyone can be a part of this lifestyle. Once I break it all down, we’ll see it’s not all that crazy… Trying this requires the creation of multiple accounts to diversify your money within the same bank account or multiple bank accounts.Currently, my everyday spending account sits at $2 with the investment bank Fidelity. That is always kept under 5K in total. If it goes over,... It is transferred to another Investment bank usually TD Ameritrade (Fidelity is used for everyday simple transactions/holding... If I require a little more cash, I just liquidate//a short wait time of 2 days so it works out) My spending account is linked to my everyday debit card. I try my best to keep this account less than $5 by design, As you’ll see in the image below. If your goal is to be POOR BROKE & HUMBLE… Why are persons insinuating.. That I’m pretending to be rich… WHAT? How did that conclusion occur, I’m trying to be what I am #BROKE I have $2 on hand… ? ? ? Wink* lol— Emmanuel Moore (@kodoninja) July 30, 2022 A common question you may ask is: If that account is sitting at less than $5. How can I buy lunch or anything else I may need for that day? And that is why you’ll always need to have your phone on you. When I need to make a purchase larger than $5. I log onto my banking app on my phone and transfer the amount that’s needed to that spending account. Additionally, I don’t carry cash, I avoid it like the plague. If for any reason I do need to make a withdrawal, it’s for that exact purpose and that exact amount. Any leftover cash I deposit or get rid of it. This is done by transferring the needed amount to the spending account and withdrawing at an ATM. The remaining amount if any gets re-deposited, or spent on things at the store I may need or want. Like food or household products soap, etc...The WhyZero cash is a bit misleading. Thus it’s a bit of a yes, you have no cash (broke). And yes you do have money (still broke). And no you're not broke. Confusing but did you catch it? Cash/Money. When I say cash I’m referring to cash on hand. Direct money you have access to for spending. These are the funds that have been liquidated or have yet to go liquid. For me, this is money I keep in another checking account used for spending. There’s also another checking account for bills. This account is also used for direct deposits. So let’s break down the three accounts you’ll ever use. Checking Account 1: For spending [Transfer Account] Checking Account 2: For Bills [Direct-Deposit Account] Checking Account 3: For Trading/Investing I currently do have other accounts listed under this bank account with “Fidelity” never exceeding 5k (as stated above). And a business investing/broker adjacent to these accounts (separate login etc// just like with any other business account w/ any bank.. These accounts are locked (frozen) except for one w/ Fidelity). However, we’ll be focusing on the 3 personal accounts listed above. We touched on the account labeled ‘Checking Account 1’ in the earlier paragraphs. This is your spending money for everyday items. This account is typically kept at $5 or less.Now onto your account labeled bills. This is the most important account you have. Your paychecks, from your career(s)/ job(s) royalties, or any forms of payment will all be deposited into this account. Your bills will be deducted, and or paid from this account. Or that exact amount is transferred to your spending account linked to your debit card so you may make that payment.A recommended tip for security is that you should not have a debit card linked to this account for this will be a bulk account. Meaning a large sum of money can be found in this account via deposits from your sources of income until it is transferred to your third account for immediate investment. As another note, I have a second card linked to my 3rd account that usually has a zero balance or a few hundred until more money is liquidated. This is the bulk account that has the most but doesn’t. Mainly because it is all liquid.A method of transport will look something like this: Money is deposited into your Bill account Bills are taken out from this account, or transferred to spend to make that transaction. 95% of the remaining money after bills is transferred from your bill account to your investing trading account (account 3) Money deposited into your trading/investing is immediately used to purchase stock, bonds, crypto, etc. 98% of the money in this account should be liquid. 5% of the remaining money is kept in your bill account until it’s needed for expenses Money is transferred to your spending account on a needed basis; from your bill account. At this point, your bill account should be left with exactly what is needed to savvy your bills. Once your bills are extracted for that month or bi-weekly period. Follow the steps for the method of transport to invest the remaining money. Your spending account should be left with as close to $0 as possible. Keep this in mind before you transfer the remaining money from your bill account over to your investment account. Calculate what you’ll need for groceries, fast food, gas (transportation), amazon, etc. Once your money is invested ‘liquid’ you’ll have to wait a few days to liquidate money for what you’ll need or want to buy.Rinse & Repeat (monthly or bi-weekly or weekly or possibly daily)We all don’t make the same amount, nor do we have the same amount due in bills and expenses. Thus, this is where your custom calculation is created. Let me also state make sure you're making money. Now, what do I mean by this? After your bills & expenses are deducted this is the money left over... Now if this amount is hardly anything a few things need to change. You can either  Make more money Get a second full-time or part-time job Get a higher-paying job Pick up side gigs  Learn a skill or trade to net you additional income Software development App/Web development Freelance / Remote position Trade, Invest Start an online store (reselling, drop-shipping) Start doing YouTube, Twitch, etc. Eliminate expenses Find a cheaper place to live Get a roommate Move in with family Less to no fast food Cut back on subscriptions Stop spending or overspending … If it's something you can live without eliminating it. For the deposit accounts, I recommend having investment banks such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, JP Morgan, E-Trade, Vanguard, and so on. These have been around for some time there reliable and trustworthy. I'll list links to my top five choices below.FidelityTD AmeritradeInteractive BrokersE-TradeVanguardTo state again these are the only three accounts that matter in the zero cash lifestyle. Is that it? No. Now we know what to do with our cash from our deposits etc. Let’s take a deeper look at what happens to the money in your third account for trading and investing. If you remembered this is referred to as ‘Money’ Completely liquid money you will not have access to. These are your actual assets, all of your holdings. All of your money is being held in various investment banks and apps. If it can hold and multiply your money you keep it there. Think of liquid as your money is no longer in physical form. It's water, more water can be added and water can be taken away. You can start with a small glass and end up with a few gallons to an entire ocean full. Your money can be larger one day and less another day due to the ever-changing stock markets and your choice of investments.Diversifying is key thus currently I have quite a few apps and platforms that I use in addition to the big 5 mentioned above. Now before we dive into what you may want to be investing in. Let’s take a look at a few other supporting platforms you may want to try Platforms Account Minimum Fees Rating Fidelity $0 $0 100/100 Vanguard TD Amararade $0 $0 90/100 E-Trade $0 $0 90/100 Webull $0 $0 100/100 Moomoo $0 $0 80/100 Merrill Edge $0 $0 90/100 SoFi $0 $0 90/100 Ally Invest $0 $0 90/100 J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing  $0 $0 85/100 Acorns $0 $3 -$5 60/100 M1 Finance  $0 95/100 Betterment $0 Robinhood Twine The list can go on and on but for the sake of sanity, we’ll stop there. If you’ve found more that’s great be sure to add them to the list. These online brokerage platforms and non-brick-and-mortar firms are great ways to multiply your money. Some offer Robo advisor services like SoFi and Wealthfront, Betterment, Acorns, Fidelity, E-Trade, and so on. Below you’ll find linked images to more options in detail.Each one of these platforms is all different but offers essentially the same services. Research a bit on all of them. Try them out and see which ones work for you. I have so many of these accounts I’ve lost track. These are what I call supplemental accounts. So I try not to have more than a few hundred to several thousand on these platforms. Your opinion may differ I have friends who have over a hundred thousand on a Robinhood account. It’s all up to you.My strategy is 3-5 bulk platforms, then have everything else supplemental. See what works for you. Trying several accounts may need the help of additional money so be sure to learn how to make more money. I’ll also note platforms like Acorns, and Worthy for example invest by rounding up to the nearest dollar. They take the rounded-up money and invest it for you.Now that’s out of the way let’s do some investing in your trading/investing account(s). At this point, you should have a few hundred in this account to get started. If starting. Meaning your account sits below $25,000 you’ll be doing mostly swing trading and investing. To day-trade, this can only happen 3 times a day due to the PDT (pattern day trader rule). That is if you’re in the USA.The rule of thumb is to implement some buy-and-hold strategies. Buy low exit high on cash and avoid margin if you can. To be safe I recommend buying blue chip stocks like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon in the beginning. These are extremely large companies that will always have a place in the markets. Meaning there’s so much volume, shares, float, and market capital that these stocks will almost always stay fluid and you’ll safely enter and exit trades, break-even is and profit greatly. A lot of these stocks are so large they hardly move so your money will likely remain the same while you collect dividends if that company offers them. When going into a trade I recommend that you pick one with a lot of volume and shares outstanding, (float). This ensures you can enter and exit trades freely. Pattern trading with the usage of candle stick charting is a great rule of thumb. They provide the most information to see when to enter trades based on various patterns, and signals that can be found on most broker platforms. These patterns can be found throughout the entire stock life span to help determine when you may profit on your return. And revisit previous patterns that may repeat based on past price actions. I am a swing trader who looks at charting as if I was day trading to get a proper grasp on the stock patterns and action. A good practice will be to try day trading to get acclimated to candle sticks (3 times daily: 1 entry, 1 exit, and 1 other entry) until your account reaches 25k as I did when the PDR applied. I’ll go into more detail in another article as all of these cannot be contained in this one article. Below I'll list a few of the many areas to invest and trade your money. You can research further and find more information on But for now, let’s take a look at one of these. Stocks Bonds ETF’s  Crypto  NFT’s Commodities  Hedge Funds Stocks - If you're a slightly impatient investor like me, stocks will be your best friend. A pro and a con to stock trading are that they move fast. One moment they're up, one moment they're down. For day trades, this is the greatest benefit of trading stocks. Going heavy on a trade of a few hundred to a few thousand shares on a stock trading at $13 or $5 on a .20 cent increase can net you a profit over a few hundred to a few thousand depending on how much you entered the trade with.I’m a big proponent of swing trading going into trades and exiting a day to a few days later to profit. Again, depending on how much I entered the trade determines the amount of profit netted on that trade.Example of a monthly swing trade from MoomooLet’s say we went into the trade with $2,000 worth of shares let’s see how much money we made from that single trade.We entered the trade on: 3/14/2022 $34.879 (57 shares came out to $1,988.103)We exited the trade on: 4/18/2022 $48.461 (57 shares came out to $2,762.277)($2,762.277 - $1,988.103) = $774.147With our $1,988.103 investment in Twitter stock trading at $34.9, we made $774.15, once we exited the trade at $48.5. This is an example but not something that’ll happen regularly. The stock increased by $13. It may not seem like much, but when you're going into a trade with a few thousand, it packs a punch. A jump like this is gold to any type of trader. If you’re lucky you may find trades that jump like this one within a day or two. Those are the trends I’m looking for. But making nearly $800 in a month on a single swing trade is pretty good. But not nearly as good as making that type of return a day on a single trade.As you can see swing trading is very lucrative. However, to make this much notice quite a bit of money needs to be tied up to make some serious profit. $2K is a lot of money to be gambling with. The trade may not go the way you want, and you may be stuck in that trade for days to weeks, to just break even… In this example, this trade took over a month. If an emergency happens getting that money out may result in a loss of money. It’s very possible to make these types of gains in a day or week. It all depends on the price movement and volume propelling it. A .70 cent increase on a $5,000 investment on a penny stock trading at .20 cents can more than double your money.I like the risk vs reward ratio. Swing trading for me has been extremely profitable and has helped to grow my money quite a bit. Since I’m living the zero cash lifestyle. This money doesn’t count. This goes for my everyday banking to my various investment accounts developed over the years. My rule of thumb is once the money is invested it cannot and shall not be liquidated. (except Fidelity) If I have $2 in my spending account and $80 in the billing account that’s what I have to my name as far as I see it. Thus, you’ll have no money until it’s liquidated and transferred for your availability. PRO’s Your money can be compounded on interest, gaining quarterly/yearly dividends. Any investments can be sold for profit and reinvested for instance the $774.15 made from that monthly swing trade can be used to go into another well-researched trade. How you choose to do it and the amount is completely up to you. Regardless of the trade, you are building on that overall account value.Compounded interest gets complex to click the image below to learn more about the link posting 1 year compounded: $5,000 × (1 + (.02 / 1)1×1 = $5,010<a href=””><img></a>The difference in share price increased by 13.6 ($48.461 - $34.879 = $13.582)Linked below in the example image is a pretty good stock trading calculator I’ve come to love. So far they seem pretty accurate. Thus this is my go-to website.ConclusionRegardless diversify your money as much as possible. Invest in a bit of everything, and keep throwing money into the market regardless of if we’re in a bull or bear market. Add to your investment portfolio(s) every other week or whenever you have available cash. I also get life happens; Investing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly may not be feasible for everyone.Since you aren’t touching these accounts, there compounding, gaining interest, collecting dividends, and so on. Touching back on life, you may have emergencies that require the need for money. Since your two cash accounts have their purposes. They are always running on E. Thus, you’ll feel the urge to liquidate your assets. If it’s life-threatening, prohibits you from getting to work, health concern, family emergency, or anything extreme goes for it… Just try to rebuild those accounts when applicable. Building a rainy-day fund may also be beneficial however I have rainy investment accounts. I don’t believe in keeping large amounts in banks. For your losing money on inflation and missing out on crypto spikes, stock fluctuations, and higher yield return through various other methods available. Keeping your money liquid puts you in an otherwise gaining position.We (you and I) keep our money invested because it is useless keeping money in ordinary bank accounts. Inflation and god-awful interest rates. If you had 60k sitting in your checking account it’ll be roughly the same 20 years later. It’ll be worth less with inflation. You lose money by keeping it in banks. All banks are going to do is take your money and invest it for their gain while only returning interest on your initial amount mostly never exceeding 0.01%. All profits made from investing your money are their gain, and you never reap the rewards. Some CDs offer higher interest, and ROI, but on the caveat that you only have access to that account a few times a year. 401k Roth IRA, Seth IRA, and so on can be good options they can be used as assets for investment properties. There is no penalty for investing in a rental property or investing in those accounts just as you would your investment accounts.A cool thing about some 401k’s is that if your job matches what you put in. That’s less initial money needed for investing. They’d often double your input. You can invest and trade the matched 401k, reinvesting those profits. Then take that money for a down payment to invest in rental properties or property of your own (15/30-year fixed loan) if you see fit. Implement the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) method, then that’s another sick cash flow income stream.I’ll end it here, for there are limitless avenues to invest and reinvest your money. Check out my article “My guide to become a Billionaire Pt.1”. For many other investment ideas while you undergo the zero-cash lifestyle.
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Learning how to code 101b-youtube by kodoninja 6 months ago | Code |  (#code #education #learning #tech)
000 Learning how to code 101b-youtube
With so many apps and platforms available today. Learning to code has never been so easily accessible to everyone. That said apps like Source: Udemy, Coursearea, code academy, Edex, Mitx, freecodecamp, stackoverflow and countless others would be a good start to learn how to code. But before you start a course lets outline and go over a few things. First you’ll need to determine your goals and why you want to learn how to code.  Is it to land a career with a startup or FANG company?  Or perhaps you’d want to create your own original website, webapp, or ios/android app? Or maybe even write .exe, .msi, .app, .mac programs for your desktop?  Or maybe you’d like to create your own AI; Which I actually started post college it was called aviy. Additionally code taught me how to heavily modify various linux distros, such as Arch, Mint, & Ubuntu. I also created my own social networks (unreleased, & TBA), and dozens of other work. That being said the possibilities are endless...  Now that you asked yourself those questions.  What have you determined?  Why do you want to learn how to code?  I’ll assume you want to land a career with a tech company. Or maybe even create your own web/app and mobile app. Hell you can do both! For instance. The skills you’ve learned while creating your own app and such, will help you if you wanted to land a career as a developer or software engineer If you want to learn or do something else with code. Don’t fear because the methods outlined, can be used to apply to anything code related. In hindsight. Other than apps like Instagram, twitter and such, your phone, your car, your tv, your remotes, tablet, the sliding doors at work; Even the traffic lights you see while driving, all have code. Anything that requires electricity in today's day has microprocessors that were coded out, for specific functionalities. Everything you interact with on daily basis has to be coded, and programmed in order to operate. With that said there are languages designed for human understanding and computer understanding. For those types can be put into 2 main categories: High-Level Languages These are the more human-oriented languages. These are much easier to understand learn and interpret. It’s much more efficient with pre-programmed commands that function with fewer lines of code written. Some are PHP, Python, Perl, NodeJs, Basic, Java, Javascript, Ruby, and so on. Low-Level Languages These are languages that are complex & much harder to understand. These are Machine, & Assembly code. And they look like this  Source: These are raw languages that’ll give you more control over computer software & hardware. They won't have any per-programmed commands. And they are much easier for the computer to understand.  There are dozens of languages to choose from. By deciding on what you want to create; it’ll help you narrow down the right language that’s perfect for the application. Learning to code is a lot easier when you know exactly what you need to learn. There are mountains of documentation, forums, books, courses, YouTube videos on nearly every language. If you want to go the career route. Know the job you want to apply for, the languages they require. And get familiar with interview prep books and websites like leetcode, that’ll whip your coding skills into shape. Source: With the assumption that you’ll be creating your own web/app and app. We’ll be focusing on what you’ll need for web and mobile development for the remaining of the 101 guide. Need-less to say there are several career growth opportunities for developers and engineers of all types. They’ll range from $70,000 to way over 1 million yearly.  Obviously this all depends on your level of position, time vested, and what you bring to the table. Whether your a jr. developer, senior developer, tech lead and so on. A few common fields that deal with code are: Computer Programmers Computer Engineers Software App Developers Web Developers Front-End Developers Back-End Developers Full-Stack Developers Computer systems engineers Computer systems analyst Detailed information on pay ranges and responsibilities, can be found at & Glassdor.  Source: Source:,7_IM781_KO8,26.htm  I am a Computer programmer & developer. I specialize in full-stack development for webapps, mobile apps, and software. Meaning I create everything from the initial idea, and concept designs to the creation and deployment of the project. I’m a one man development army, that is for the most part until I hire a team. Let’s take a look at the platform  This was created entirely by me “The coding ninja”. This includes the social network and its affiliates such as from the kodoverse. Everything you see, the design, including how the content loads and connects to the server and its database were all designed and created from scratch. I’ll advise you to give this full design process a try to get a proper understanding on the entire process of coding. I tried to keep the platform kodoninja as simple and lightweight as possible. While including a light social network, blog entry, forum creation, and much more. As a Full-Stack developer and engineer the main languages I used were PHP, Angular, and Vanilla JavaScript that’s it. The main differences between the three front-end, back-end, and full-stack are that: Front-End – This is what the user interacts with known as the interface. They make sure content works great across all mobile and web platforms, and browsers. These languages will almost always include JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Html: This is a markup language. The backbone of any platform. Every site you’ve visited including your phone has elements of it. This allows for everything to be sectioned, viewed, structured, and displayed. Examples of this would be <header>,<nav>,<main>,<article>,<section>,<aside>,<footer>, <h1>-<h6>, <p>,<a>,<ul>,<ol>,<li>,<q> and many more. This language needs CSS to look exactly how you want it. CSS: This a processor scripting language. This is how you’ll style your platform. This is linked to your HTML pages by the <linkhref="css/mcss.css"rel="stylesheet">tags and tells the DOM known as the DOM (Document Object Model) model. On how to look & appear to users. Here is where you’ll decide on the placement, location, size, color, of images, inputs, buttons, divs, span, aside, article and every other HTML tag. CSS allows you to create keyframes, mixins, animations and other cool interactive methods. They can come in frameworks like Tailwind, and libraries like bootstrap, foundation, and bulma. SASS > SCSS is a powerful scripting languages that allow you to do some really powerful css tricks and functionalities. If your just getting started in web development, I recommend frameworks like the ones I mentioned before. I leave a link below so you can check out many other great frameworks. These include html tags, and just about anything else you’ll need to get started, before you create pure custom works. Source: JavaScript: Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript functions with your DOM elements. This is the most complex portion to frontend development and has various frameworks such as Vue, Angular, Exspress and so on. There are dozens of libraries such as React, Polymer, and Jquery. Javascript allows you to control how everything on your platform operates. Whatever a user does; the immediate feedback is caused by Javascript. It can also send feedback and data to the server-side scripting language to update, add or change data. This is also one of the most powerful and versatile languages which can be used for anything.  Source: Back-End – This is what the user doesn't interact with directly but is seen with the front-end. It is responsible for the performance, server-side functionality to store, load, view, and process data entries and calls. The languages can be Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, Kotlin, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java, Rust, NodeJS and so on. PHP: This is more of a server-side scripting language primarily used for server-side communication. It’s one of the only languages that can be inserted directly into the HTML without any assistance, unlike Python. Information from the server-side can be called directly and inserted exactly where you need it to be. This language has been around a while and was influential in the creation of Facebook and millions of others so it has tons of information and resources to help you if you get stuck. Python: Has been growing in popularity being used in the biggest tech firms. These firms includ Nasa, SpaceX, Tesla, and many others. Its relatively powerful, lightweight, and easy to grsap in the beginning stages of learning.  Source: Full-Stack – This one is the most complex of the 3. This is an engineer that works on both front and back-end development. In addition, they’ll be much more involved in web security. As you may have guessed coding can be vast in its applications. There are many types of coding languages available. So it can get confusing narrowing them all down to the ones needed for the application your building. Now that we know the differences between front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. Let’s take everything we learned so far to help us build a platform, first let’s outline a the things needed to build this platform:  The purpose Figure out what you want to create. Do you want to create an app, a webapp? Or maybe both. It might even be something else; Regardless decide on what that something is. You’ll also need to ask yourself why am I building this app? Is it to make money? Is it to change lives? What problem will your platform solve? Are there any other platforms like it? If so what sets yours apart from theirs. As you see,. the purpose of your platform will consist of many questions.  For instance while creating my platform. It was created from me; the fit programmer/developer. It’s aim is to help those who want to help themselves. Mainly through Self improvement, personal development and financial freedom. Learned from articles courses, seminars and so on.  I wanted a place for those who wanted to help themselves. I also wanted a space where I’m not the only one posting and creating the content. I wanted many “coding ninja’s” to post and grow the kodoverse ecosystem and community. For webapps your platform description should also be outlined in your meta tags. This is a description of your platform that informs SEO robots and humans of what your platform is all about. Let’s take a look at my meta description for kodoninja to get a better understanding.  The coding ninja platform is the ultimate Guide to Personal Development and financial freedom. Our growing community will help you learn and create new income streams through software development, Investing, day-trading, money management, etc. Our aim is to also get you physically fit, healthy, motivated, and confident to accomplish your daily life. So sit back learn, absorb, and put into practice everything your learning from our platform. The next step is to research. If other platforms like it exist, research them. Find out why other persons visit and download those platforms and why it works. Take a look at the layout, the (UE) user experience, (UI) User Interface & (UX) User Design. Apply similar strategies to the platform your building. Source: Outline why someone would want to use or download your web/app as opposed to the others you’ve researched. Find your niche? Think of this as the specific category of your app. For instance kodoninja fits under self-improvement, personal development & financial freedom.  You’ll also need to specify a target market. Who is the app geared towards? The demographic such as the sex, age, gender, education. The Geographic. Where is the location of the app based? Is it local? Is it state: California, Washington, Region: West coast, Mid-West Or broader North America, Global. You’ll also need to to consider the psychographic (lifestyle, economic conditions and positions), and behavioral as you plan to expand. Developmental Planning Now that we have everything outlined, and have done our research; Let’s discuss the Developmental Planning. At this point we should have a general idea and purpose of our app. We have researched our competitors we know what works for them and how to apply it to our work.  For instance my platform is based off of a combination of platforms such as, and the penny hoarder. You can find many elements of these platforms in mine. I know if it works for them, it should work for me. I choose not to reinvent the wheel entirely.   Features At this point its a good idea to ask yourself what features will your app have. My creative process is that I write down what my purpose is. Then list out the features I believe will go well with it based on research. For instance lets take a look at my platform description  Knowing this; The features I’ll add will be: User page, User login Global search newsletter sign-up Goal Post, Forum Post, Blog Post, User Post Courses, Downloads Feed Memberships comments, shares, likes Design & Creation The next step we’ll need to do is take all of our research and the features we listed to create the UI & UX. We’ll start by creating a rough sketch. I choose to do this on paper, but you can do this on your tablet. It really doesn’t matter. We’ll design the: dropdown menu, & selection appearance menu functionality user pages all pages look and functionality post logic, repost logic, search engines Coding your work As I said I kept it simple with PHP, CSS, & Javascript for my webapp. The IOS will be swift, and the android will be Kotlin. For you you’ll need to decide on the language you’ll be using.  For instance if its an app you’ll likely use Objective-C or Swift for Apple’s IOS, or Java, kotlin, python, C++, C#, Dart, Corona w/ Luna. If its a web/app we know well be using required markup languages such html5/xml, css3/sass/scss and a javascript library. This is in addtion to any core language such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, and so on. We’ll also need to link it to a database written in SQL If its a desktop software we know well need the methods of building webb/apps and something more specialized such as Java, TypeScript, Python, Bash/Shell, PHP. If its an AI, you’ll want more of a mathmatical and data orianted language such as Matlab, Scala, R, Python, Julia, Prolog, Haskell, Lisp I’ll be creating several playlist that will walk you through the creation of many apps, webapps, and even desktop software, over various languages. Conclusion Learning to code can be intimidating at first, however can become easier as you become more comfortable. As I’ll try my best to walk you through step by step in the coming additions. I’ll also have courses available on and when it's complete. In addition, there are tons of source material and information available in books and online. Although I went to college to learn a lot of this, I’m mostly self-taught through many many books, courses, online forums, and YouTube. Speaking of college don’t think you need to be at an Ivy league grad or even go to college to get a coding job. There are other methods such as certifications, certificates earned from taking courses that are free and paid. Having a degree with certificates and certifications, is a stacked arsenal, and nearly guarantees success. More of the courses in addition to the ones mentioned above are: Source: HackerRank. freeCodeCamp. GeeksforGeeks. Codecademy. Codementor. HackerEarth. W3Schools. Learn as much information as you can. I own hundreds and have read dozens of physical books on various types of languages. I’ve also read several books on the same language to further ensure I know the language. In addition to having almost every free certification I could find regarding code languages. I’m still taking courses to this day and will continue to do so. Figure out your path and platform you’d like to create and learn the languages needed to create that platform. Use the tools I mentioned at your disposable. Take the steps I mentioned to complete a platform of your own mastering the languages needed. Be sure to like this video, ring that bell icon, comment below and subscribe to the channel. Thanks
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Why you should never work multiple jobs by kodoninja 6 months ago | Money |  (#job #work #commonjob #dream #time)
000 Why you should never work multiple jobs
Here is why you should never work multiple jobs. Okay! Disclaimer... This advice is for people on a purpose. The person aiming and working towards something big. You know. The dreamer. The visionary, working on the next big thing that’ll create an impact, and change lives. Or if their lucky... Maybe net him or her in a different tax bracket. The short answer as to why you should never do it, is because, you’ll need time to work on your purpose to create the next big thing. Trading time for money will be a trade off, you shouldn’t ever be willing to accept. Look at it this way. By having 1 job, that’s 8 plus hours removed from your day. Granted having a full day to work on your purpose would be ideal. For most people this is almost impossible. There’s bills, rent, food, transportation, and a few other added cost that can’t be avoided. So that leaves you with 16 hours left in your day… If you want sleep that’s another 8 hours gone. That’s 8 hours left in your day. Let’s not stop there. There’s the time it takes to get to work, overtime if mandatory. Time it takes to get groceries, go to appointments, time with family, “friends”, and to do other stuff…. You get where I’m going with this. That’s more time removed from the day. Obviously time varies from person to person… Even if we don’t count these things. That leaves you with only 8 hours left in the day; But more realistically 6 or 7. You add in another job… Now explain to me how your going to work on your dream? Right. You can’t… No work will ever get done… If your like me, you may struggle with procrastination, and its only getting worse for me. Now I went back in forth with the math, trying to figure out a solution as logically as I could. But the outcome was always the same… Before we go any deeper let me outline the solutions I thought of. Hiring freelancers to cover my weight in code, writing blog post for kodoninja. To basically be me. Work nonstop on your days off, in addition to the time in between job(s). Work in between the two jobs if I decided to work another… Remove, or limit my sleep Getting two part time jobs, or 1 other part time job One high paying remote developer position Getting back into freelance development Solutions may differ, but these were mine. FAANG companies etc don’t like conflicts or competing work. Freelancing, will consume more time depending on the work. If I can barely get my stuff done, how can I mange someone else’s? Nonetheless, It always came back to me, My vision revolves around me, my brand, a connection to being the coding ninja. My thoughts, my techniques, my code, well you get it.. I stated my vision kodoninja in 2020.. let’s do some math. 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. That’s nearly 3 years since I started my vision. If I were to work another job, that’s more time away to get everything completed. Side note for the visitors and fans. Work is done, tweaking code errors, adding content like the very article (video - youtube) your seeing now. Its been 3 years however I was building 4+ platforms simultaneously (the kodoverse) that a team of developers will struggle with. I’m one person, building everything from scratch. In the beginning I was running an online store at the time and a marriot of other things. Not to mention 1.5 years I was doing nothing. Nothing!! I’m getting back into all this, as well as swing and day trading… So another job is definitely out of the question. Now granted I built the initial platform in 2 weeks. And was posting on the 3rd week as you can see from the code push logs (robots.txt/github), and blog upload dates. My point is, I know there’s dozens of others that can relate to this... Adding another job will gravestone your future, and for most, there’s fewer solutions. Like I said before. I have 1 job and I still struggle. I even recently quit my common job and I still cant get significant work done. But I admit thats more of a personal procrastination issue, along with complex coding, etc... People are different. Let me know below if you managed two full-tine jobs with 0 hours remaining in the day. Granted you can reduce transportation time, hire freelancers, work in between times, on your break, weekends, and remove sleep from the equation. And yes this will probably work for some. But It’s not something I will do. My plan is 1 job, reduce sleep or prolong it as much as possible. Giving me more time to work on my vision. Everyone’s purpose is different. Mine requires a lot of code, multiple platforms, with soon to be apps, and (directing) film making. Writing code, writing scripts. The complexity of being a 1 man code army, content creator, blogger and a film creator is vast and is not recommended as few have managed to juggle so much at one time. Which I’ll never suggest anyone should do. Now, now, now… There lies the concern of money, money, money… Money doesn’t grow on trees, and most visions require money.. Ironically my code requires $0, it’s free, because I do it all. Content creation on the other hand has some cost, that I know have mostly eliminated. These were lighting, film gear and such. I would still like to get a 16 and a dedicated enclosed GPU. But that’s for another video.. Every ambitious project including film making requires money. Even if your taking the Indie, micro budget route. Which leads me to alternative methods. If your a fan of kodoninja You know I don’t like to liquidate, hell I wouldn’t even do so to pay my own ransom.. Majority of and the biggest directors don’t fund their own films. Any vision or plan you may have can be funded without the need of working 2 or more jobs. You should never have to trade time for money. Make as much time as plausible for your ambitions, money will come as a result. Trading, reselling, and numerous other methods can be found on Helping you avoid the trap of working multiple jobs. My go around is a night job. The caveat here is that I can trade/resell in the morning, work at night, and anything in between can be used to work on my, goal, dreams, and ambitious projects. Check out this free "developing" ebook on many passive income ideas. Everything for me is lining up to work perfectly, and everything I mentioned above is why id never work two jobs and why you shouldn’t either. So many ways to make money if you need it, you shouldn’t have to remove all the time in a day to live your life and work on your projects. As I said before this isn’t for everyone If you don’t have anything going for you, work as many jobs as you like. But for those trying to be something. Create as much time as possible for your dreams, eliminating the wasteful things that take you away from it. Conclusion Need a job? Create one when you get the opportunity like reselling, becoming a trader and so on… If you absolutely need a job, just find one decent one that can cover your cost and leave time for your passion. Now I get there are some persons out there who have managed this… But the most successful entrepreneurs today like Elon Musk managed to work over 100 plus hours a week while creating zip2. Jeff Bezos quit his job to create Amazon, James Cameron quit his job to become a director, the list goes on and on and they all have one thing in common. Eliminating jobs when they could and creating more time in the day to become who they are today. If I and more importantly you mr, or mrs want to be among the mount rush more of entrepreneur legends… More time needs to be allocated. That’s all I have to say.
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Why being boring isn’t so bad by kodoninja 6 months ago | Living |  (#lifestyle #living #boring #looser #code )
000 Why being boring isn’t so bad
I may be the most boring person I know, and this may not be a bad thing. boring. That’s a rather grim word. Seems kinda sad. Webster classifies boring as “causing weariness and restlessness through lack of interest:  causing boredom”. After reading that definition you can argue I’m quite the contrary. But I can assure you I am indeed boring. At least I can appear boring to most people looking at me. So who am I? Im nobody special. I continue to say this no matter what I accomplish in life. Well okay. So who are you? What are the things that make you, you? Since you are here I’ll start with myself. I’ll list the 5 main things about myself. You do the same. Software Engineer/ Developer Bibliophile/ Writer Movie/ Anime enthusiast Content Creator So I was gonna list 5 but all I can come up with was 4. I’m sure theirs more but these are the main things. A few other personality traits of a typical boring person are that I am: Quiet / Recluse / distant I hardly see sunlight I stay to myself/ lone-wolf Enigma to the highest power. Unrelatable That’s it. See? Now this is boring. Wouldn’t you say? For the very few persons on earth who actually “know” me. Yeah, I’m talking to you 4 or so people. Hey, how's it going? Anyway… They’d probably go on and on about the things I’ve done, can do, and some other stuff… But they’d also argue in a way I can be seen as boring, but more of an enigma as mentioned in #4. I'd agree. The Point The major grasp here is that some people looking in, like the ones who know you, don’t know you. And those that think they know you, will all have different grasp and interpretations of who they believe you are. I mean if you never speak people are only left with what they can see from you. This goes for everyone. Ask a few people, anyone what they think about you, or what they know. You’ll get some pretty interesting answers. You may appear (boring, great, amazing, or dumb), but the list of answers can be pretty radical. I seem as stupid to many but also the opposite. I’m below average in my opinion… no one asked, okay let’s continue. The larger picture So enough about me. Let me tell you how being boring may not be so bad 😜. One of which was just stated. As in you are you. You can appear as many things to many people. Get this If you picture a boring person in your head the results will differ from person to person. Some qualities of a boring person may be (laziness, dullness, lackluster, uninteresting,..) You may picture a person who doesn’t get out very much, on the couch, watching tv all day,… Some may see a person who writes code as boring. That goes for building equipment/ computers, writing, reading, walking, fishing, card collecting, chess playing… That can go on and on… To some people clubbing, meeting people, hanging out, talking, and watching sports isn’t boring. If you're part of an anime club. You watch anime, do cosplay, and so on… Then all of you are not boring. Because this is interesting to all of you. All of you are the coolest people on the planet. The same goes for any topic or activity. No matter how weird or obscure it may seem to others. Since I’m boring, or maybe not boring. Or shall I say: Since I know almost no one, have very few friends, loner,... Well depends on how you look at it. I have more time ⌛, or shall I say I have more focus on things that matter to me. Like coding, reading, writing, creating, gaming, building computers, “working out”, “training”,… and so on Conclusion 1 Boring people rule the world. Bill Gates was a “boring” engineer recluse building Microsoft. Steve Wozniak built the apple computer... The traits of this guy can be seen as boring. Elon Musk dedicated his world to writing code. Completely engulfed in his work as he slept on his office floor building what we know today as PayPal. Mark Zuckerberg the boring, recluse, arrogant psychology major who many HATED for no reason build a website… I think it's called Facebook. Hell people still hate this guy, I don’t. Even though I met him once when my friend sold his house to him. Mark told him I’m better than you... Well... hahaha… Anyway... The 4chan creator, Twitter creator, myspace creator, the person who built this and that… All from boring people... The creator of your favorite show, game, or whatever, 9 times out of 10 all came from a boring recluse person. There are some exceptions like “Howard Hughes” YouTubers But… well you get it. Conclusion 2 If you're boring, be boring make something out of it. Don’t be like the types listed in other articles. Make something out of your gift of being boring. Yes, you heard that right. Being boring is a gift. Interesting people have their benefits and quirks but the power of boring people can change the landscape of the world. Just look at all the things Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates have accomplished… In addition, add some cool personality traits. Most people go off of how they feel around you. If it's fear or inadequacy, you can enact rage and anger. Like Mark… If they can relate, kindness, you get it. These types aren’t typically seen as boring. Communicate, and have a sense of relatability “the quality of being easy to understand or feel sympathy for “: Cambridge English Dictionary … Today Elon Musk can be seen as cool 😎, by those who are completely adjacent to tech, rocket science, and computer science. How can people relate to this guy??? He’s not boring. My god he puts rockets in space. You take another person who is in techs, rocket science, or computer science, like a typical NASA engineer ???, nerd, or little ol' me… Well there lame and boring to some. Elon takes boring things and he's a monolith... Granted well you get the idea. … Hell! You can be a chess player, gamer, streamer, or pokemon master, and still be seen as cool by those that don’t do these things. Just by having some good personality traits. Happy National Pokémon Day!!! from your favorite trainers/gym leaders??? @snitchery @ThatFoxxGirl3 @missbrisolo ?: @BenjaminFarren— Lea Martinez (@officialslayeas) February 27, 2023 I’m teaching myself how to communicate with people. I've always sucked at it... Again, the few who know me may disagree… It's all perspective… Here is a book i will be reading (Pic: ShashiBellamkonda/Flickr/CC BY 2.0). Boring people can be awesome… Don’t let your boring unrelatable traits, skills, or awkward quirks, be a limit. Be a cool cosplayer or webcam actress… Boring can make you something great like those that I mentioned. Focus on the coolness of your boring hobbies and skills. Become the next loved and respected nob polisher, hacky sack champion. Or maybe developer if that's your thing. You are amazing no matter what you do, or who you are.
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Why staying single will be the best thing for you. by kodoninja 6 months ago | SelfImprovement |  (#single #dating #Self-Improvement #life #goals #purpose #dreams)
000 Why staying single will be the best thing for you.
Do you ever hear of those girls with a laundry list of requirements that they want from a guy? You know the ones that want a guy that’s 6 feet tall, built like a Greek God, 8” in personality, 6 Lamborghinis, and a pet tiger… well you get the idea… WELL, I’M THE SAME WAY… 😜 Okay, let me explain. I’ll also explain why this isn’t such a delusional ideology… So to answer this let’s back up a bit. The title of this article reads “Why staying single will be the best thing for you.” So why, right? We as humans seek companionship, sex, and comfort. And most people typically don’t want to be alone. Persons unlike myself want to be with someone. I on the other hand love to be alone. I strive in my loneliness. And I mean that literally. Let me talk very briefly about myself, some will relate I'm sure. I’M BORING. I don’t go out, when I’m out it's for food, biking, or “gym”… It’s for a specific reason. I don’t like to hang out, In fact, I’m not a fan of communication. However, I will speak out of curiosity, not enjoyment. I have numbers on my phone but I delete them and change my number so often, I have a tough time remembering my own number. It’s rare that I make friends. Hell, I haven’t made a friend since college. That’s how much I get out…. Okay so you get it People are a bit of a chore, not something I actually enjoy. So okay K-O-D-O-N-I-N-J-A, what does this have to do with the article? Well... everything. And, I love you guys :) Thanks for reading. And if you're reading this. This is a pro that came from being single. This very platform spans 6 other platforms. Being single gave me the time I needed to make something as crazy as this. While building this platform, it kind of reenacted things that I like about myself. And... I want to be with like-minded individuals, who are very similar to myself. I may be boring, but I do some interesting things. I even have a pet rock, these other losers have dogs. Anyway heres my rock... I love my Rocky 2, he never complains, always eats his food, and loves to go on walks with me.Rocky 1 ran away, because I forgot to feed him I think.— Emmanuel Moore (@kodoninja) March 4, 2023 My laundry list of what I'm looking for in a rock, I mean human are: .__3e_m1, .__3e_m1a, .__3e_m1b { border-radius: 6px; } .__3e_m1, .__3e_m1a { border: 1px solid darkgreen; background: #eff9ef; } .__3e_m1 ol li { line-height: 30px; } .__3e_m1a { padding: 5px; } .__3e_m1b { background: #fff4f4; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid darkred; } A procrastinating workaholic Profession: Streamer, developer, engineer, blogger, business owner, investor/trader, author Appearance: ((fit1-petite2-simple3-slim4)-thickx) (7-9) exotic, long hair, not taller than I am. Oppisite to my genetics Hobbies: Coding, writing, reading, working out, biking, art(…), music Personality: Nice, neutral, pure, worships, obsessed with me :) Has their own things going on. A purpose 2 arms 2 legs (sorry rocks out there) AND MY POINT IS Don’t settle. I’m sure my list a very different than what you may be looking for in rocks. This is what I’m “looking for”. For me, my goals and wants are set very high. I won't budge from this list and neither should you don’t settle but be realistic. And yes I've been with humans matching this description. The Bottom line If you aren’t the type of person that attracts the type of person you want. ➡️ STAY SINGLE. Be at the level in life where these types of individuals that match your description are fighting to talk to you. I'm not that person YET. Pokimane still hasn’t returned my calls. frizzy & busy ????— pokimane (@pokimanelol) March 25, 2023 MIA K. A famous (former) stay-at-home actress isn’t in my DMs. These types aren’t lining up to co-lab with me. I’m pulling rocks, no offense. So I need to stay single and figure out where I went wrong. And start pulling humans again. The picture I’m sure we all have a list of requirements we want from an ideal person. There are a lot of people that settle out of necessity, and go for the best option around them, what's convenient, and who like them (and vice/versa). It's a big planet. Currently, there are an infinite number of rocks with thousands of types. Why settle for what you see around you? Go explore the world. 8,025,323,424 People 6 main ethnic groups over 223 nationalities… Why settle for the girl/guy (depends on whoever is reading this) you met at work. People are so vast and brimming with different personalities and skills. Go for your ideal person, and stay single as these types are readily accessible to you. You may have a goal or something you're working towards that you are very proud of. You may be building the next Twitter, you may be an up incoming star, director, designer of your own clothing line, a blogger, or an online business owner. SOMETHING!!! right if you're on, you are on your purpose (AMS). Aiming to be something greater than your average Joe or Jane. And if you don’t you will have one soon… There is a passion you want so badly to flash on the radar to those you want to attract. For me Kodoninja is not a household name, as of yet, I'm still not in the app store, planners aren’t finished and it's not promoted to thousands yet. My books aren’t published let alone written. My YouTube/ social media personality isn’t known and pouring with revenue. I don’t have a solid team for my vision… The list goes on and on. The point being Stay to yourself. Stay alone until you become at least 85% of the individual you're aiming to be. At that point, you should be attracting the right individuals in your life. The ones who can actually benefit you. For me, the ones that are in my vicinity aren't really what I'm looking for. Don’t go for average, because you aren’t average. You're a kodoninja, like me. We aim high, we don’t settle… If they aren’t in your field of interest keep swimming. For instance, I'm a content creator, have you heard of me? No… … … Well… I'm working on that. I also like coding, anime, music, gaming, fitness, MMA, reading you know, everything I mentioned above. I like to be around persons of the same magnitude, and caliber as nobody becoming somebody just as I am. I want to be one of the millions of my own creations, A coding ninja “A kodoninja”. · · ·  So. I’m not saying go for the next model, big-time creator, etc. Go for someone in your field of interest when the time is right. I may want to move on from my rock, but I’m not where I want to be. Im not known. And my god do I have a list of things that need to be accomplished. The kodoverse is no easy feat. Your purpose and goals sir or miss is no easy feat. If you feel like you're at the point where you wish to date. Then go for it. I can’t settle for a Pikachu like Ash… I'm searching for my rare type, not a common pokemon you can find anywhere. Don’t settle for a Geodude… The odd caveat to this analogy is. … … … pokemon evolve. Is this contradictory? Nope. Idk.. but listen… · · ·  Let’s say you settle for a geodude as I did. Well… Geodude is learning how to write code by watching me, she is watching anime with me, learning chess, learning the ins and out of film mastery, she helps me with my writing and editing and my goals and vision… She was pulled as a geodude now she's a graveler. And guess what she wasn’t just any rock I mean geodude, she was Alolan. Not just any rock… She can be a Gold Alolan Golem... Im polishing up my rock and making her shiny. A rare type. Notice she’s Aloan. Yeah, a geodude but Aloan. You can’t find this rock in just any cave. If you are gonna go for a geodude make sure she’s polishing and prepared to be a shiny type with you... Now if you were a pokemon. Which one would you be? I’d be a Mega Blaziken or Mega Lucario… Or should I say I’m more of a Combusken working my way there. Now did I just contradict everything I just said up until this point? No not at all… It comes down to two decisions. In these decisions, they are like you. Option 1 The first option I mentioned. That is her, she's a developer, a streamer, a blogger (...), and she's a true and true person just like you. You two are great aiming to be greater together. She put in the blood, sweat in teas to get to where she's at. Everything she has, she bled and took the hours needed to create it. A self-made rare, like you are. Known are unknown… You both are well on your way to becoming something remembered. Option 2 The second option I mentioned. Is a polished rock. To put it bluntly. This rock was sitting in the dirt when you found her. Not much of anything going on. Just an average person. Wake up work, tv, friends, sleep repeat. Average dreams, average goals.. throw in a few hobbies here and there. But you share similar hobbies, hell they can be almost identical… The major difference is that. This rock is living a common life with no terrific goals and plans they’re aiming towards. This isn’t a dig no pun intended on option 2. Some people are misguided or just haven't found themselves yet. These types can either use you to get it ahead. Or use you to find a purpose for themselves and grow and learn with you… An engineered rare Conclusion If you're aiming for a Geodude, Meltan, or even Mew they all have pros and cons. Meltan is already rare and polished, while geodede is common and needs a lot of polishing to become rare…i’m back! :)— ShinyQueen ? (@SaltQueenTTV) March 15, 2023 We can argue. Weren’t they born this way?… … … Well then you're not getting the analogy, let's move on. ⭐⭐⭐ Stay single until you can attract the type you want in your life. Don’t settle for common unless you're willing to put in the work and grow together. Just make sure your similar interest and hobbies are genuine. I myself prefer those that are doing things that are similar to me. Or want to and have the genuine love for. A blogger is awesome. Then you know the amount of work that goes into just one article. A content creator, then you know the amount of work it takes to write, film, and edit a single video. The list goes on… Mew is cool but I like Heatmor, Metagross, Meltan. The types that aren’t common but aren’t super rare or legendary. They take time and effort to find. Or find you when you’ve reached a certain point or level. Everyone wants a mew, but not me. I am fairly simple, modest, and common. Ask yourself, where are you? How far along on your purpose are you? I'd say I’m at 70%. My code is “done” I just need to polish errors, create content, and gather visitors, readers, subscribers, and followers. Whether its sell able merch or content for the platform or social media. There’s a lot but the heavy work is done. Stay single, don’t settle. Sometimes waiting longer until you can attract a better quality is best. Remember you are you, you make your own decisions. And mine is mine. I’ll see you at the next one. If you haven’t done so already please subscribe it means a lot thank you
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How to overcome writers block by kodoninja 6 months ago | Selfimprovement |  (#pdf #writersblock #write #writing #mastery #multitasking)
000 How to overcome writers block
I am by no means a good writer at least not very much so today. But I can assure you I am indeed a writer getting back into my critically acclaimed writing style. And like the title of this article states: I will explain how you and I will overcome writer's block. So what is writer's block? Writer's block is a phenomenon experienced by writers that are best described as an overwhelming feeling of being stuck in the writing process without the ability to move forward and write anything new. Since my last 5 posts, my last article was posted 5 months ago. I’m slowly getting back into it. For I believe I’ve finally overcome procrastination and writer's block. There are countless amounts of books, blogs, and articles you name it that exist. So finding something original to write about can be very difficult. As a writer you are faced with the overwhelming fact, there are millions of other content people have written before. There’s always a better writer, more reflective and introspective content that other readers may prefer.  .__40a { background: #fff6ff; border: 1px solid purple; padding: 10px; } .__40b { background-color: #f7f7f7; border: 1px solid #e6e6e6; } .__40b ol li, .__40b ul li { line-height: 30px; } .__40b p { padding: 10px; margin: 0px; } By the way, I’ve created a FREE productivity outline “The guide to overcoming writer's block” that can be found on the download page and seen below. Better PAID versions are on the way. I hope you’ll find that guide/outline useful. I will be going over 5 points and solutions revolving around writer's block. This will make sense of the outline so be sure to download it. Now let’s dive in. 1. Writers' fatigue Creating content whether it may be for a book, blog post, or social media post; requires a bit of thinking and planning. To write an article writers will spend hours to days writing it. Books months to years. A typical writing process looks like this: Planning Outlining Writing Self Proofreading Spelling & Grammar checks Editing Adding links, images, videos, effects Make sure references are properly documented Legal, copyright compliance Re-writing new ideas, changes, and updates AI checks (Grammarly…) Paid proofreader(s) (freelancers) This isn’t everything but this is why it takes years to write a best-selling book. Why do blogs have 2-3 posts per month? No one is perfect, and writing takes time. Even the best writers need time. There are mountains of writers who are also co-listed to help with the overall story, picture, and point of whatever’s being written. Just look into ANY book, you’ll see other names attached to it besides the listed author. It’s not to say there isn’t a one-person army. I’m one, and it's a struggle. Hell... I had to quit my job to get any real work done. There are teams attached to successful blogs for a reason. There are layers of filters that a single post has to go through before it is posted. So what’s the point? The point is that this is a lot of work. This amount of work enacts writer fatigue. Thus this may put a block on your writing. For instance, I enjoy writing, but the amount of work that goes into it eventually catches up to me. The same goes for coding which is my favorite thing to do in the world. 2. The well is dry Another element of writer's block is that you are fresh out of new ideas. The well is simply dry. You think you’ve come up with everything there is to say. This can be either the current project you writing or the next. Solution: Regardless of if you are a blogger or an author of a book. There is similar content available for you to look at. When I’m out of ideas I seek inspiration elsewhere. For instance, this platform has a blog. The bulk of the content on the blog revolves around self-help, personal development, and entrepreneurship. So I look to blogs that are posting the same such as “The Penny Hoarder”, & “Alux”. 3. Break time Hey, you're working too hard! Take a break, it's okay. I do it all the time, I take strategic breaks. Solution: In fact, I use a well-known technique called the Pomodoro technique. This is simply working for 25 minutes and then taking a break for 10-15 minutes. For this method, it's good to use a timer to alert you at each 25-minute interval, then again on break times. Rinse and repeat. More times than often I’ll work for several hours take a break for minutes to an hour then get back to work for hours. Often the entire night or day... Or I’ll work for hours and take small breaks every so often. I’ve been known to work at libraries from opening to closing of nonstop work. Also, go for a walk, go on a bike ride, walk, or drive to the grocery store. Do something adjacent to what you're doing. It’s okay to give your brain a break. I love biking and working out. I also love watching anime, movies, and shows, and listing to music. I’ll speak on multitasking down below, you can give your brain a break, and work at the same time. Or vice versa it’s sort of like keeping your brain at an equilibrium. 4. Logging/ Stockpiling Ideas won’t pop into your head 24/7, like we mentioned the good runs dry. So what happens when an idea for whatever your writing presents itself? Solution: You Log it. Whether you are at the grocery store, at home, with friends, you name it you can always log your idea. So what is logging? It is as it sounds, you log the idea. It can either be titles for the next article, ideas to put in your current article, notes, book ideas chapter outlines, or whatever that may be. Logging creates a stockpile of ideas you can return to when the well runs dry. For instance, you are a content creator, and blogger. Your site needs to constantly be posting articles to keep your readers engaged. If the content stops you, you loose readers. So when the well runs dry, you’ll have a stockpile of work to keep the content posting. I have a folder saved on my computer with a list of pre-written articles with titles and outlines. The same goes for books I started, ideas, plans, and so on. Notion is an app I often talk about that I have ideas logged and stockpiled. It has a desktop, IOS, and Android app, all linked to the same server so you can jot down and store your ideas no matter what device you're working on. You don’t have to stay exclusive to Notion there are dozens of apps out there that you can use. 5. Batching Ideas may come in waves, if not you already have tons of work stockpiled in your logs. Batching is a good way to get a lot of work done at one time. And it is as it sounds, you get a lot of work done at once. If you're a blogger this is a perfect, way to combat a busy life. Not everyone is at the point where they can write full-time for themselves. So batching is a great option to keep the post coming and not miss upload schedules. So how do you implement batching effectively? You do this on your alone time. This is time that you may have off from work, family, taking care of the kids, and so forth. Let's say you work 5-6 days a week. There is a day when you won't be working. Or perhaps there are days when you have a few hours free. Take that time you have off to pile in as much work as possible. If you have a weekly posting schedule. The day or time you have free can be used to write 2-3 articles at one time. So a question you may ask is. How can you do this and maintain quality? Well there in-lies the question. You do this by writing as much as possible, then polishing up your work during the in-between time. For instance, on a weekend you write 3 articles. Then you tweak add, update, and polish them; getting them ready to be posted when it's time to post them. During my posting process, I take an article and prep it to be posted. I proofread, update, add images, links, and so on. This process takes hours but the majority of the work is done. However, if you want quality work, allocating several hours to days to one article is recommended. If you also have a job, and various other things going on; Time will be a fleeting factor making it almost impossible to manage the work without help. 6. Multitasking So your having trouble coming up with ideas? One solution I do is by doing multiple things at once. If you're like me your brain may hit a pause every so often. Where you can’t think of anything. When I do multiple things at once I create many ideas while my brain juices are flowing. Since you are working and learning at the same time (your brain is on fire) thus the ideas will come at a higher rate. Sort of like giving your brain a jolt of electricity to bring it back to life. Hard to grasp, okay… Let’s say you're sitting at your computer working. Try having a small window open or maybe a YouTube video. If your blog is about health & fitness. Have a video about health & fitness playing while you work. By watching the video and working at the same time. You will get ideas… Okay, now... I think you get the picture… I try to keep myself engulfed in my topic by consuming many videos on what my platform is about. And the ideas just keep coming. I’ll read other books while I work… Let’s pause. That statement takes practice. So I recommend while you're trying the Pomodoro technique I mentioned earlier, try reading related content during your 10-15 minute breaks… Keep trying it until you're able to have a window open of a post or pdf side by side of whatever you're working on. Or take breaks in between your work. Read then work, until it happens simultaneously. I used to have music playing while I read and write, I’d be zoned in for hours forgetting to eat. I need to get back into that. 7. Freelancing I’ll make this one quick. This is self-explanatory; you outsource the work either partially or entirely to other professionals. Those ideas we have stockpiled, not to mention all the work there is to do on a well-written piece. Remember we mentioned this in Writers' Fatigue? Have a freelancer take all that stress away from you; again either entirely or partially. A freelancer can range in any skill or profession from design to written language translation. They can be found on many platforms. I’m on my top 3, I’ve used Fiver once. Perhaps I should use them more often So I can make time for other things. Fiver Freelancer Upwork And there are dozens more check out this article below. Writers fatigue, don’t fall victim to this. Blog platforms have employees for a reason. Big YouTubers have a team for a reason. Hiring freelancers helps. If originality is a big factor to you as it is to me. Write the blog at least 30% of it, have a decent outline, get your tone across then have a freelancer, team, or employee finish it. What was written is still you, someone else just finished what you wrote. Look at it this way Beyonce has 10 -12 writers for some songs. Jay-Z who “writes” his music has a team of producers to edit, and compile his work after he records. Kanye West has a team of producers and writers that finish his work, based on his unfinished work, ideas, notes, and instructions. Hired help takes away 95% of the things causing fatigue away from you. Now you can see your kids, go to the gym, see daylight, feed the rats, pet the fish, and work more. You now have more freedom to do whatever the f*ck you want. With more help, you now have time to grow your platform at a faster rate. Instead of posting 3 videos and 3 posts a month, you can do 10 or more. I will use a team and freelancers extremely soon, so I may grow, and promote the platform. Finish the other platforms, create content, and direct We need a video in which all MKBHD team members introduce themselves, don't we? by u/Monk_99 in mkbhd Your task list after freelancing will look a little like this, granted this is all subjective. You may have a team of people that’ll do all these things and you're just the face of the platform. Writing Batching/ logging/ stockpiling Writing 30%-100% of the article or book The team (freelancer) takes over the items that cause writers' fatigue Post content if a team doesn’t do this already Video Record video The team(freelancer) edits the video Post content if a team doesn’t do this already Conclusion Writer's block… As a writer, we all go through it. The best option to combat writer's block is to just fight it head-on with the methods mentioned above or simply by taking a break. The planet has been around for a long time. Books, annals, recorded records, books, blogs, videos, YouTube, Google, Bing… The list goes on and on. Ideas are out there, after generations of human record keeping; there are always ideas to borrow from. An idea is rarely unique, with over 5 thousand years of human records. More blogs than I can count, more books than I can count, more YouTube videos than I can count, and more Google searches than I can count. Information is out there, ideas are out there. If you have an idea for an article that has already been done, do it anyway. This very title has been done more times than I can count. But hey I did it anyway. Readers aren’t subject to just one place to read and consume content there are many options. My Humor is unique, my writing style is unique. The title and point have been done before. But this is the first time you’ve heard it from kodoninja. Theirs a lot of work to create a blog post so you’ll almost always experience writer fatigue. Implement the strategies I mentioned. Take a break, hire a freelancer, and build a team. The well runs dry, as I said you are one of hundreds of others who do the same thing. Look at their content to get ideas. Batch your work, and create a stockpile of work ready to be posted when the well runs dry. Give multitasking a go; try doing many things at once to help jolt your brain. While your multi-tasking, consume like-minded work to give you ideas to add to your notes, folder, or logs in your favorite note-taking app like Notion. I’ve talked enough if you liked this article give it an upvote if you enjoyed it. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and please stay engaged. A team is on the way more content is coming.
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Errors lol
Ha! Platform is operational but I have quite a few issues I need to comb through, OMG hahaha.
by kodoninja 4 years ago | errors |  (#kodoninja #error #errors)
Errors Part2
Thank You for your patience. I've been busy working on the next stage of the platform; so I apologize if I haven't been fixing errors as often. Ive fixed some errors and I'm working tirelessly to create content for the courses, and downloads. Thanks
by kodoninja 4 years ago | errors |  (#error #errors)
Courses, quizzes, guides, downloadable content.
Courses, quizzes, guides, and much more downloadable content is being added to!!!
by kodoninja 2 years ago | updates |  (updates)
New YouTube and production studio
New gear and equipment is on the way to start the youtube and content creation journey
by kodoninja 2 years ago | studio |  ()
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000 kodoninja
Posted: 4 years ago
Platform is live now it's time to add content!!!
000 kodoninja
Posted: 4 years ago
So much is coming! Adding FREE courses for coding, trading etc. Tons of downloadable code and content coming next month. Stay tuned!
000 kodoninja
Posted: 4 years ago
New updates to
000 kodoninja
Posted: 3 years ago
Slowly deleting all of my social media to focus on my social networks, and other projects.
000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago
On a journey to own nothing, & not spend my own money  
000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago
Zero banks, zero cash, no money whatsoever. Multiple investment & trading accounts…
No cash, just liquid…
000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago
“The digital nomad lifestyle” e-Book coming ASAP
000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago
How beautiful people are going through crazy lengths to HATE on me and trash my platform.

I really bring out the misery in people. They loathe #kodoninja.

000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago
HATERS you don’t have a platform to compare to mine

You dedicate your time and life to try so hard to bring me down… The only thing you talk about is HATE for me…

Your way too desperate, people notice this… You don’t have a life

000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago

SNIPPET:: "The Nomad Lifestyle"... I'm the founder of the software company Aviyon. I lived in various types of houses, & apartments, over the past few years. By doing so I’ve hopped from place to place, from town to city to state. I Utilize libraries for work, hotels, motels, Airbnb, hostels, and friend's places, hell majority of the time I choose to sleep in my car. 2-4 hours max! It’s FREE it saves money and allows me to reinvest that money into other things instead of paying rent. There are thousands of others on YouTube living the same life. After sleep I’m off to get things done, gym, work... I rarely sleep so I’m able to get a lot more accomplished. I’m a believer that sleep is the cousin of death. So I prefer to remain awake improving myself. I'm a workaholic living a simple life…. However… I’ll be stopping soon, getting a place again to launch kodoninja's YouTube once this platform is mostly complete.

 I've been posting my trades & code since 2015... The irony is that I’ve been on a journey to own nothing since 2020. I don’t want to own my place, car, equipment, NOTHING directly. I don’t even want to have money, keeping it all liquid. I want to live limitless on the GO, with a central hub to call home... I've been putting every penny I've made into investment accounts since 2019. My goal isn't to be rich, or convincing people I'm rich who cares. It's to own nothing but my companies, & liquid funds. But that's beyond the point. I just want to share my coding trading, investing, etc. lifestyle, and grow the community. I aim to recruit people similar who are way better at this to my platform

 Now if all the software I create (Aviyon, Kodoninja...) happens to net me a high net worth, then cool. The company is wealthy not me (I'll explain later). I don't spend much money anyhow, nor do I brag. I'm humble, frugal, cheap, a wolf in sheep's clothing just trying to remain invisible. But somehow the guy who wants to own nothing, invest, trade, train, workout, does MMA, create the #kodoverse, and build #kodoninja creates so much HATE. The irony is there are THOUSANDS of rich, rich YouTubers doing the same thing #vanlife #carlife... Their lack of knowledge confuses my ambitions and lifestyle...

000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago

I have money but who cares? Why should you? Zero cash all liquid, I invest almost every penny I have. You’ll rarely see it I’ll remain humble and frugal, I always will no matter how much I make from investing, trading, and this platform

This platform #kodoninja the #kodoverse And many more from #aviyon will make me so much money I wont claim

000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago

An odd discussion has been happening… I AM NOT RICH. I am not claiming to be, nor will I ever… I DO NOT PAY MYSELF… I work 1 warehouse job, and currently, should be around 4k monthly with overtime. Early next year I’ll pay myself a salary of $1,000/m MAX from as an employee. This is regardless of what the platform makes in revenue. The remaining revenue will be reinvested in itself. The kodoverse platforms & YouTube.

My expenses are kept so low that I can reinvest more money. For now $4k/m works, I can afford the things I want, including the NEW studio and so on. This in turn allows me to reinvest all business revenue & royalties… NOTE: after bills,…. All money will be traded/invested attempting to double the monthly income trading…

I recently quit my second job… which would have been around 7-8k a month. This all worked out… Once I get the NEW Seattle studio I can freelance during the day, and trade/invest my various accounts during market hours… Replacing the revenue from that job shouldn’t be difficult…

Job 2 is still up for discussion after months into the New studio coming 10/2022 ?? Time for development, and transportation will be the key siding factor… Going car-less after the studio. full public transportation, bikes/e-bikes, Lyft & Uber… My legacy is at stake as I’m attempting to accomplish what less than 1% have managed to do… Thus I need time… The extra money is great once I get the studio,… Is it worth it? The income stream would be replaced with something more manageable. Allowing me the flexibility and time to get shit done…. We’ll see…Furthermore, I can build out my vision for kodoninja & the kodoverse everything from Crypto, and web apps to VR. Building the platforms more complex stable and simple. The absence of Job 1 leaves more time to build out the 7+ full-stack platforms from “The ‘Aviyon’ Corporation” Hiring 1099 employees and friends in the FAANG Industry preparing to IPO… Working at META is still a prospect of mine, As I’m incorporating All of their languages into kodoninja. And aspects into the remaining kodoverse.

I just recently moved to Washington, after moving the remaining of what I own into storage. Weeks in I'll crash on my friend's/Ex’s couch when I get the chance… Although I rarely if ever reach out… The main method is to stay in my car in between stays and hotels... It’s FREE ??, I’m cheap and poor so it all works out lol… Not paying myself & putting money into untouchable accounts have been a staple of mine for years.

Until recently this Method has been working… Mistakes were made, overinvested, and money was mismanaged, and more on this coming YouTube.

Major adjustments to “The Zero Cash Lifestyle” are in progress… I'll continue to car/hotel months longer, Investing very aggressively ALL IN. I mean AAAALLLL IIINNN HAHAHA ?? as I save on rent money… That’s an extra 2k a month being reinvested … I’ve got nothing to hide ALL PUBLIC on for some time now… Coming 9/1/2022 all PERSONAL non-business income will be made public on kodoninja. com/trade.php. BUSINESS income will feature on kodotrading. com COMING 2023I'll U-Haul everything else down. After I find the new studio. I’m hoping I can find a girlfriend, another developer, or YouTuber as a roommate. Always looking to SAVE “INVEST” MONEY anyway I can… Otherwise, I'll live alone, using the space as an office studio.Furthermore… I trade, I invest everything I earn. As you’ll see publicly. I founded Aviyon “The Aviyon Corporation”. Which I intend to take public by 2024; After all the work is live and flooded with users. I will file for an asset holding company “Moore Capital Investments” by late 2022 or early 2023. Which I will buy rental properties under this LLC or S-Corp. All while building the entire kodoverse…

The aim is to share my entrepreneurial journey with whoever may find it interesting... This isn’t boasting of my accomplishments, but a lens into my lifestyle… I love all, I have no enemies, and I want everyone to succeed. The work is still being developed, I’m just getting started in life. Much much more is planned and on the way.

000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago

If there’s a way to to avoid paying rent ‘10X’ invest more money.

Do so #sleepinyourcar if you have to, crash at ex’s, hotels, family members, #friends…

I’ll make an article SOON. THE FULL LIFESTYLE::: As explained on for months…“The nomad investor strategy”

000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago
Working towards getting a new downtown Seattle studio for everything kodoninja, YouTube including the production company kodofilms... Months away :)
000 kodoninja
Posted: 1 year ago
Mountains of reading… equipment, premises, Outlines, storyboards, kodofilms is still on schedule to shoot mid to late 2023
000 kodoninja
Posted: 6 months ago
No time for a slow growth. Promoting, and it's YouTube everywhere. Every penny will be thown into the development and growth of kodoninja... Something I should have done years ago but it's finally getting done :). Platform is stating to look amazing and I think its time for people to see it in full scale.

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